• Do you guys see these Deaths relating to the message we got yesterday about the Old passing away and being reborn? Wow! I was going to ask a favor for my bff but you may be too busy. If and whenever you have time, her name is Dot or Dorothy dob 06/02/67. She is always dreaming numbers that always come out in our local lottery, she missed the last 5 days in a row, which is a lot of money, last night she dreamed that something is buried in her back yard, her husband my be the culprit he is into Vodoo. Let me know if you get anything, I'm going to copy this for the other Psychics and see if they see anything. Thanks!

    Something/Someone is blocking her success, it happens too often to be natural.

  • bumpity

  • Her husband is blocking her success. Her association with someone who is into the dark side - there is something very bad buried in the yard indeed and also something hidden in the home - is dragging her down with him and surrounding her home with negativity and dark forces.

  • Wow she just told me in the dream she was sweeping the floor and going in the backyard and the Spirit said to her something is buried in the yard and she started digging it up and it was Dead lizards, snakes and other creepy reptiles and Spirit said don't touch it! And she jumped up our her sleep. Wow Captain Thanks!

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