A Love Reading - any help would be great

  • I've recently broken up with someone whom I felt an immense connection. He however did not want the committment of a relationship, but is still wanting a friendship. This has become too confusing for me so I have asked for him to stop contacting me in order for me to move on. I have since dated a new guy, however feel no real connection. I am wondering where my love life is going. I'm nearly at the point of giving it all away as too hard, maybe I just need a break. Any thoughts? Readings? Feelings? My birth date is 26 April 1971. Every other part of my life seems to balance out wonderfully ......... thanks!

  • Oh sweetie, I feel for you!! 😞 I've had my fair share of bad/confusing relationships and I know it isn't easy to deal with... let me shuffle through my fairy healing oracle deck to see what pops up. I haven't done many readings for people; I'm still practicing. But I hope I can be of some insight!

    Here goes nothin'!

    The Beauty card was drawn upside down. When cards come up upside down, especially with this particular deck, I interpret that as a block. In this case, it's a block in your self-confidence department. Are you doing enough to show yourself how beautiful and awesome you are, on the inside and out? Maybe one of the reasons you're sticking around with the dude you don't feel a real connection with is because you aren't very confident that you'll find someone else. Don't be afraid to take a chance. You're worth it and you owe it to yourself to be with the one who will make you happy.

    Phew... hope that helps!!

    Good luck to you. 🙂

  • Thanks LittleLeaf, appreciate your reading and feedback. I think I may have continued to see this guy that I'm not really feeling anything for as he is very opposite to what I'm attracted to and they haven't worked out previously so am thinking that I should persist just as it isn't the norm. I certainly have confidence issues at present as I feel like I've been beaten up too many times by love. I'm sure this time will pass, it's just a bit hard at times to be positive when the one area of my life that I wish would be better always seems to turn to rubbish.

    Still appreciate any feedback 🙂

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