A reading, if you will.

  • TheInsaneAquarius,

    Buy something precious for her, any suggestions? Something you have to work for.

    Is what you are reading is now and it could change any minute? No.

    There is no one to read my letter, meaning she will throw it away without reading? No.

    I wonder if my words means anything to her now: No.

    What does celebration mean: the re-building.

    , or do you mean she choose to be alone? yes.

    She's letting me go because I don't mean a lot anymore? No.

    Will she come back? No.

    What can I do to make her come to me? Love for deep play.

    Is that true? Yes.

    Please guide me, please, as to how I can succeed: Be in harmony with your world.

    In your other loving relationships, in small measures

    you are searching for the same unity. In love with a

    woman, in love with a friend, in

    love with some creative activity -- dance, music,

    poetry -- you are trying to have a certain synchronicity

    with existence.

  • @TIA

    I don't want to be presumptuous of your situation as i do not know significant details etc. so I'll leave you to take what you may from my own experience, to pull relevance to yours.

    Every time that i had to deal with my lbra's mixed emotions/signals, it would seem for the most pat that he would be very unjust. i.e there's no way for me to win.

    Just like hanswolfgang is talking about, there was no synchronism that i was searching for, from him. So i mentally gave up looking for it with him, and searched else where.

    Suddenly, he wanted to give me everything, everything but what i originally needed. But turns out i didn't need much from him, that i didn't already have.

    You have to read her energy. As much as you want to coax her to sway your way and reaffirm her affections, you have to remember your own needs.

    Accept that this is the course that will pull you through, that you are supposed to undergo.

    And in the end, you may not get what you want, but you most likely will end up with what you need. 🙂

    Don't let your spirits fade, this will drain you. If you would want to go into details, maybe i can post my email on here x o

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  • alright before i reply, how shall i do this.

    i'll post a picture and after you have it, ill delete it !

    let me just try to see if it will work first..

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  • Did you catch it ??? 😧 sorry about the awefully childish gif haha

    But yes anyway as we was talking, you're lucky to have aquarian family members at least. A good few of my close friends are aquarius, and whlst sharing similar understanding with/for eachother, we're all completely different from each other also.

    I never see them / they hardly see me, we're always off doing our own things, long distances away from each other. Do you find that ?

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  • so do aquarius men want to knowhow their partner feels about them? Will telling them scare them off or not? thanks

  • @kez3 : it would quite depend on how they feel. sometimes it overwhelming to know how the other person feels. i dunno about other aquarians but i shy away sometimes, or distract myself from it.

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  • @TIA

    haha no when you post an image, theres a lil 'x' that apears next to it, which i assumed meant that you could delete the image lol, so i posted any image.. which was sadly that childish candyland one lol

    And it wouldnt let me delete it. So i gave up, made a new email and posted it for you to contact me through, as i didn't want the whole wide world having my personal email ! 😧

    How is your situation btw ? And did you note down my email address in time ? i dunno if they delete that post.. because i was told you're not really supposed to post your email address on here..

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  • TheInsaneAquarius: I send you peace and love and you do not need her to feel good happy and insane.... You are selfsufficent... Just hear the music look at the star and let everything go....new you without dependence on others will emerge soon

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