Aries-Pisces + Scorpio = ???

  • ocain,

    everyone wants attention, just depends what kinda attention and HOW MUCH attention lol,

    i like being in group settings and gainging attention,rather then getting one-on-one attention

    sometimes it makes me a little on the shy side wierd..i know, & my aries friend is the opposite.. he prefers one on one attention strictly !

    Yes, pisces.. its wierd because thier always uplifting EVERYONE and giving such inspiring thoughts and helping everyone lol, but when thier down..they don't let it show so optimistic..

    and most of my pisces friends thier always so cheerful when i do see them unhappy or feel that sadness vibes its like the world is ending and you just wanna help until you find out why they're are sad, which isn't usually what i would consider isn't worth being sad over lol, it may be the littlest thing that turns them around, none of my pisces friends dont care so much about material and money, mainly family and love..generous people.

    Thats good , its hard to come across genuine people who put EVERYTHING on the table, but everyone isn't genuine they hold on tightly to thier secrets, and there's others who like the chase of mysterious people..kinda sorta like your scorpio its her mystery thats pondering you so much and got you going, same with my scorpio guy.. in the beginning it was no excitement at all i didn't think i would ever date this guy ! lol, until we were put together and i started to question soo.. what is this guy all about he's always flirting with me but never makes a move, he has my number but never text but would always call me 'cute' in front of his friends blah blah blah, i wasnt flattered but then we started hanging out little by little, things remained he called me cute everyday ! but never made the move after while i started questioning soo... lol why dont you ever text me and then it turned to so why dont you ask me out . when it was the mystery of him that i wanted to know, not really him.. because he wasn't so aggressive like other guys to start a relationship with me and he even mentioned he wanted to know me better before making anything happen to quickly, and it made me even more interested in him, so anyways sorry for the long story lol, sometimes mystery takes you along ways !

    my aries friend definetely like to push alot , before in the beginning it seemed a little intimidating

    but i noticed thier always ahead of the game ! you guys are thinkers for sure, but alot is over-thought out , i'd be thinking lol.. "No thats not what Im thinking yet, but probably what i will be thinking next."

    i dated a pisces guy, it was a little akward it seemed we turned out to be more FRIENDS than

    anything, and i think that really at the same time, when you can go to your boyfriend or whoever

    just to go to a guy period these days and actually have real conversation about girl problems

    or whatever is beautiful.. he became a very good friend of mine because he was so compassionate, theres alot of guys who aren't so compassionate and can't hold a freakin convo and express thier feelings "like you are" lol. 😉

    if i tell you, promise you can't tell anyone lol ? i think alot of people on here think im old

    because i can relate well but im just a year older then you. see, pretty young right ?

  • It seems to be that I think ahead too much. I know exactly what's going to happen, and I plan out every move I make, which is probably why I make such a good strategist in shooter games and real time strategy games... but that's because once I've played a game or two with somebody, you learn strategies that everyone uses and then you find every way to counter it, and then you find every way to use it against them, and then every way to trick them... and well, it goes on, you can probably guess. (I seem to just go on and on when I talk... some people find it irritating, but I don't talk to hear my own voice! Besides, I'm typing, aren't I?)

    Yep. I'll probably still feel pretty young when I turn a year older next year too... but then again I guess... I should probably rethink what I'm doing right now. The girl I'm after is even younger than me (not by much. It's not like this is totally illegal or anything... I keep on the right side of the law, lol), so it makes sense that some of her aspects haven't even come through or... I don't know for sure, really. Does age play a part in this...?

    But yeah, I like to become a good friend to someone before I want to be their romantic interest, but once that bridge is made, I have no problem making the progress on that relationship go 'Balls to the wall', which is normally a bad idea. Especially in the case of me with a Scorpio. I think I should wait another few years before I make ANY sort of advances but... I should still continue to be a good friend as much as I can, hmm?

  • ocain,

    thinking ahead is good.. but it also has its downfalls

    what happens when the plan fails ? and you begin to anticipate ?

    well see, she may have different viewpoint in life or on relationships than you..

    she sounds like a girl you have to prove yourself to her, to gain her trust

    anything worth having is worth working for so my mother always reminds me

    and its true ! if you want to be with her show her your gonna be around,

    i mean... you cant rejected 1,000 times if you keep trying. I dont think age play

    a major part in anything, common interest does, even if you were the same age as her but you guys have different interest it wouldnt make a difference so you should first figure out where is she trying to go with you, just friends, dating , a couple, settling ect. ?

    lol, i think the tough catch is what makes you more interested in her .

    continue to be her friend.

  • It probably isn't the fact that she is a tough catch. Jessica wasn't a tough catch but she was a fantastic one. She was an Aquarius and our relationship never ever got boring, but I was always able to figure out what was on her mind because she figured she should be as honest with me as I am with her. The intimacy part of that relationship was also incredibly refreshing compared to my last relationship (where I was cheated on multiple times, sometimes knowingly, half of it I wasn't so aware of), but... due to a moral code on both our ends, we realized we'd both messed something up and we had to end it. She was falling for me, and I wasn't in love with her so we had to stay friends. It was strange... because at this time, I was in love with the Scorpio girl that I speak of. Oh how confusing my life gets... the number nineteen has never been lucky for me.

    The distance makes it difficult, and I can't ask her outright because she doesn't know what to say. She has a REALLY packed schedule, so it's difficult for her to even have time to think, let alone say anything about it. I'm sure that things will change as the years go by and I continue to be here but I just keep thinking of how much I'm missing out... I still want to have an emotional connection with someone, at least, because I really miss it, but I feel as if I'd be betraying the one I'm after and I can't appear so fickle and wavering as that.

    She says that before she would let anyone ask her out, she should at least know them for about... three years. Me? I'm about a third of the way there with eight months and then runners-up having only, at most, maybe... three. I hope. I know I'm going to change a lot along the way, but I just wish I could hear from some divine source 'Yes, she is the one, you just need to be patient.'

    If I heard that, I'd settle down much more and go with the flow...

  • ...I must say it is refreshing to have such a community here that I can pour out my heart while I'm in my most vulnerable and weakened state, and be empowered by the words and wisdom of those who respond to my cries for help.

    Perhaps I should visit this place more often...? 😄

  • Wow - I can't believe you guys are so young and you are worried about finding the "right person". If you are that young and you have found the right person and they are right for you - you have some time to see if they come back or you can go to them. In the meantime, you are so young and have so much to do. I am sure that all of us here who are somewhat more "seasoned" will have their stories about pining over the highschool heartbreak or the college romance that ended in a split up because one went to graduate school on one side of the country and the other went to graduate school on the other side of the country. Always, always there are heartbreaks and breakups and so many changes that occur when you are young.. When you have an established career and are somewhat grounded and you are somewhere in the neighborhood of 28-30 then I can more likely understand a bit of panic over losing someone or winning someone's heart. But really - when you are younger - changes just happen, opportunities come up and other ones disappear. You have a good long time before you need to waste so much time agonizing over losing someone or wondering if "they" are the one.

    Now - if you were 35-40 years old and were a decent person with a decent income and no creepy skeltons in the closet and not a mass murderer or a psychopath and you were totally in love with someone who was not attached, who you thought might like you, but you were having trouble reading them, then I would say - if you really love them, you have to let them know and you have to decide if you want to make sacrifices to move or get closer to them or see if they were interested enough in you to start a relationship.

    Essentially what I am saying is - you have time. Perhaps the one you love today will change so much over the course of the next 3 years, she wil not even be the same person you thought she was. Or she may turn out to be better than anyone else you have ever met. She may come back to you in later years. You never know.

  • turtledust,

    thank you ! lol, thats the point i was kindly trying to get across to

    ocain , we're YOUNG ! you have along ways to go still in life

    your gonna meet alot of different people , im my case the guy i "WAS"

    dating , not a relationship with..was a little older than me and established

    and that never works when two people are on two different paths,

    you still have so much too learn. thanks for sharing !

  • thanks addictedtoriches -- of course there are always the one who are 45 with no established career who are still out running around as if they are immortal and do not have to be settled down yet. I guess that if you are independently wealthy, you can do that, but for the most part,

    I think us "seasoned" folks who are established are more likely to want to be with someone who is at least somewhat independent - employed, housed clothed and so forth. Its not so important when you are young and do not have a mortgage, kids, etc. - or perhaps if you are older, kids are gown, mortgage is paid, and so forth. You don't know how lucky you are. I did not know how lucky I was. - You never know what you have, until it is gone. And what you have now is the the young years that you will neverget back. You can always make money of some sort. If you really want to have kids you have up untilo like age 32 or so before you have to start to worry - so don't worry.

  • Turtle Dust and Addictdtoriches, thank you both for your words. ^-^

    It took me a little while to figure it out but finally, FINALLY I was able to change my mindset...

    I have a lot of time to think about who I want to be with but I realized that first I needed to think of who I wanted to be myself and where I wanted to be... thankfully, I still have quite a bit of time to figure that out too but, I suppose it couldn't hurt to get into it as soon as I'm able and capable, hmm? I suppose I'm still at a point where I don't know enough about myself to know who it is I want to be with, but at the same time it couldn't hurt to keep my eyes open and continue to look around (I thank the Captain for that little bit there).

    She might, and she might not... the girl I was with before could be it, then again perhaps not. I guess I lost sight of my goals and forgot what I was really suppose to be doing for a bit there.

    I am glad to have a community like this that can help me through situations as difficult as this (for me, anyway)

    Sooo... if anything, I'm at least delighted to say that I feel a lot better now about it all.

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