Sag in my life

  • i'm cancer sun,virgo moon,leo rising why am i so attracted to saggitarians

  • That dang free spirit... Maybe you want to loosen up that much. And maybe it scares you too much to let go that much. It's kind of like the goody two-shoes always wants to run off with the 'one your mother warned you about.' LOL!

  • I am a Taurean and Sag is soooo bad for me but I am totally besotted with a Sag man who made loads of hopefuly comments and now has gone quiet but stillIi hope and pray that maybe one day..... ooo I Tarot says he has been hurt he is confused he is thinking he has been overwhelmed by his feelings but he will have a relationship with me in the summer so I live on in hope maybe your sign is more compatable with Sag than mine?

  • Sag and taurus are not the least compatible of signs..... But be careful we change our lovers like the wind changes directions, if there is not enough there to keep us interested. I hope if your summer fling happens that it'll last more than the summer....

  • Ahh but what I said wasmy tarot said we would have a relationship in the summer it didnt say it would only last for the summer............

    I know we are not compatible but that is kindof the point....!! I give up on you guys... I really do!!

  • Shoot I'm an Aries and I'm attracted to a Sag girl that I haven't even met yet. The cards said there will be some loving this summer and I really hope it's with her. It also said that there will be some deeper stuff in October for the Aries so hopefully it will be more than just a summer fling :).

  • Hey if the Tarot is right it will be a lot of summer loving for you and the Sag lady and me and the Sag man hmm when does the summer officially start?? Keep me posted.... would love to know if your Tarot comes true..... hope so...

  • Well the summer officially starts for me when I'm done with my last exam which is in about 3 weeks for me lol. I will keep you posted because I would love for it to come true! 🙂

  • Jtron

    I will pray for you that your tarot (and mine come true)

    Did you know that on the net there is a wish site and you can place a wish.. apparently it has brilliant success rate?

    Let me know if you cant find it its cool I have tried it once before and it did make my wish come really did........ in fact if you google 'wishes 'it might come up anyway if not i will tell you where it is l

  • Thanks for your Prayers! I found the site and I felt kinda hokey putting it in there but I did and we shall see. If it does come true I will be extremely happy!

  • You found the wish site.... its kool isnt it?? I love the way the doors close on your wish etc.... I have also posted a wish on there so let me know if yours comes true I would love to know as it seems to have a great success rate??

    Also you can buy Indian Wishing Pots. I bought 2 years ago and you have to write down your wish sign it and date it. Well I did actually forget that I had put wishes in those pots until I moved house 2 years ago. Guess what BOTH wishes had come true one came true about 4 months after I wrote it the other 3 years after.... try it and see??

    Happy wishing!

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