Love reading please?

  • I'm "kind of" in a relationship Right Now, and I care very deeply for him, but he's struggling so hard with his own issues, I don't think I want to commit with him.

    I have interest in someone Else, but he has not reciprocated.

    Should I stay or should I go? Mr. Else is out there, and I believe he is "The One" but Mr. Right Now is so convenient.

    Could it be that Mr. Right now is actually Mr. Right, and Mr. Else is just, well. . . something else?

    Please, any authentic guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  • I see Mr Convenient leaving the relationship soon. This should make your decision easier,.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Anyone want to chime in on this issue? Things have changed a little, Mr. Convenient has left the relationship, and Mr Else is still. . . Somewhere Else.

    Ya'll want to start a pot, to see what happens next?

    $5 bucks says My book gets on the NYT best sellers list, and a hot, young celebrity NASCAR driver falls in love with me, and we make tabloid headlines jetsetting all over the world.

    What's your prediction for my love life? Any advice? The phone and email address of any Hot, young, NASCAR drivers?

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