Missing red crystal bracelet

  • Hi all,

    I previously posted this in the Psychic Forum, but so far nothing has panned out.

    So I hope you can help me here.

    I have been looking all over my house for a bracelet I last wore sometime in December, or possibly early January.

    It is several rows of bright red faceted glass crystal beads with a silvertone push-in clasp that has the red crystals and some clear iridescent crystals. It was very expensive, a Schiaparelli piece. I am visualizing it as I type this, hope that helps. I still have the matching necklace, which I didn't wear that day.

    I did try doing a tarot card reading to find it, but the cards I pulled (forget which now) didn't mean anything to me.

    Can anyone give me any better hints on where to look? Is it still IN my house? I just don't remember where I last had it! I've searched the pockets of all purses, coats & jackets I might have been wearing at the time. I've also seached all the drawers in my house that I think it might have accidently wound up in.

    thank you!

    mto in AZ

  • In a roundabout way, things come back to you, Things can just turn up out of no where, you know. I think maybe you should just search in the most unlikely places, or clean up your place. Usually when I clean up my rooms, I find things I have been looking for for ages. Maybe you should try a tarot reading again, or go to your friends and ask them to help you find your bracelet. Well, I hope you find your bracelet. Good luck! Oh, by the way, check all of your coat pockets and purses and all the nooks and crannies in your home AGAIN. Maybe you're missing a spot. Check all of the places you've been to since December (if that's practical). Good Luck Again! (oh, and did you check your vacuum or washing machine to see if it was there?)

  • I left my purse at a Civil War reenactment in 1995, but had no idea where at the reenactment site it was. I basically thought the matter to death until I went to bed that night, and had a dream that pointed me not to where I'd left it (which was under a bench, as I later remembered it), but in a cabinet where it was placed after a reenactor found it and turned it in. And I never even saw the cabinet until I returned the next day and claimed the purse. All the stuff inside was intact, too! 🙂

    My point is, maybe set your subconscious mind to work. Maybe that'll help.

  • Relax! You find it when you least expect it. You simply put it in a safe placef or now. When you find it always put it back where it belongs

  • Hi mto,

    while reading this, I got the image of the bracelet...the clasp opened up....maybe it fell off without you knowing?? I see like a pile of clothes, maybe a closet, or bureau...did you check around a dresser or bureau...possibly behind pillows too, on a couch, decorative pillows in the bedroom?? I dunno...it seems to be behind something, as in clothes, or cloth, pillows, blanket, something along those lines...good luck--hope you find it! :>)

  • I'm sorry about your bracelet, but over many years I have found out that some of our belongings are not really ours at all. Have you ever bought,found or been given something that after awhile you realize it doesn't feel right,as if it is not yours? Don't toss it away, eventually you will find who the object should be with. When you do, give them the object and tell the person (who usually thinks "here comes the donation request") that it's theirs, plain and simple, you were only holding it untill you found the one to whom it belonged . and sometimes it just dissapears for no reason, like your bracelet.

    But don't automaticly think that is the case. Ask a friend to go throuth the house with out you.

    That way you are getting a fresh eye looking. Also, and this may sound odd, but as a catholic raised Pagan I ask St. Anthony to help me find what is lost and I usually find it. I hope you find your bracelet. I agree with the others that you will find.

    Love and light on you and your search

  • if you drove that day, did you try under the seat in your car on the drivers side.

  • No see I would have to agree with the poster that stated it was under a pile of clothes, but do me one better - I see it at someone else's home - a friend, underneath a couch - possible a green one...........

  • Right this will sound a little mad I lost a precious ring and I asked my friend Vanessa who has passed away if she could bring it back to me. The next morning I found the ring it was lying in a corner of the lounge but I am sure I looked there the night before.

    Try it......... ask somone who you cherished who has passed away and they may tell you in your dreams or it will mysteriously turn up. Similarly someone once wrote an anonymous letter about me and my boyfriend and I always wanted to know who wrote the letter as it caused a lot of upset to some people. My dear friend told me in a dream and when I confronted the person they admitted they ahd written the letter.

    Ask someone in the spirit world they will either tell you where your bracelet is or it will turn up.

    Let us all know if you find it.

    It may of course not turn up straight away but I really hope it will.


  • In respone to mtoinaz and the lost bracelet this has prompted me to ask the following:

    Several years ago I lost a preciosu silver kilt pin with a turquoise stone which I used to wear as a brooch. One day my friend asked me to have a look at it as he admired it so I took it off my coat which I had always kept it on for 2 years and then I put it back on but the safety clasp was obviously not on properly. When I got on the train I had lost it. This happened about 3 years ago in Gunwharfe Keys Portsmouth Hampshire England I was devastasted as my mum has bought it for me in an antique shop and it was very valuable. My mum was really upset I had lost it. My friend blamed himself as he had asked me to remove the brooch from its usual safe place so he could look at it... So..... if anyone in Uk should ever come across a silver kilt pin with a turquoise stone please ask for me did they happen to find it. If so someone feels its loss greatly and would love it to be returned and I would pay reward!!

    i tried advertising posters everywhere but it was never returned to me

    Sorry to the enquirer re bracelets as I dont want to steal their thunder(!) but hey might as well give this a try as nothing else worked. Cant ask the spirit world as the person who found my brooch will be sranger might try tonight tho!!

    hey mtoinaz hope u find your bracelet have given you my thoughts on how you might get it back?

  • Silver rose

    I only just read your reply I too advised that a dream or the spirit world can help find lost things isnt t that incredible but in my experience it really works..

  • I believe if you look in your file cabinet where you had your hand you will find your bracelet. It has either fallen into a file or the drawer but I Truely feel it is there. Good luck.

  • Mtoinaz

    if u do find your bracelet will u let is know?? Yhen we can stop hoping and wishing 4 u??

    Really hope u find it it- sound very precious

  • Hi all, thank you for your kind replies!

    I still haven't found the bracelet....I haven't looked in any file cabinets (I don't really have a proper one), and I usually take my jewelry off as soon as I get home.

    I did think I took it off while I was still out - I seem to think that it was catching on my sleeve perhaps? - but I've looked in everything with pockets, and all the purses I might have used at the time. I wish I had realized sooner that it was missing, then I could better remember what I was wearing, and where I went!


  • mtoinaz j

    promise me u will try and ask someone you have lost who has passed away to the spirit world, someone u trusted and who was close to u it worked for me and my ring try it and let me know. Please? Ask them show u where the precious red bracelet is and see if they tell u... try it over a few days also there is a wish site on google put in wishes and wish 4 ur bracelet to appear to u if u cannot find the site I can tell u where it is I made 3 wishes on there and they all came true really....


  • Nefratiti, could you give me that website URL, please? I couldn't find it on Google.

    And yes, I promise I will ask my late spirits to help me tonight!


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • mtoinaz

    google Real Wishes Granted and it should come up if not let me know and I will go back in and get the actual site name for you it should come up under that let me know if you get the access ok


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