Aries-Pisces + Scorpio = ???

  • I can't say I've been 'Working at this', otherwise it would just sound wrong, but I can already say that I've known this girl for a while and I've become more attached to her than any other being I know but... in this case I need some serious advice. If people need more information to work with, simply ask, but this is what I can give right now.

    I knew the risks, sort of, when I jumped into this and made her my romantic interest... although really I just want to be a friend to her first but it's becoming INCREDIBLY difficult to want to be just that, and I feel that if I try to say anything more of my emotion and my feelings, I tend to come off as overdramatic and end up getting pushed away. At first I was in love with this girl and there was not a chance anything could... get in the... oh Hell. Okay so something did get in the way even while I knew her, but if anyone else believes that is relevant I might end up spilling that too.

    Point is, I feel like trying to figure out what goes on in her mind is like trying to reach the center of an Obsidian Desert, and the winds blowing shards in my face with every step I take isn't exactly pleasant. The more I try to figure out, the more I end up frustrating myself and the more pain I put upon myself as well. That, and I normally don't get anywhere. I'm starting to think that it would actually be so much easier to simply give up and go somewhere else, because as curious as I am as to what is in the middle of the storm I would rather not be left a crumpled heap and die trying.

    On the other hand, I am playing a rigged game and I already bet all I had, so in a way I'm already pretty much screwed. If I lose, I'll be so far in emotional debt I don't think any being would have a chance of bailing me out. If I MIRACULOUSLY manage to get through this? Heaven only knows what could happen.

    So I have two choices, the way I see it so far...

    1.Cut loose and forget about the mystery and intrigue and become a loner again, looking elsewhere.

    2.Get back on the horse and keep trying to head for the center of the storm.

    Basically... I don't know what to do. Anybody have insight? Helpful hints? Been in my position before or possibly know what I should do from this position?

  • OCain,

    Hello, Honey..

    Guys are so much different than girls, you're looking at this from such a logical

    point of view.. I feel you gotta RELAX, RELAX, RELAX , from your story you say so much

    about how you feel and so much about you that i almost forget about the girl,

    you entered this whole situation with a game state of mind, & whether you believe it or not

    the girl can sense that, then you gave all you had which is always a big no no, because

    if you give all that you have on your first try you have nothing left for the next..

    now the ball is most certainly in her court because her next move will determine your next move

    whether you choose to stay or move on. Don't be so curious, let things flow.. be yourself.

    You can't figure people's mind out, you can only understand thier mind by understanding

    thier actions because their mind thinks out thier actions, which means thier actions will

    be the only way to figure out her mind, how is her personality towards you ? does she call/text

    you ? does she hang out with you often ect ?

    i feel she is is much slower then you to express feelings, much slower to open up.

    you are just the opposite this could either be good or not work.

    my friend whom i am in process with is an aries and gessh, just as you described

    puts his all on the line 100% and then feels if he gets nothing in return

    he's walking away, you cant do that.. the best part is yet to come !


  • Being myself means that I'd actually... run the hell away. I need to think of which sign I have to thank for making me so indecisive... but yes, I always knew the ball was in her court after that. I'm starting to think that it would be easier for both of us if I just pulled everything out and kept my distance for a while but the thought of just 'Hey, why not just disappear for a little bit? Give yourself a break...' comes into my mind.

    I honestly don't know what constitutes 'Her next action' because there are so few actions she can make that will cause me to stay. Her actions are so hard to read and she hides everything beneath the surface but...

    ...on the surface, she's a sweetheart. She's fun to talk to, and she's always interested in having conversation with me but I have a feeling that I'm drifting away from her because of the fact that I've gone too far too fast. Is there any way to go back? I mean, I... >.<;

    Thinking straight under pressure wasn't ever one of my best qualities. I usually wing it and hope for the best when I'm under serious pressure. I didn't give all I had at once but... I... I think I just need to take a step back and relax a bit, but the only way to do that is to quit speaking to her for a little bit, because anything else is just way too hard.

    Besides, she's busy enough as it is with College...

    But... she does text... she does call, on ocassion (albeit rare), but it seems that messenger is where we'll speak the most. Unfortunately, VERY unfortunately, we haven't met in person. I don't know if it would be easier or more difficult if we could meet in person.

    Maaaybe I make things more complicated than I should... hmm.

  • ...So I should just take a step back and relax, then?

  • ocain,

    Woah, im in complete shock , it feels like your in the same situation as me,

    my friend is an aries and honestly you sound just like him ! she remind me of me too lol,

    this is the exact thing that happend with my aries guy and me, except we've met.

    when we first met, emotionally i felt he was to much to handle expressing his every feeling

    in detail so romantic, wanting the committment.. & us girls automatically think of that with

    hmm.. he's up to something its too good to be true so we put the defense wall up,

    over a period of time him noticing this wall wasn't coming down im sure he felt exactly how you

    did, because the ball was in my court and he didn't come around, for a a few weeks although still texting time to time but he completely stopped the romantic little things and i know it was because i wasn't moving at the pace he wanted me too lol, but it definetely worked! i thought about him more, texted more, the ball was now in his court again so if you do want the ball

    the ball in your court give her sometime, give youself sometime.. she be back to get you !

    I can sense your a good guy with good intentions sometimes it just looks other wise,

    & you are definetely a good talker under pressure ! because you let it flow, you think to much ! relax, relax , relax..

  • Few people really understand, in person, that I'm actually a sweetheart. People normally think I'm just a punk, jerk, or ignorant asshole. (Watching zombies do the dirty? It would be hilarious... almost like makes offensive joke that is still funny, but horribly offends someone, 'WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? RAEG RAEG RAEG FLAME FLAME FLAME SCOLD SCOLD SCOLD', meanwhile I keep a straight face and laugh to myself and say 'This coming from the girl who says 'I do whatever the hell I want!', but on the inside I'm actually kind of freaked out.) <--- prime example.

    ^ ^; I say things which one other finds horribly offensive and then gets on my case about it because I wasn't thinking, so apparently it's bad to have a dark sense of humor. I didn't know that. I thought it was better to have a sense of humor where I laugh at things that borderline on tasteless rather than constantly break the law just to try and prove that I can 'Do what I want'. Like some people never learned tact... and damn, girls can be VISCIOUS sometimes >.<

    But yeah, it sounds pretty much the same, but I'm going to still going to try the 'Disappearing Act' for a little bit. The most difficult part is that, and I know this being an Aries, you have to keep our interest quite a bit of the time... not just ocassionally. Busy or not, it's difficult to understand that work can get in the way because I've always figured someone could at least just say a little bit of what's been going on. Easiest part is that, if they were interested in you before, you could probably interest them again as long as someone else hasn't already shown up in their life. Honestly. It doesn't take much. Well, not for me anyway...

    I suppose I should have a little more hope then, hmm?

    I'd really like to thank you for the insight you've given me. :3

  • Hi - OCAIN - are you the Pisces and the girl the Scorpio? WOndering because I am a Pisces myself with a Capricorn Moon and Capricorn Rising. A lover of dreams and fantasy who stuboornly works towars those dreams and when they don't pan out - I am literally flattened - smahed against the floor depressed. - I worked so hard to fullfil those dreams - maybe I will get so close, then evil reality sets in. Why does there have to be reality? Why can't people work hard to make their dreams come true. Maybe if I didn't have the Capricorn factor I would not work so hard to make the impossible come true and then be so uttterly disappointed that - gee - I can't make it happen afterall. I don't know as much about Aries/Pisces. Seems to me that the Aries I have known have all been really bold - very upfront and very noticiable.

    I also have a dark sense of humor - somewhat dry. Sometimes deadpan and somethimes people just don't get it.

    I am curious - if you are the Pisces and the girl is the Scorpio - is it just that she has so many things to do and so many things on her mind that you cannot be the number 1 priority right now - she would like to be more "in your world" but just can't make it happen. Just wondering?

  • TurtleDust: I'm the Aries-Pisces Cusp, the girl is the Scorpio. I have Libra Rising and Gemini Moon, she has Scorpio Rising and Taurus Moon.

    She can't be in my world because she has to go through her's first, I know. I'm stuck in my own world, but ever since that dream we both had... things have never been the same. Things have become much more interesting, but also more hectic because it hasn't happened again since and the distance between us is just too great for me to pass right now. I wish I could go across the Ocean. I wish I could be there when she needed someone. I wish I could read her mind but I only see it through her eyes, and that... rarely ever happens. Things are complicated. Very complicated because I accidentally said more than I should have, and now I have to pay for it. I have to pay for it dearly and I still think that I can hold this all together but... eh, it's difficult.

    Maybe she does have a lot of things on her mind. Life at home for her might be a titch difficult, and school is one hell of a work load on top of that...

    You might be right.

  • ...shameless bump.

  • Sorry to butt-in here.. I know every relationship is different and I being also an aries/pisces cusp. I do understand your problem. however from a personal point of view, scorpio and aries do not mix together too well. They are incredibly the opposite of what we want ( maybe other than the s e x ).

    They can be wonderful friends but relationship (love relationship) wise, I would say your asking for trouble. However, if you really like this girl and she really likes you. There is never any harm in trying.

    You will never know until you try

  • Honestly? I don't know. I think I barely know what goes on in her mind. If I did, I wouldn't be worrying about this. If I could read minds I would know exactly what to do! But... that would take the intrigue out of it. I honestly don't know what to do next so I'm just going to let things flow as they should instead of trying to push it or stop it...

  • OH MAN! what a perfect thread..

    I'm a scorpio libra cusp, met an aries pisces cusp and really liked him. For a few weeks he pays me attention and texts everyday we went on about 4 dates.. the last date he kissed me in the end and acted really interested then disappeared out of nowhere and now I haven't heard from him in a week... I'm soo confused about the aries pisces cusp.. They act interested then when you start to feel a little more comfortable and start giving in they vanish off the planet.

    Are Aries Pisces cusps relationship material or are they players that are all about the chase? And have any of you had any serious, long term relationships?

  • ocain,

    i hate to keep saying it, but you remind me so much of the [mr.]

    woah ! he overly trys to read my mind alot as well too.

    librascorp, Thats what i want to find out ! my aries guy was looking forward to commiting

    pretty early but like ocain said his emotions were so instant it seemed a bit too much

    too soon so i declined . yikes..but from the looks of things we've been through so much already

    if he was too pick a time to leave, lol he should have left already. most aries i know

    have been in long term..

  • Serious long term relationships? Longest I have had was eight months. Shortest was a month but... that's because we both knew it was going to be a temporary relationship. We got together, we were very close, and even though breaking apart hurt we... actually ended up becoming much better friends.

    I am in no way a player. In fact, most of the time I want someone else to make a move. If no one else does or they take to long, I make a move. If they don't say anything, don't react, or don't even return anything, I give nothing back and almost immediately move on to the next person if there is another

    I kind of missed it when I had a pisces girl... that was fun. Difficult, because she was an emotional wreck half the time (and so it ended badly for us both because I wasn't ready to handle all of that and she wasn't really against putting almost all of it upon me), but for the time it worked out... it was actually rather peaceful. Until I broke up with her on the day before Valentine's Day without realizing what day it actually was. I felt like such an idiot I ended up going home and crashing on my bed, ignoring all calls, texts, emails, and any other type of message or attempt to speak with me as I thought about how I effed up.

    This is by far the most difficult chase I have ever had, and I know for sure that normally I would've just given up by now and tried to go back to the girl I was with before, but... then again, that might end up being absolutely fruitless.

    This girl has like... five signs in Scorpio... no idea what it is supposed to mean but it is impossible to read her if I'm not near her. She can barely hint at what she is thinking or feeling. I really wish I knew what kind of pace I am supposed to take or, what kind of things that I most certainly should NEVER do or... I don't know.

    I know she really likes me, even though she can't say how much, and can't confess her feelings for whatever reason... but this is going to be difficult. It may be years before I can ever get close to her because of the distance between us right now.

  • (Five planets, I meant. I meant five planets or aspects in Scorpio.)

  • I'm torn on what advice to give. My logical and realistic side says long distance is doomed and full of hardship and drama. Not worth it. Unless one of you moves it will never work.

    My romantic side says to fight for her if you really want her and if she's worth it. Be the man about it and make the moves. Don't expect the girl to do it. Give her time and maybe someday you'll be together.

    What do I know though, for me it's always a battle between the head and the heart.

    How old are you?

  • I make moves too fast. Right now my move is to isolate myself because I need to think clearly. Ugh... lucky me. Aries-Pisces Sun Sign, Gemini Moon, and Libra Rising. I just LOVE that combination that it made. My heart is battling with my mind, my mind is battling with my soul, my soul is battling with my heart. My past won't leave me, my sins won't be forgotten, and my indecisiveness is killer. I need to give myself a break because as much as I love this girl and believe she is CERTAINLY worth it... I'm still young.

    Oh but, how old am I? A lot of people would be surprised to hear how old I am, and especially surprised to hear how old the girl is that I'm after.

    I'm Nineteen years of age. March 21st, the year 1991, 8:00PM on the dot.

  • Oh and uhm... I really suck at making moves. I don't know what it means to 'Make Moves' half the time, I just make decisions and begin to wonder if they were the right one, thinking that every decision I make is actually just digging me a deeper hole which I should just jump in now. ^ ^

  • you have to relax and not take everything to heart and soul so soon !

    i know it must be hard being a bored line pisces/aries yikes !

    just remeber you have to use humor in every lesson, its the best medicine really...

    your combo actually sounds exciting, i have a few pisces girlfriends and

    really they are the funniest, most kind hearted people i've ever hung with..very sensitive though

    i could just imagine pisces/aries, the aries guy i know is the first i've met in a guy

    he's not so spontaneous, well depends how he's feeling he can be VERY moody lol i noticed and a bit of a BABY wanting attention, i can sense you are too lol no offense ; I'm a vrigo and we're known as boring, analytical blah blah blah [not true!]

    I feel i can relate to a person on every level same time im more spontaneous

    I'm the ultimate people person, im always meeting different people and friends

    i dont know my rising sign though but i love to be around lots of people.

    Scorpio. I tried to do a scorpio relationship, was definetely not my style.. He was way more grounded and as i said im a people person and somewhat spontaneous..well he was the complete opposite ! till this day he brings up my ways, im not sure if he didnt like that i was so outgoing [well i am young] but its wasn't him so much ;/ i agree my scorpio didnt tell me what was on his mind either ! its was like trying to enter the gates of heavan I had no clue what was on his mind, the only time he would speak deeply about his feelings is if i were to speak mine first, but other times with other things not pertaining his feelings he'd say with no hesistation..

    i wanted to be with him but i moved on ; i realized im too young to make my life still and not live in the moment to please someone else ; i like meeting guys that are people-oriented as well and go to social gatherings,ect.. scorpios aren't my type not until at least another 20yrs or so lol no offense !

  • Honestly, I would go to social gatherings if I knew of any place to go with people I could get along with. Here? In this corrupted mess of chaos and hate? Not a snowball's chance. Back at home I had all the coolest things going on, and all I needed was transportation to get me there and I'd always find something to do, always find a random stranger to speak with about anything. But yes, I actually am a bit of a child that wants attention, but I do get a little jealous and restless when I do not feel I'm loved and so... I start to make irrational decisions. Instead of acting out for attention like I used to, however, Pisces kicks it into high gear and turns silent, hides in the corner, and expects someone to run to him.

    I do have a few things I need to work on, but people need to learn to QUESTION EVERYTHING. I'm an open book, even to complete strangers, about the strangest of things. If they continue to question, I'll continue to answer, and they will continue to learn. Never take things at face value, never accept second best, never go unanswered... Aries likes to push a lot, doesn't he? ^ ^;

    No offense taken to me, really. The only planet I remember being in Scorpio of mine was Pluto, and I barely understand what it means. Last girl I was with was an Aquarius, and before that was a Pisces, and then before that was another Pisces... Something about Pisces... hell, something about water signs in general, hmm?

    But yes... my combo WOULD be exciting, but I've been supressed with a lack of opportunities for so long that I've become somewhat of a loner. I'd love to be part of the group. Hell, I wouldn't mind just being on the side (although I'd love being the center), but those days passed after my childhood was shattered to pieces.

    But then if I'm 19 and too young, what about you? How old are you then? o.o

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