A Meditation: The Oneness Of All Creation

  • In these magnificent times of great change, always remember that we are here with you. Those of the higher realms are here with you in every Now Moment. We have never left you. It is the illusion of the third dimensional frequency that leads you to believe that you are alone. In each Now Moment, when you stray from the love of your Sacred Heart, breathe deeply and return your consciousness into your Sacred Heart. Return to this love, beloved ones. It is here in your heart that you find your deepest connection to your God Self.

    It is within your heart that you will find your deepest connection to all of the beings of the higher realms who are here to assist you. Never doubt that we are with you. We are all One. We are the All That Is. Every soul on earth is the All That Is. Let us assist you with a meditation to bring you into this consciousness and this awareness. When you are feeling lost and struggling and disconnected, as many of you are experiencing in these changing times, sit down in meditation and bring yourself to the oneness of your connection with all life, your earth and above all your God Self and the Cosmos, the Cosmic Heartbeat.

    Dear ones, prepare yourselves and breathe deeply. You may enjoy lighting a candle and listening to soft music to prepare yourself for the ease and grace of this connection. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Bring your awareness into your Sacred Heart. Feel this love, feel the beauty, the harmony, the oneness. This is you, dear ones. This is the love of your Sacred Heart. It is the All that Is; it is your God Self and your connection to all Creation. Sit quietly and feel the glory, the wonder of this love….. Now, allow your Sacred Mind to meld and expand and become one with your Sacred Heart. Expand your Sacred Heart until the two are one. There is no separation. It is only an illusion to you dear ones, that they are separate. Blend them into one. Blend your conscious mind, your subconscious mind and your superconscious mind into one, with your Sacred Heart. Breathe and be, simply allowing this oneness of Self to permeate your being…..

    And now, dear ones, expand your Sacred Heart and Mind, as one, expand to fill yourself, your field, breathe and take the time you need..… Now breathe and expand your Sacred Heart/Mind, to include, and fill mother earth, and all life forms upon earth….. Your Sacred Heart/ Mind, you, are one consciousness with the earth and all life forms. Your consciousnesses have no separation. All are one, all connected.

    Now, as you breathe and take the time to feel the blessedness of this connection, feel the love, as One, with earth, every soul, every life form. All is consciousness, all is love…..

    Breathe deeply and expand this awareness. Gently expand this awareness, to include your solar system. You have expanded from your Self on earth to the solar awareness, of your divine Oneness. Sit quietly and be aware of the planetary bodies all around you. Be aware of the sun, be aware of the love, of the consciousness, of the beings who fill your solar system with love, Your solar system is teeming with life dear ones, the love, and the joy and the abundance of the God Source. Feel this love, connect in with your sun, both the etheric and the physical sun, connect in with Helios and Vesta, your Solar Logos….. Connect in with the planetary bodies, and their etheric bodies…..

    It is a grand expansion of love, and when you are ready, expand this love into the Galactic core, as Melchior, your Galactic Logos, stands ready to receive you. You are the expansion of all Creation, and we ask you to feel this love, this expansiveness, the Heartbeat of God. Sit quietly and feel the pulse of your heartbeat. Attune to it, begin to feel it pulse with mother earth and all life forms on your planet. Feel this Cosmic Heartbeat attune to your solar system, your planetary bodies, your sun, all consciousness….. Feel this pulse, beat within your galaxy. Attune to the Cosmic Heartbeat, as you expand…. Breathe deeply dear ones, and be this oneness, this attunement to the Cosmos and all Creation. Breathe deeply as you come home to this knowing.

    Now breathe deeply and expand into the Universal core, as your beloved Universal Logos Melchizedek greets you, and you begin to attune to the universal pulse. As you attune to this pulse which is now one with your heartbeat, your solar expansion, your galactic expansion, feel this love, the wisdom, the radiation of good will, peace, harmony, abundance….. Feel this expansion of you, feel the oneness with all creation, as you incorporate the universal and now expand into multi universal levels….. All is One. All is the God Source. Breathe and feel this knowing. Be this knowing. Feel the pulse, the heartbeat of the Cosmos, the wisdom of the cosmos….. You are the Cosmos, you are this wisdom, you are one with all consciousness.

    Expand once more dear ones, to include all levels of awareness, to include all levels of Source, to include the Mahatma. Feel the light of the Mahatma….. Feel the light of your I Am Presence….. Feel the light of, and the love of the angels, of the Archangels, of the Ascended Masters, the Council of Light….. Reaffirm and strengthen your Oneness, with these beings, that you have felt separated from. Draw your connection, and your understanding and wisdom of these beings, into Your Heart/Sacred Mind. Meld your consciousness, your very being, every aspect and facet of you, with these blessed beings, and the God Source…..

    Now, allow the flow of you, to expand, and fill all creation….. This is you. There is no separation; there is only the One, the One Heart, the One Mind, the All That Is, all Creation, the Source. You are Source, as is all Creation….. Fill yourself with this knowing, this light. Draw in strength, courage, perseverance, wisdom, peace, harmony, and above all, unconditional love…..

    Draw in the personality of God. Draw in just the right amount of the twelve Rays, for ease and grace, for you. Bask in the light of the Rays, bask in the unconditional love of the Sacred Heart/ Mind, the God Source, bask in the oneness with all Creation…..

    Breathe and be home, dear ones….. Right where you are is home. It is Heaven. You agreed to bring Heaven to your beautiful planet earth, Heaven is within you. Expand it, be it, know it, and move into the state of beingness, of the One. Breathe, love, be in joy, and above all, remain in this One consciousness, remain in your Sacred Heart. This One consciousness is within you always, in the love of your Sacred Heart.

    We of the higher realms are here to assist you, in the One consciousness, the Cosmic Heartbeat and Wisdom. Go within, and merge with us dear ones. Allow us to assist you.

    I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth

    CHANNLED BY Michelle Coutant

  • Loved the message Poetic thanks again.

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  • Hey girlie, girlie! I'll try it tonite.

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