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  • Hi all! I am new to the forums area, so I hope I am doing this properly. If not, please don't yell at me lol

    I am on bended knee asking ever so politely, with the utmost graciousness and gratitude......if anyone has the time to tell me something about myself, it would be greatly appreciated!

    d.o.b 5/30/60

    Ty ty ty ty


  • TwinWit, you have the heart of a poet or artist. You are also gifted with objectivity and discernment yet you may chafe at the higher challenge to practical effort and tangible manifestation of your ideas and dreams. You have a volatile side and can misdirect your energies in endless debate, pointless speculation, and hypercriticism if you are not careful. Especially when things don't go according to your idealistic plans...On the other hand, too much disillusion can manifest as cyncism, arrogance, or an unpleasant iconoclastic streak. Family life and putting down roots will have a grounding effect on you and, if you have people around you who can appreciate your brilliance and creativity - and if you have lots of ways to express it in a disciplined, realistic and tangible manner - your life will be a happy and fulfilled one. Your aim must be to set achievable goals and stick to them until they are realised. Your fertile imagination and visionary abilities must be grounded in reality. Thus you will be able to achieve both material security and personal satisfaction.

    2010 is a master number period (11) for you, demanding more, but also rewarding you more in return. In principle, it is to revise, adjust and fine-tune the foundations you laid in the preceding interval. Unexpected occurrences will prompt you to take resolute action. However, instead of acting hasty, exercise forbearance and assess a situation first, despite the intensity of the vibrations that are upon you now and make you feel nervous and impatient. Adjusting and fine-tuning may also cover intricacies and disharmonies in partnerships and business structures, which will have to be straightened out and resolved by correcting and amending their contractual content. In most cases, this should be the prefered approach to resolving them, provided they are part of the foundational buildings blocks you want to lay for the future.

    You are likely to have dreams, visions, and revelations. You can now develop psychic abilities and receive intuitive information regarding the details and the furthering of your future,and channel your intensive energies into something worthwhile - educational and artistic outlets are valuable options. If you have a company or business, this is a good time to refurbish the training and knowledgebase of your employees and generally update and upgrade the intellectual units to the current levels of quality software and information. During this time you will experience a strong link to the higher realms of your Self. Depending on your individual perception type, you will receive material in the form of thoughts, feelings, visions, or unspecified knowings. These intuitions will initially not always be distinct, explicit and convertible into implantable concepts. You are warned not to hasten their introduction and wait for clarification and supporting information. There is a tendency to handling the increased inflow of information from the astral world negatively in this period; that is, getting lost in it and losing touch with the world of manifestation in which daily life has to be lived. Put fail-safe mechanisms in place because a lack of concentration could have severe consequences.

    Much is expected of you this year if you want to realize the higher potential which this energy represents. Finding an equilibrium and exercising restraint and willpower are necessary during this phase of uneasiness and tenseness. The year opens a window to information from a higher plane. What you receive may not be clearly defined and directly applicable in the mundane world. You are warned not to jump to conclusions but await confirmations and a greater transparency and explicitness before you act. This year, the needs of others are presented to you more strongly than at other times; yet you can tune in easily and bring about settlements and amicable agreements, provided you remain in a neutral position yourself.

    Exert objectivity and neutrality and see through the appearance of situations and people; some individuals may try to deceive you. However, denial to help your fellowmen with your insights, will result in indecisions and losses for yourself. You now have the ability to be a peacemaker and harmonizer and are able to explain the insights you receive from a higher source.

  • Dear Captain,

    Wow! That was quite the reading. I thank you immensely. What a wonderful command of the English language you have! Brilliant!

    Thank you,


  • Thanks I want to be a writer so I do need to know my words and how to use them.

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