Leo female/ scorpio man

  • Im a Leo (moon in virgo)_ the guy i have been seeing for the past 4 months is scorpio (not sure of his birth time_ but i think his moon is in gemini). Our entire 'relationship' has been a series of peaks and valleys in which one moment he is so incredibly passionate and affectionate towards me and then the next day, next week he is back in love with his ex- gf and tells me we need to stop hanging out. Each time we do find each other again he tells me that he does actually care for me, asking me to be his girl, etc. Tells me how amazing i am and how beautiful i am and how much i deserve to be with someone better than he is. HE once told me that he was bi-polar and now i find myself using that as a cover for him when he decides he wants to break my heart again. And this time, just yesterday after the most fantastic weekend together, he tells me that he never had any feelings for me and that he is sorry to have led me on, sorry for being an ass but that he was completely wasted every time we were together (huge lie) and that he doesn't remember one single time we've had together. We have done/ had so many wild Leo Scorpio times that all he is telling me just seems like he is afraid of getting attached to me_ while he says i am too attached to him. Being in the military overseas plays a huge role on the dynamics because he leaves for good in about 5 months and is going home to see his family (and ex gf) over Thanksgiving... I really like this guy and the sex is just so fantastic i could go 2 months with no action for one night of that passion... I just need some advice_ i've never before met a man who made me feel like i didn't want to flirt and had a few other guys on the side. I never call him first.

  • Sry i Posted this twice..

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