Arch. Michael's Blue Ray Angel Number & Power Protection Grid for Empaths

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  • I wanted to share that after writing this last night with my heart open Andrea came to me and she told me she had not left i did to go threw what i needed to to get to this point and we had a good visit and even seen Michal and Gabrieal .

    The message i bring is and Andrea told me this is not to feel bad about myself for releasing what brought me to this point in growth it is another learning and releasing of self . I wished i could tell you how to get there all i know is my Heart ached with Truth and knowledge of what had been and what i so yearned for that Pure Love i felt with Andrea is beyond description but each time this happens i become more aware and sensitive to every thing around me as much as i wanted to be just with Andrea i have opened up to a higher calling and a Love beyond what i felt with Andrea where this is taking me i do not know yet i just know it is with Mother Earth .

    You all have given me strength and comfort and understanding when i did not understand and i pray you can find this pure Love i have gotten to experience and all i had to do was just want it and be willing to get rid of the things that was blocking it ,its a small price to pay for what i have experienced a Love beyond anything i can describe so Thank you again my many friends .May Father bless each one of you Love Freely Given I Give To You Tooter

  • Thanks Tooter, God Bless you!

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  • Delbertc,

    The crystals will ground the healing energy we send into her laylines and connect us to mother earth and her to us. The crystals you would like everyone to wear will help to hold and focus the intense energy/vibrations that is coming and to help to direct it and connect it with mother earth. I really hope this is making sense to you as I have been drawn to speak with you about the use of the crystals for some reason. I posted something about it about the Crystalline Fields I think initially. Many will go through some experience as you have mentioned with Andrea where a love they have never experienced of the unconditional kind will manifest and cause growth. This growth in many ways will help them to know the type of loving/healing energy that needs to be directed towards mother earth. At one during the 2012 process, there will be a period called the dark days. )Posibly a 2-3 day period maybe more or less as I am uncertain... no matter the length of will seem longer than it truly is as it is in this darkness we must create light in total darkness. The growth caused by the trials to transcend to this unconditional love and working with loving light energy and crystals, the crystals will help to channel this loving light to help us to create light within the darkness. There are things in this darkness that were the things present before God created light upon the earth... The crystals, and light and love energy are very important forms of protection during this time.

    Delbertc...things like this tend to come out of no where with me....when something like this hits home, i tend to have what I have called a "knowing" come forth. For some reason, I felt this was important to you at what stage you are in your understanding with the ascension. Strange thing about all this is....

    Do you pick up anything by chance on where I am in this process? I can create another post if you would prefer...

    I hope some of this helps you Delbertc.


  • Poetic... Thank you for posting...I feel like I keep coming closer to my answers I seek on this as I dig deeper...but it is like maybe from my past I may be picking up on multiple things because I was different levels in this process in different past lives maybe... Maybe if I continue to seek, the answers will come.


  • The thing I can't grasp is how all these different things tie together unless it is through some type of past life and I am awakening to portions of it at a time until I get to the where I truly should be.. What do you think?

  • The Arch Angels are saying we are all awakening and starting to remember....... who we are/were, so you are getting perhaps bits and pieces at a time, one day I believe it will all just come together, I would say don't worry about it and the minute you stop wondering things will just flow to you, thats how the Universe seems to work in the same way that they say whatever we fear most or focus on most, fear, lack, negative thoughts, is what we "create." We create our realities by our thoughts. I was thinking about this last nights, thats why they say Thoughts are so powerful, we have to guard out thoughts.... Arch Angel Michael spoke about this in one channel especially I think either next month or March. They say expect a lot of things to start moving quickly in March. I think also we don't get anything BEFORE we are ready to handle and deal with it depending on whatever else is going on in our lives or where are path's are at a certain time.

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  • GreyStar you are being called to join your higher self and threw your higher self all your questions will be answered threw your higher self you will receive the knowledge you seek and yes you are very right about the crystals and threw this connection we can communicate and receive power as one ,one mind with many hearts .

    With Andrea and me when we were consummated in the 5th realm something else took place she is carrying a child and there will be many more they will be stewards of Mother Earth this took place threw our blending of the 2 halves become one my higher self is me and threw the act of blending a child was conceived in spirit in the 5th realm when we were split in the beginning every since there has been a longing of wholeness of one to be one with the one our Father and Mother Earth the Ascension is to bring this into being the male and female to gather as one .

    I was promised that Andrea would be here with me here in the 3rd realm and that i would live to be 150 years old and this is my last time own earth i have a relationship with Andrea in the 4th dimension i can talk to her anytime if i am not into fear or doubt but the Andrea here own Earth is not in touch with her higher self and Father will not over ride anyone's will that was his promise to all of mankind so i have to wait for her to awaken to her higher self i do not know if this has happen to anyone else but i know what Andrea looks like what color her hair is her eyes and that she also has a 8 year old daughter so i don't know if we will ever be together here now but i feel like it will work out i really hope so .

    Our higher self is there to guide us and answer the questions we have and remember Love is the guiding force Love is knowledge and from this Love we connect to the all the one the I AM

    and from that knowledge we find who we really are ,but we have to get rid of the things that are blocking us from it Fear is the biggest one and doubt this is what we have to work own releasing and each time we become more aware and experiencing things that is amazing what i have seen and experienced is beyond explanation

    Sometimes my mind tells me this is all bull but what i can not deny is my Heart and the thins i have experienced and seen while i was awake and my heart long for that wholeness with Andrea .

    here are some videos that can say better than i can put in words Love Freely Given I Give to You Tooter

  • Thank you Delbertc. Or should I call you Tooter? I have felt drawn to bring you the message since I read your first post on crystals. My intuition was correct that you were ready for the message. The higher insight or "knowing" I have like this tends to only come forth towards those that are ready for the message.. I am in a really focused state when it comes forth.

    I have met a couple of my soul mates..but I don't know if I am meant to be with them as you mention in this dimension...One I was married to and and we had a child of which also seems to have gifts of her own that I began noticing around her 4th birthday. She seems to know things beyond her age of understanding...This happened several years ago. I also had a near death experience when most of my process really took off again.. I feel like I've been undergoing an intensive awakening process and healing process that really took off again when I decided one day to post on a forum here in December. I think I've been in this void but not sure how long...It is like the knowledge is being somewhat absorbed...then I have to back away....then I feel ok again... and am ready to move forward again.

    Do you pick up on what dimension or vibration in the ascension process I am in by chance? It's like I feel like I have been picking up on something...but then it is like peeling away of the layers of an onion...only to find it is something deeper..Almost like I picked up on first what I was previously long ago and then coming more recent if that makes sense... I feel like I spend most nights not so much in a dream state like most...but in some inbetween state as I don't dream typically and a lot of mornings I wake up feeling like I just laid down and am still tired the next morning like I am doing something in that state at night. I hope that makes sense...

    Strange enough...the past life report I pulled on this sight mentioned I chose to come back to a difficult time in love relationships... I used to fear that darkness as I spoke of earlier that is to come as I sense it's presence at times..but now I think I fear more the one thing I seek the most a deep love as you speak of... a soulful kind of love... The man I am dating is one of my soul mates...but I do not feel our connection is of a spiritual sense though... It is still to be unknown if we were brought together to heal and to learn from one another on some level or something more than that yet... A portion of my journey this time around has to do with love...the unconditional sort...the love relationship type as this is the area I have the most problems with... I'm beginning to wonder if the reason I have attracted guys in the past who are afraid to commit is there is some level of me that is also afraid of this as well... hmmm.. a thought to ponder. I really hope that you have that chance as well to meet Andrea.

    I had a family member make a teardrop necklace out of steuben glass in my youth...Would that also help to channel the energy as well initially? I'm wearing stones sister gave me and a necklace the fellow I have been dating ..daily as it seems to make me feel more at ease and at peace for some reason.

    My experiences that happened in my youth are what started my search...they were beyond understanding...but I knew they were real...Now I am beginning to understand what I am and what I am to do further... Too many things have happened to me beyond explanation...I see, feel and know too many things...I have used several of the things I know...they seem to work..although like anything you can make mistakes that you must learn from...finding what I know externally doesn't seem to be going to well. I find items that further the ascension process but not really items I know in a written in a book or such..

    The hardest part for me is to communicate this I know how some of it sounds when it comes out... I also seem to be picking up on so much right now.. I am seriously thinking about starting a post to put it all in one place in hopes that it might make more sense in one place... I will defintely check out the links you have posted.

    Thank you for your insight and for sharing your experience as well.


  • GrayStar go back and read The Ascension 2012 start on 10 that will give you a ideal were i came in and some of the changes since then . Later Tooter

    This was wrote back in Febuary of 2009

    Please please listen i hope to God i am wrong you have nothing to loose if i am i was afraid Hatie was the start then i thought i was just going nuts and thinking what is wrong with me why am having these visions while i am awake i have known for several years this time was coming but when and what was involved i did not know just that it was going to be a very bad time there was going to be hunger and money will not buy you any thing remember Captain what i told you it did not make since to me why these things that i have felt guided to do all these years and now and to prepare for this time just to wind up getting a divorce i did not understand i have had these waking visions come to me over a period of a week over a year ago and i would be busy doing stuff and they would come and i wondered what is going on then it all came together i all most started crying what i seen .Right now i feel a urgency to do this now it has started and will be coming quick there will be a massive earth quake just west of Mexico city it will nearly destroy Mexico city the next one will split California in half i live around the DFW area of Texas and it will be on the coast New York will be gone half of Florida will be gone the great lakes will drain. I did nt know there had been a earth quake un till i read here and then this urgency hit Am i going nuts why am i getting these visions and to get extra food water dry foods every thing you would need in a blackout these feelings are almost unbearable God i hope i am wrong . DC

  • That was February of 2010 not 2009 Tooter

  • If you would like to start a thread to share these visions, I am having thde same kind of thin but in a knowing sense. Many are not quite ready for this part of the message as they are in other parts of the ascension process. I have moved beyond that fear as I know it is beyond my contorl and that I have a part to play in this 2012 and that is is better to take part willingly than to stand on the sidelines as abystander.

    Ill start a thread called Blue Rays as not to overwhelm others in the other stages. You are welcome to post these visions there..I know I will need to start posting some of what I see there as well as not to overwhelm while I try to put the separate puzzle pieces on this togetherf on what I am seeing..

  • GrayStar That would be great maybe you could help me to sometimes i wonder about the things i have seen ,but it has been a while since i have had a waking vision . Now i just get strong feelings and some times messages from Michael and Andrea .

    I have known for years my job would be here and to go threw this time and i also know the grid of Light will be like a highway to our conscientious and the crystals will be like our vehicle that guides us own the highway and GrayStar when i think of that moment of time it brings tears i have seen and felt the sorrow but i also know it is another beginning for many but my job will be here going threw it and right now i feel you will be to there are several from this sight that will be to . You ask about what kind of crystal Little GrandMother said just a clear natural crystal to wear around your neck and not to take it off and to get one for your loved ones .

    You know i ask my daughter to do this but her response was if it happens it happens she could not do anything about it they just think dad is nuts sometimes i wonder but i am still wearing my crystal and i don't take it off except to take a shower, but the simplest thing for me is just listen to my heart not my head and sometimes i get down when someone ask me what i am going to do this weekend i usually say just stay home then it hits me i don't have a home except this trailer ,but my home is Mother Earth so i have a big home LOL,I have no ties anymore i have been cut lose from every thing except this job now and it is just a means to sub stain me during this time . I do have some tools and stuff in storage and some food stored also i know there is a time coming for me to leave here and not tally doing it and there is a place i have been shown were to go when that time comes .

    Before i came up here to work i kept being drawn to that place at first i just enjoyed the drive there its a real pretty drive and the scenery there is real pretty the last couple of times i went there i ask my self what am i doing why do i have this pulling to keep coming here but i have never truly got a answer except it will be a place of safety, i don't know but i also get a felling it has a lot of power there what i don't know.

    Well i am glad you are starting a new tread and i am going to try and keep up with it ,its been hard to get rest and do what i need to do to take care of things here with my work i miss being able to talk and share regularly here but today i was going to try and go fishing just to be in nature so i will try and talk later it is so nice today i want to be outside and enjoy the sun.

    Love Tooter and yes i am glad if you want to call me Tooter

  • Tooter,

    I will reread your posts as well as going through most of the older Ascension posts. I plan on sharing what knowing comes forth in regards to the ascension process and the knowing about the 2012 as well. I hope by jotting it down in one place it will allow us an opportunity to share these experiences. One of the things I am being drawn to do is to further develop my intuitive or empathic skills and help others which several others on this sight feel will become more consistent with practice. I am a bit nervous about it, but if it is the universe's will for me to do this then it shall get easier with time. I'm just pretty slow at it and not sure if I am picking up on the more general things people were seeking or if I am just picking up on their more spiritual aspects. It's kind of a leap of faith I guess you would say and those are always kind of scary. It would be nice to hear about your journey as well as others in the ascension process.

    There are power spots in nature that tend to draw us more than others. I used to have a place in the forest in Tennessee that I enjoyed going. It always had such a peaceful feel to it. I miss going there as much. Have a nice weekend!


    Sometimes i run across things that i feel is important to me and maybe others so i try to share them Tooter

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