A reading, if you will.

  • I think I'm to the point that I could use a reading, please?

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  • TheInsaneAquarius,

    Am I being feared? Yes.

    I have not express any resentment? Yes.

    I'd like to know what she is thinking: that her tensions in her throat are closing her in in her identity.

    Is all this just an illusion of mine? No.

    I like to know what's going on: there is nothing going on, because of indecisiveness, sitting between yes and no.

    Am I to be toyed with I wonder? No.

    Am I not as wise I thought I am? No.

    What is my real strength which you've told me is in my weakness? To remain with yourself in your space by feeling to weak to comply with all the expectations and demands of others.

    I have the desire to understand: you negate the ongoing renewal of life.

    Two members of London's exclusive Explorers Club were

    discussing a mutual friend over large brandies and


    "Well, I'll be damned," said the first old boy. "You

    say Parkhurst has gone to Africa and married an ape?"

    "Quite so, old man."

    There was a pause and the first clubman asked in a

    discreet tone, "A female ape, naturally?"

    "Of course," came the reply. "There is nothing queer

    about old Parkhurst."

    The mind functions as an agent of the society within


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  • TheInsaneAquarius,

    So I'm being feared, by the Libra? No.

    What does she fear of me? Feeling pressurized.

    Why have I been ignored? Because she is contented with herself being in her own space.

    What can I do to ease her tension? By being only an extraordinary watcher.

    Does she like me more: no.

    or less: no.

    or have no feelings for me? no.

    I wonder if she misses me still: yes.

    Do I have no chance? No.

    What is she trying to do? Being dedicated to her career, achieving her goals.

    Maybe she's more leaning towards her bf than towards me? No.

    Hans, why doesn't she trust me? Because your nutrition is the applause.

    Nothing can be said about it. But in her whole life she has never gone back. The place she has left, she has left. So looking at her crazy behavior of the past, it is very unlikely that she will go back again. But then, one never knows. She is not a reliable person.

  • I am impressed by the answer of Hanswolfgang as this particular advice apply to me right now as I live in my mind....

    To remain with yourself in your space by feeling to weak to comply with all the expectations and demands of others.

    Thank you

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  • @TheInsaneAquarius

    Uhm, from one aqua to another..

    and only learning from experience within an aquarian and libra relationship..

    Libras are usually quite attached with whom ever they're with.. even after the break up, in fact it is the hardest thing, breaking away from a libra, because they simply do not like to let go once they're so much into the other person !

    They're known however to decieve, yes.

    But usually, their hearts tend to remain with the one that they're desiring /maintaining a relationship with.

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  • Well I'm catching up to date with your pots (haha pots, i meant posts) and without you having to give much away, i think i get the brief picture.

    Seems that you're experiencing the duality of libra.. although their sign is the scales, how she is treating you is kind of far from fair.

    I've been in a very very similar situation with my own libra, so i understand the online part of your meeting etc.

    And like you too, I was persistent with getting to the bottom of my libra's issues !

  • Oh and i see you know of decans also !:)

    Well, ditto here.

    Okay, firstly, you must already know the insane connection libra has with aquarius, and i'm certain for which she would feel too.

    Undoubtedly when she says that you're worth a lot to her, yes it is true.

    About the leaving you part, uhm no that part isn't lol.

    Trust me when i say, if you mean a lot to a libra, they won't let you go. They might like to think that they can, but the minute you cut contact with her, oh god, watch her come and find you.

    My libra acted this way with me. I attempted to cut contact with him, (i.e changed my number, deleted him from my contacts ) and he would not leave me alone.

  • However, that said..

    If on the other hand, it is this boyfriend with whom she shares a love with, then it might be questionable as to whether she would sway to you...

    I say its questionable because like you, my libra had lots of other girls he was dating before me. He lied and cheated on all of them, and i would have been next, i think, had i not persistently won his heart over, by strangely letting him go.

    I think in this situation, you must do what is best by you, and not for her. For if she cares about what is best for you, she will have to inevitably choose, and be content with the consequences from her choices of action.

    Would a mutual friendship be enough for you ?

  • IndependentGirl,

    yes, it begins even with small children…but we teach them. Mothers tell small babies, “I am your mother: smile.” If the baby is not feeling to smile, why should she smile? You are teaching diplomacy. Slowly, slowly the child learns, because he is dependent on the parents for everything. So when the mother comes, the child smiles. It is fake; he has no desire to smile. When the father comes, he smiles. It is fake.

  • TheInsaneAquarius,

    I know, you have a difficult time, but this will pass too.

    am I a surplus? yes.

    An extraordinary watcher...to be silent, with no comments then? No.

    To not approach her unless she approaches me? No.

    Does she intend to keep me: no.

    or dose not care if I leave her? yes.

    I do not know what it means that my nutrition is the applause (?): you want to be the local hero. Try to avoid conflicts now.

    does it mean she is not wavering anymore and chosen already? yes.

    What has she chosen??? Celebration.

    Or is she disconnecting from romance altogether for now, due to the pressure? Yes.

    Am I misunderstood by her? No.

    I want to compose a letter of my heart, what kind of difference will it make? It will bring you in the here and now, being more playful like children are.

    does she like someone romantic wise more than me? no.

    I don't know what I can do to keep her: buy something precious for her.

    The letter is not the thing because there is nobody

    to read it, but your utter innocence and trust

    transforms you into a totally new being, so fresh, so

    childlike, just like a roseflower opening in the early

    morning sun in all its beauty.

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