Finding someone from the past and what he has to do with my future

  • Several years ago, I was in Florida at a flea market walking around with my ex. There was a psychic there giving readings. As I walked by, we exchanged smiles and when I looked away, she walked up behind me and grabbed my arm. I told her I couldn't afford her reading as it was expensive . She told me she didn't need my money that people like us can communicate with each other free of charge." So...she told me that my husband was cheating on me. That he had another family in AL. She said the girl owned horses and that she saw him riding them and helping with the grooming. I knew she was correct because I had suspected earlier and when I checked out the cell numbers, the girl had a farm and she was a vetinerian.

    She also told me that in a couple of years, I would run into someone from my past. Someone I used to date. It would be in the Fall of the year. That we would connect thru emails and he would find me. He did. But, he is happily married or so he says. I have been talking to this guy who works up north, haven't seen him in 6 months and was wondering which relationship is about to move forward. Can some one, Please, help me here. Love is blind when it concerns me.

  • Did she say what would come of this man from the past? Yes you have found each other, but maybe that's all it is. Unless she told you he would end up with you and you would marry.

  • Hi, Be happy w/yourself, in time, you'll meet someone. I feel you are searching and it may be easier to look into the past, than look forward to the future--which is my advice. I have a problem w/putting all my trust in a psychic. I see a false dilemma here. Which one will move forward. My advice--leave married men alone and look forward w/confidence because you are unique and worth it.

  • I had a person read my cards years ago and she gave me a really wonderful reading. The problem is it doesn't happy that quickly. The reading she gave on one of the changes in my life didn't happen for several years. And the same for the reading she had given to me years before. She didn't give me a time line and it would have been nice if she had. By the time these events happened I had almost forgotten.

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