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  • If anyone can recall about three weeks ago, I was considering breaking off a serious but corrupt relationship because I had a surge of thoughts about someone else from my past. Well, that someone came back into my life very recently and was full of emotion about his feelings for me. I was shocked and flattered and very swept away. I am interested in him, but not interested in the idea of another serious relationship so quickly. With that in mind, I did not intend things to go very far between us when we started meeting to catch up... Well.. I'm young... and as can be expected, I gave in to my impulses. Things went very far. And in some way I am okay with it, because he is leaving this weekend for New York to pursue a business. The distance sounds good to me to keep the relationship from getting too serious while my FORMER break-up is still so fresh. On the other hand, he is LEAVING to NEW YORK CITY. I am disappointed in myself for giving in. Now I feel that since he's gotten "the goods", I won't be as interesting. We've known each other for ten years, since I was a little girl. We had a lot of on-again/off-again childish "relationship" history. But. This is the first time it has ever gone this far, and I'm afraid our never getting intimate before was what made the thought of a relationship so appealing. It certainly doesn't mean so for me.... but, I'm not the one leaving for New York City. I'm afraid I'll just be remembered as a good time.

    Also, his leaving has made me think of leaving Kansas also. I went on a travel trip to DC last weekend and it gave me this sense of freedom. In my horoscopes over the next few months, travel seems to be coming up a lot. Do you see a move for me in the future? I'd really like to get an idea of what kind of changes I am in for now that I've broken off from that bad relationship. I am thinking of leaving town a lot for the reason to be gone when my x- fiance gets out of jail come January.

    My birthday is 9/15/1990 at 1:05 am in Lawrence, Ks

    His is 10/31/1990 ... I don't know the time/place but it was in the US

  • Yes you did rush in a bit too fast. Learn the lesson for next time that following your impulses is not always the best way to conduct a relationship that you want to endure. Mystery is what turns your Scorpion friend on and now the mystery has abated a bit for him. This combination is the type of relationship that needs time and a slow buildup of connection in order to succeed. It's good that you will have some space and distance now because you both need time to think things through. But the relationship will founder if you don't see each other regularly face-to-face because your Scorpion friend needs plenty of physical contact to keep his interest fresh.

    Travel will be good for you and you should definitely consider getting out of town and making a fresh start, but not to New York. I doubt your friend would appreciate feeling followed - he wants to be the one to do the 'hunting'. If you move somewhere else, he may keep in touch out of an intrigue that you don't seem to be chasing him, but he will want you to visit him, not vice versa. He can be very controlling, needy and possessive so consider whether you want to get more involved.

  • Dafodil, greetings! as, your, query, said, any (one) seer..... I hope, I'm not, intruding, but, I felt inspired, to mention, that perhaps, some more thoughts, about yourself, may be, in order; would you like, to relocate? where? why? What, enhancements, to you (self &yours) might, result, and benefit, from such choices? (family, friends, the "everyday familar) and considerations, for career paths? making, Major Decisions, is, also, "choosing an actual life", so, first, perhaps, ask yourself, "what kind, of a Life, do I want; both now, present, and eventually, in the future! Good Day, and Good Luck! Cat-in-the-Moon

  • Daf, The Captain and Cat in the moon said it all, really not much to add, just to forget this guy, it was an act of impulse and it was based on sex.

    I see you fighting your way through a brick wall rather than walking around it because you feel somehow you will get your way if you blow the whole wall up instead. This wish to move away is influenced by this guy and it will end in emotional disaster for you, if you follow him.

  • S E X is the censored word... oh my since when is S E X a dirty word...

  • LOL Dangala, it surprised me too...stone age times though back then it was not a dirty word was it.

    Daf, Captain said something about this guy being possessive, controlling, needy, well your ex is in jail so I presume he has some of these qualities too - you need to change your energy fields to stop attracting these men, change your outlook on life, your attitude to life, your self opinion and self respect needs a whacko boost, then you can stand up tall and straight and those guys won't come near you because your body language will tell them where to go. Fling with a friend, ouch!! If he wants more make him beg, don't hand it to him. Show some self-respect!

  • "Fling with a friend, ouch!! "

    It happens a lot... women need to realize that boys will be boys and they will GO THERE if ya'll show us that you want us to, even if you now us since we were in diapers.

    Use your better judgement, if you see it will only be a fling and you don't want that then don't go there. Sex does not make a man change his opinion on relationships. Some women think " I'll just sleep with him and he will come around" WRONG ladies.

    . If he didn't see you as serious potential or is not interested in a long term thing, he will still have the same opinion after having sex with you.

  • OMG.. S E X is the censored word again.

    Ummm Considering the amount of relationship queries this forum gets, maybe the word S E X shouldn't be censored? Just a thought.

  • Dangala & Captain,

    I've been close friends with this man for about ten years. I mean really really close. He has stood by me through a really horrible childhood. He was and is never possessive. He's quite the opposite. He's seen me go from one relationship to another while I was a young girl. I nearly slept with his best friend about 4 years ago, and he STILL loves me?! I've never looked at him in this way. I kept in the "friend zone". And he has very much always been a good friend.I had a child with my former fiance, but he is still crazy for me. I don't know but... that has a pretty huge significance to me. And I think it shows a lot about what kind of person he is... he is not my usual type.

    Additionally, in no way did I EVER plan on going to New York. I hate big cities, and I hate snow. New York is not for me. Thank you very much for your advice, Captain. I do think I rushed it, but it was ten years coming. So hopefully that was enough time to initiate some mystery for him. I kinda feel like it was fate that I began thinking about him right before he left. The idea of him has given me strength and certainty in my new independence from my x. But I'm not ready for something serious, which is exactly what this would have been. I am kind of enjoying not being tied down. I'm twenty. I'm hard working. I'm hott. I haven't lived that up before because of the controlling relationship I was in... and now is my chance!

    What I don't understand is what you said about Scorpios needing contact in the flesh, because our friendship and his attraction has lasted this long. We would go extraordinarily long times without speaking, because we both were moved around a lot as kids. I would completely ignore him every time I went into a new relationship since I was 14 or so. But he has ALWAYS just... been there. That's what makes this move of his kind of humorous. Of course he moves when things start to heat up again. That's how it always went...

    I received "The World" in my tarot reading right when I broke it off with my fiance a few weeks ago as my current influence. Now I draw "The Fool". I feel like this is only the beginning of my next journey, and though he is moving... he'll be a "reoccurring theme" of sorts. And it is a good thing he is moving because I'm not ready for his intensity yet.

  • There are two different relationships to consider here - your friendship with the Scorpion man and any lovers relationship you might want to have. He will behave differently in both of these relationships. He is not possessive of you when you were just friends but you would see a different jealous controlling side of him if you became permanent lovers because then his feelings of friendship would be changed to feelings of love. That is a different kettle of fish altogether for a Scorpio. He would be much more demanding and expect more of you in a love relationship. So don't judge a love relationship with this Scorpion by any friendship you have had with him. Two very different areas of life.

  • well, I don't mind that at all. I can be the same way. Do you agree he may be a reoccurring theme for me later in life, though he is moving? (he didn't say this move is permanent) Or was he just a part of getting me to be more independent?

  • Yes I feel this was all just a lesson for you and a passing phase for your friend. He was 'testing the waters' so to speak but has decided that you two are better as just friends. I think you were doing the same thing.

  • wow... that sucks.

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