Am i moving in the right direction?

  • my lovelife is a disaster......... can i get some guidance?? DOB 12.1283

  • danni,

    hello honey.. would you like to provide some more info as to why you feel

    your life is a disaster, relationship issues, family, children, love, self , financial ?

  • well i've split from my sons dad of 8years this year..... i feel totally lost with out him and i'm so scared of being alone...... i miss him and believe he is my soulmate, i've went to psychics and 2 have said we will get back and 2 have said maybe after a long break... my pendulum always says we will but i just feel its only telling me what i wanna hear.... please help...finding it hard to move on!!

  • You know, Danni, you've got brains - you can stand out and shine above your peers and colleagues. Your greatest gifts are listening and communication but they also provide the most difficult tests for you. Early relationships, maybe with people from different backgrounds or religious beliefs, will instil tolerance in you. The whole issue of communication is central to your success in relationships but it may take a long time for you to gain understanding here. In order to communicate with others, you have to bring it down a few notches and use words and explanations that normal regular people can understand. You aren't sure whether you're smarter than everyone else or stupider so you set such high standards for yourself that no human being could meet them. Having relationships with others will lead you out of loneliness and alienation towards a more productive dialogue with everyone around you. That must be your goal - productive two-way dialogue. And that requires listening, deeply listening to others and sharing ideas and information. You must be able to hear the other person without feeling you have to outwit or outdo them, and be able to enter into complete interaction without feeling stressed or having to constantly regain control. You want to be able to speak your truth and to have everyone listen to you and understand you, to learn from you, and appreciate your help. If you want to be accepted, you must stop focusing on YOUR truth and start focusing on the people around you and what they are saying, and cooperating with them. You are not stupid - in fact you are blessed with very original vision and talent, versatility and quickness of mind. Don't take yourself so seriously all the time. Forget about your public image and don't allow your sense of self-worth to be determined by what others think of you. Your true nature is very direct and natural - putting on airs or a false front of sophistication will only make you come across as fake. What matters is what you think of yourself.

    You must examine the source of your enormous insecurity. If you can curb a tendency towards extravagance, and surround yourself with people who will help you refine your communicative style, and develop the ability to avoid mere debate in favour of real discussion, then all will be well. In your relationships, you have a need for action and change so you need someone who can understand and support you in this need. But a faithful life partner, once you find him, will be worth gold to you. You just have to stop looking for partners who might be of assistance to you and can help you achieve your ambitions, and start seeking someone who really loves and cares for you. Your ex is an original thinker and communicator which no doubt attracted you to him but he probably found committing to marriage difficult as he is someone who has a deep need for freedom. He does need warmth and affection but is often suspicious of them in case they are veiled forms of subjugation that might limit his freedom. He actually prefers to be left alone to his own devices so he may never commit to anyone for very long. Rebellious, negative or defensive attitudes can surface in him if he feels restricted and issues with authority will also bug him throughout his life.

  • 🙂 so true.........

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