This time next year

  • Good for you!

  • B~)

    Thanks will keep you posted!

  • Captain,

    The boss called about 30 minutes ago. Wanted to know my schedule for tomorrow so we could talk! He sounded excited!

    Time for me to pray again, just wanted to let you know glad you said ask now! Prayerfully I'll give you some more good news soon!


  • Just be confident and calm.

  • Confident & calm. I've worked on that one!! Thanks for the help!

    Trying to figure out why its almost 7pm my time though & I still haven't heard from him after he asked when I was working. GAHHHHH!!!!!

    I do know he is in my state at another store....there's only 2 stores of his in my state.

    Maybe he's going for the surprise "attack" in a good way tomorrow. I don't know.

    Just wanted to update you!

  • So he's been really busy! But last Wednesday he called me and said pencil me in to call me Monday am.......which is tomorrow!

    Holding my breath, trying to stay calm and confident and hoping for the best!

    The day I've waited for is arriving!


  • Yes it is.

  • Ok, confident and calm that's how I was and sure enough 1 raise and promotion later...........


    We have yet to talk the exact money wise and nothing about a company vehicle has came up yet, but I was expecting something big like the just the East Coast to help with and instead I got the whole USA of stores! Instead of 13 including mine that means there are 20!! 20 stores to help with!!

    Basically as he put it I am the owners proof reader and the one that will know just as much about the company as he does. I will actually call him and tell him what I think we need to do. I am soooooo EXCITED!!


    Like I said didn't talk money and I haven't mentioned a vehicle yet, but hopefully very soon I will get brave enough!

    I have arrived! Well mostly anyway!!! lol

    And now I must let go of the past and anything that is with it that has held me back for so long and move forward!!! No more of the past, new memories in the making!!


  • WooHoo!!!!!! Congrats to you...I knew you could do it.




  • Seem to have some drama in this situation!

    Trying to figure out if the guy that operates are camera system in all the stores is mad because I got the promotion? I can't figure out if he wanted the promotion or if he is per say keeping tabs on me for other reasons. Other reason I can think of is to tell the owner what I am doing so he made the right decision? This is confusing me, but this guy is really TICKING me off! He has made the last week of my life that was supposed to be happy confusing & annoying!

    Got any idea of what he is thinking? Maybe I am over reacting or maybe he is jealous. I've had a lot of things like that happen in my life, people get jealous, I advance and they want what I have so they make my life miserable! Never have understood this I mean really people be happy for someone and let me have my own life!

    What I don't understand with him is he is going to school for medical so why is he worried that I seem to have "taken" a job that I think he feels was meant for him?

    He has continually taped me and my staff now for over a month, calls me and embarrasses me in front of my staff and once I told him the other day that I was doing my job and needed his information he basically refused to give it to me!


    Help please!!

    Thank you!

  • He treats you poorly because he just doesn't like you. Thinks you're weak. He doesn't like a lot of people actually - he feels superior to most of them. Stand up to him and tell him that there are both in-house and outside laws against harassment in the workplace and that, if he keeps it up, you will certainly go over his head. You have to show that you are made of managerial material. Keep records of your interactions if necessary. You can't be a people=pleaser with this guy.

  • Thanks!

    He has really made a happy week for me ANNOYING!

    He refuses to listen to anything or cooperate with me. I think he thinks that he is the owners right hand man and just will never accept the position I have been put in will be over his head as in essence my eventual job will put me over him. Not to mention he is 13 years younger then me!!

    Funny I picked up on that "superior" attitude of his. I don't think its appreciated by a lot of people. What gets me is he is going to college and its not like he is making plans to be with this company for life like I am. Of course I reminded the owner of this the other day. I had him call this guy and tell him to back off his behavior was unacceptable, and he couldn't even apologize when he called. He is on an ego trip of superiority thats all I get. Your right there is no pleasing him, but I keep thinking it is not my job to please him only the owners, bug off is what I want to tell him.

    My biggest fear is he is going to undo the owners decision of promoting me by making me look inferior because he thinks he knows it all! I am trying to work together with him in this situation but he seems to pardon me just be an annoying brat!! GAH! He keeps on trying to "take over" my new position in a round about way. The thing that freaks me out is he records every moment I am in the store and I feel like he is "stalking" me and can then say whatever he chooses to the owner and I will be "framed" for nothing.

    Is this his mission? And is he going to pull the wool over my owner's eyes and me loose what I've worked so hard for? I can only think positive and trust the owner in his decisions. It is hard for me to trust anyone so this is a big problem.

    I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm a pretty worked up over this whole situation, but I am sure you can probably sense that one!

  • This guy has been sent to you to provoke you into calling on your own inner authority. Sure, the boss can admonish him but you also need to stand up to him. Show him you can't be messed with and he will stop. He is just trying to get a reaction out of you - and he is succeeding. This is not really about him but about your self-esteem and how you defend yourself.

  • Good possibility you are right there. We had another round and the boss called him and said enough, I let the boss know I was sick of it and the guy as well. Hopefully for now some form of peace is present!

    Not sure if I'll ever get a company car but I no longer have my van. Went looking today as I am car less and my mom took me to look at a cranberry colored car. Wondering if this is the right "red" car or if I need to wait it out. Not sure if I wait it out how long it will be or what but I have to do something like NOW!

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