Intuition and the Universe

  • Feel free to call me nuts......

    Ever feel there are things going on in the Universe that affect you, but you don't know about them?

    I am sitting at my desk at work - and WORKING in a way where my mind is on work only (can't mess up what I am doing). Suddenly there is a voice in my head that says "don't go tomorrow - bad!" I sat up in surprise and as quickly as the feeling hit me, it passed.

    It's like someone else is thinking about the day and their decision will affect me somehow.

    Or am I one step closer to being committed? 😉


  • Well, if you go tomorrow, THEN you may find out if it was telling the truth or not.

    No, you are not crazy. Sometimes people just happen to have some experiences that might be something like that. But it should not be thought about so much. Just accept that it happened. The mind cannot understand anything about it in reality anyway, even if it did come from the mind. Sometimes things just happen.

  • Thing is the feeling went away. Usually when I have a bad feeling about something, it stays. Then when I ignore it I know for sure LOL

    Good advice - makes total sense, thanks!

  • Hi, I get intuition during the day and usually it's right on. Problem is that I don't listen to it. Usually, avoidance isn't the answer. It's usually best to try and listen. What I've learned to do is tell someone close what comes to me. When it happens, I feel validated. In addition to intuition, I've seen images (signs.) I kept it to myself for awhile. It got to be such a major part of my life that I started showing people what I saw. I see these things at home and in public. Always the same subject. It helps to show people or tell someone because it will help you accept it. I look at it as how God communicates with us. It's a gift. Not to be taken advantge of. Will come and go. Something freely given. God communicates with us, we just need to accept His (inner) voice sometimes and I guess know when it's Him communicating. I say His because that's how I identify God. The God of the Old and New Testament is who I'm refering to.

  • I agree with you, Dalia, that the intuition is valuable and should not be ignored.

    I just think that when a person questions wether it came from God or not, then it did not come from God. If it did not come from God, it is not important. It is nothing to be afraid of if it did not come from God. Then it is just to accept that it happened and not think so much about it.

  • I was only questioning the fact that it went away. Normally the feeling stays until I change course. This time it was fleeting - is if someone else was also making a decision that would have affected me, then changed their mind back.

    I felt fine in the morning, went and there were no issues. I learned many many years ago to heed that voice when it speaks, this one just spoke very differently.

    Thanks for your valuable insight!


  • Hm. Maybe there were angels fighting for you so that the potential situation changed its course? Perhaps that is why first you sensed the potential situation, and then after that it changed. Angels fighting against negative energies, angels working to see you succeed against setbacks. So in that case it means that you are being helped by invisible good beings in your everyday life.

  • Hi again! Yes, that's sort of where I was going with my question, that something had changed. I do have people who pray for me, more than I ever knew. I am relearning prayer myself and trying to get in touch with my own Guides and Angels. I have started to meditate, something I never thought I would have the patience to do.

    Thank you TheHangedWoman! 🙂

    Much love,


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