Advise needed, moving home?? legal issues ....

  • hi, was wondering if anyone can give me any insight or advice on pending issues regarding a possible house move and legal issues with former partner regarding this.

    How will children and myself cope with move so soon after last one

    kind thoughts, K.

  • If you could give more information, you'd get a whole lot better advice.

  • i moved into current house with partner 12 months ago, he has since walked out leaving me to deal with all bills etc, im a full time mum and dont work, he said he would keep paying the rent but has not done so for months, im now being evicted and since the landlord will not take his new address off me and keeps writing to him at this address here, he is now refusing to help with sorting this mess out even thou i have passed his mail onto him personally

  • Dear Kerry78,

    The legal issues will be sloved in court or between lawyers. I feel all in all you will be treated fairly and given the funds that you will need to live in a comfortable way. There is a matter of insurance here also and you will have victory there too. You will have to set the format for your children with this move, if you handle it in a positive way they will follow suite. I know your emotions are running high and finding a peaceful place right now is hard to do. Please call upon your angels and guides to help you. Take care of yourself in a nutristional way, try not to smoke or drink that extra glass of wine at this time. Keep yourself clear.

    I feel that you will really grow to like this new dwelling you are moving to, I see green around it and I feel some water like a lake not to far from it. One room that has yellow in it is very calming and may become your bedroom. In three months time you will feel you are glowing with happiness and shinning your light out there for all to see. I feel a cat that will be with your family, sense the color again of blonde or yellow. Feels male and he will be a wonderful addition to your family if you have not already found him. He is a warrior and psychic to boot , he will know when the phone will ring before you do and who is coming to the door, so if he growls do not open the door, ask before doing so.

    Best wishes to you all.

  • thankyou for the post, my eldest son has been asking for a dog but recently we agreed on him having a cat, think we will start looking for him sooner rather than later. things are incredible up and down right now, nice to no its gonna be sorted and soon! again thankyou x

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