You Guys Kill Me, All Of You! Lol [READ CAREFULLY]

  • PLEASE DON'T GET OFFENSIVE OR HURT BY WHAT "I HAVE TO SAY" these are only my opionions.

    You guys can be selfish and very greedy... so hungry to get a reading you forget the simple

    things such as a "hello, how are things going for you ?" even if you aren't a physchic, empath,

    clairvoyant ect. its okay to help someone on the site out without being so greedy and rude,

    and don't judge!..Sometimes I come on here to get away NOT LITTERALLY, but away from the people that can be so cold and rude in the REAL WORLD, to relate my feelings, my story & even to help and get help but then i find out its alot of people here on the site just ass rude..

    everyone expects something, what happend to meaningful conversation ? shhessh, i could always go to facebook if i want drama lol... we seem to all be here for what "i believe" a purpose

    obviously this isn't a site where you go to work & tell all your co-workers "hey go to & signup" because people feel they can actually express real problems here. & communicate about

    the divine and perhaps get in touch and get answers from our obsecure questions that alot of people in your everyday life might disapprove..

    And to the people who do give readings, I really enjoy you guys taking the time out to do this,

    but PLEASE you are not GOD.. its okay to hold a real conversation and relate as well! no one is perfect, we should be building eachother up ! encouraging & matter the situation and listening..

    some of the readers seem so far STUCK UP its a little scary to even ask for guidance, you might get picked apart by their psychic powers !

    my message is to say.. it's not always about the READINGS, or finding out when will you find TRUE LOVE, its about actually giving a open ear to someone, the world tear us down enough as is..i feel by building eachother up in a positive way can be much more positive, making someone day is way more essential. You guys can get a little crazy over these readings, shhesshh..

    what happend to real conversations ? and venting ? afterall, we aren't perfect lol.

    Well my message is to say, you can always come on any of my threads to vent, i'll be happy to pray for you, vent with you or just LISTEN. 😉

    blessings you guys.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Amen addictdtoriches, I agree with quenkath, you speak for many of us here. Sometimes I am astonished at the replies that are given, very cold and callous and NOT necessary. I am guilty of expressing myself in a manner that has been interpreted as judging but if read again, that was not the case.

  • Blessings for this! A friend and I were just discussing this yesterday...

    The truth should be certainly be spoken, but there is no need for harshness.

  • Sounds a lot like tis thread here addictedtoriches:

  • Well said and I could not agree more. Have a great day.

  • quenkath, thansk girl, someone had to say something. !

    i see it everytime im on here.

    Notshy, yes definetely ! its funny because when i first came to the site i had

    so many disputes with a few people on here [bonnie & clyde] if anyone remebers that

    and it got so out of hand, the admin. was on our tails everyday lol literally but i met so many

    supportive people and friends on here during that time, the drama just brung us closer, to realize hey,hese are everyday problems !, rather than misjudging.. acting like we in are so perfect with no problems lol. Notshy: that's what i admire about you you speak your mind ! sometimes its good and sometimes its bad but you say how you feel and it comes from the heart.. i really respect you for that , reading some of your threads on here i can see you are a genuine person. blessings,

    Jenlyn123, completely agree ! there's alot of unspoken harshness..

    that people dont even realize, its okay to want answers or ect. but no need to

    be harsh, and i've seen some pretty harsh things on here ! since i've made my account..

    alot of the users that used to come on have GONE BYE-BYE because of the harshness.

    blessings to you, & goodluck with your readings.


    Yes, your thread couldn't have said it any better and those are the questions

    that people generally ask ! & tend to get so upset when they don't get a answer..

    i feel you on that one, its like if your going into a relationship with all these con's

    perhaps he's married. how far do you think it can go ? & everyone can't accept

    REAL feedback without not getting angry ect, which sucks for the reader.

    im happy you created your thread too, so true ! blessings.

    shuabby, thank you, you have a great day as well.

  • Yea it kinda dried out LOLOLOL

  • I'm new to these forums (been on maybe two weeks); but I've seen a lot of harshness. I've been harsh once, in a tough love kind of way. And made certain that the person looking for help knew I was coming from a place of compassion and deep concern.

    I have offered advice/opinions from mostly a personal perspective - and perhaps have been too excited about the potential for "free" psychic advice in the beginning. What I have found here is another outlet for me to connect with very good people, who are in need of compassion and understanding. This is my highest form of study in life: to remain open and compassionate regardless of the context of the post. It's not always easy to remain non-judgmental...if I can't, then I don't jump in on a thread.

    It would be nice if others here followed the same logic; but this is a mere microcosm of the world. There will always be those who are suckers for punishment, and those who love to dole it out. They seem so high-and-mighty, make no sense with their "readings", and are cruel to the querent...can't understand why anyone would want a reading from these types...

    And then there are the ego maniacs who want to "own" a thread - and deny access to anyone else with a differing view or vision from helping the individual who posted in the first place.

    At the end of the day, this is a forum board. It is a unique forum board with predominantly gifted, compassionate individuals seeking a higher spiritual connection, or greater knowledge. We are all blessed with the synchronicity that has brought us here. Some of us might not appreciate that; but it needn't deter the rest of us from doing that which we are here to do.

    All the best,

    Wild Places

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