Would like reading to contemplate moving on or hoping and waiting

  • his bday 7/12/70

    mine 7/21/78

    Any insight is very appreciated

  • cancercutie,

    hello honey, could you elaborate more on why you

    are considering moving on ?

  • right now there is no communication coming from him, none. Last contact was Thursday through an email saying he accepted my apology. I truly love this man but I find myself utterly devestated when we are not together. It is affecting evereything in me. I have never had this before. Should I wait for him to contact or shut the door completely? I guess that is what I need to know.

  • cancercutie

    If you truely love this man.. honey, why would you shut the door on him ?

    you have to be there for him to talk this out.. call him, just to say hey how are you doing..

    a apology is a step to moving forward that past stage is already over so dont bring it up, why he hasn't called you ect.. just call and say "hey baby, how is your day going" simple things like those really make a person feel good. see where things go from there, beginning on a positive note, since he is a cancer lol,, most liekly he will bring it up but just listen ! cancers are emotional and withdraw usually when hurt or in emotioanl situations.

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