• can i get a reading from someone who reads the tarot?? i do try but i feel my mind is soo worried about current problems that i dont read them right!!!! my DOB is 12.12.83....... what will happen in the future????

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  • someone will help you, bmp moves it up to the top of the list. 🙂

  • really dont understand lol....... haha...... i like this site its cool, i love tarot cards, pendulums and i like to used angel cards as well..... do u use tarot?? i'm new here so i a bit lost haha

  • Any responses yet to your request?

  • no responses, i'm a new to this site...

  • Danni83, I will be avail tonite 1030ish

    I can read for you if you like

  • oh yes i would love that please??? thank you so much 🙂

  • Hi Danni 83, i just saw your post right now, I am calling it a night. I will be happy to read for you on Sat, will post your reading by "Approximately". 1030 ish MST. Have good night or day wherever you are : )

  • thanks i'm in ireland and it is 9.08am right now... thank you very much for your time 🙂

  • Dear danni83,

    Re: your last post, you are sooo welcome!

    I thank you for your patience.

    This reading is pretty much focused in the future as you requested

    Brief overview of Past/Present

    in re:to past I see you have been given much, you have much to offer- there is a tanned man

    who was at your beck and call

    re: present- I see that you are caring for someone who is hurt/sick/injured

    Future: you are hiding from a red headed man who is being stabbed in the back/abused by many. there is an older man who relinquishes his title/crown/power, I see you either tempted by a negative male or will be visitin one behind walls-jail/prison there is a negative dark energy type person watchin you, you are chained/enslaved by him you are exhausted and seek higher counsel from above, you will be given alms/money-it will come. you carry a burden, I see possible travel by water a female is guiding you, and soo are your angels, 2 men fight/compete for you, an older man takes note of all , in beginning of reading re; future, saw red/fire/serpents.

    Angel card: Its a good time to give birth to new ideas and situations in your life. I am watching over you and protecting you during these changes, Angel of Light Card- I Release, all negative attitudes towards life and I no longer worry. I do not have to fight; I do not have to live in fear. I relase everthing into Gods hands and I let go. I trust life and allow it to place its events before me, without resisting. It will guide me towards truth.

    May The Blessings Be...Danni 83

  • thank you so very much made lots of sence to me 🙂 the dark guy is my ex who i love dearly we have a son together and were together a long time, would it ever be possible for us to reconcile?? i believe he is my soulmate and we now are being tested by being apart??

  • Danni83, I saw a dark gentle being in your past then in future

    dk, and negative person, there's a swirl of negativity in future,

    if your ex was not abusive and controlling- yes.

    However Someone has or will hav hold on you

    in future, you must break free of this...did any of the other info in reading make sense

    danni? It was hard for me to do reading- I like those peachy and rosy ones, but I must say what I see, and "The Cards, don't lie"

  • well my ex is a good person but went through a rough patch he has went to councelling and i have heard he has changed for the better and i can see this as well myself, but i have been through so much this year as i miss him so much being in my life.... i went to a psychic and she said he would really change for the better and come back to me, but time will tell.... em my son hurt his head last week and had to visit hospital so maybe thats caring for someone injured... no one is in prison and i dont really know who the dark energy type person is??? but my psychic i visit regular said i will have to choose between two possibliy one of them will be older and one will be my ex so only time will tell.... i know the cards dont lie but i do find they can give compleletly different answers for the same questions sometimes..... my life is pretty quite and i have a young son 🙂

  • How strange, you might find this to be on interest to read 😛

    and the alignments..

  • thanks ethereal27, need all the help i can get....

  • Danni83, thanks for your response,your response reinforces how things can be picked up from other side of the world! Re: different answers/same question

    yes answers can in a sense be or seem different , one must look between the lines to the symbolic meaning. I was happy to read for you and. I wish you all the best...

  • thank you so very much for taking time for reading for me.... you are so very good 🙂

  • Thank you danni83. : )

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