Squares ?

  • An astrologer told me that SATURN is in Square to my Sun for the next 1 1/2 years.My husband and I are going thru very difficult times. She's suggesting this wiil lead to a divorce. Any comments?

  • hi Stallion,

    The way I look at Astrology (and I suppose life in general) is that there are always many versions of reality available. When Saturn squares the Sun, yes, your relationship is being tested. The Sun represents "men in your life" (among other things), and so you are experiencing challenges on that front.

    But the deeper meaning of this transit is that YOU are going through a big growth period and therefore your marriage also needs to grow. Does this mean you'll get divorced? That's really up to you and your husband - many different couples could experience this same transit with many different results.

    Saturn transits to the Sun challenge you to define yourself. Who are you and what do you want? What are you committed to? Does your marriage support you in being the highest version of yourself? Saturn transits often have a "make it or break it" quality, so this is likely to be a time when you feel pressured to either really go for it and work out your problems, or to get out of Dodge. One of the big gifts of Saturn transits is clarity. You're likely to get a lot of "aha" moments and whatever has been swept under the carpet will be making itself quite obvious.

    I wish you the best of luck in navigating this time! Although Saturn periods are challenging, they can result in wonderful, lasting gifts. Just be honest with yourself - and reach out and ask for the support you need.

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  • I am a strong believer that we create the world and its situations around us. I believe that you should not take it lightly that the two of you will go through some hard times, but I also feel that this is the time you should do more studying about who he is and what he needs, and he should in turn do the same. If you believe your relationship is worth it, than it is. You have the capacity to change the way things are headed. Together you can overcome anything as long as you remember it is the two of you against the odds. You will be stronger for it. Just listen, talk, communicate with eachother. Remember what ever happens, happens for a reason, and it will be exactly the way it is supposed to be. Hang in there and do not worry about tomorrow, as long as you do the right thing today you will not have to worry about the yesterdays or tomorrows. Love, Beckyloohoo

  • stallion- sorry new to this site look at my post of reply it was meant for you. Thanks

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