Dangala, Dangala

  • Wow – Dangala… I am speechless...Your advice in the other thread ...

    This is exactly what the problem was!!

    “ he will still need plenty of space and he will still have panic attacks when he starts thinking about being with one woman the rest of his life. I dont think he realises this thiough” and I did realize before that he was completely and utterly aware of this because he seemed genuinely confused when I mentioned it (or one hell of an actor).

    “You are an awesome girl and i dont think you give yourself credit for this! Awww (blushing) thanks, : )

    “just take it slow because there are some serious sparks here on both sides and it can make things tricky..” LOL Yup, the chemistry between us is definitely off the charts and instead of making things better, I think it complicates things since it effects our quality of communication.

    "My 2 cents... call him and talk to him one more time.." Arrg - I feel I should but my pride is in the way.

    I am amazed, you are truly gifted and I send you a heart felt thanks for taking your personal time to answer my question, not only mine but others as well.

  • Yes, I agree wholeheartedly, Dangala IS gifted!!

  • Thank you for your kinds words snowball and Pilot. I wish you both luck.

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