I'm in love with a VIRGO man, I'm having a hard time handling him.

  • hi turboxs,

    thank you for your insight, it is very well said, i see you do some reading as well, will you read for me please? i was not like this at all, i was a very positive and outgoing person till i met this guy when we moved overseas, never believed in love at first sight but definitely it happened to me and it totally changed the way i am and yes i am married to a wonderful guy, was not expecting this at all and did not want it to begin with, but the reality is he really got me and i'm trying very hard not to think about him cause i do not want to regret things later on, like what you have said it can be just physical that will only last for 6 months. another problem is i know he likes me too and he is trying his best himself, there is no way for us to avoid each other cause he is my husbands colleague, we see each other occasionally.



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