Aries needs love advice!!

  • Hey guys:)

    I'm new to this forum, but I've always been into tarot and numerology and so I've decided to ask for advice from some "experts" !

    I've just ended a one year relationsship with my ex-bf last weekend .. (born 24/09/90).. things didnt work out anymore ive felt much more mature than him.. concerning the fact that im almost a year younger.. also i live in a different country now for one year and 3-months of a long distance relationship didnt help out mending the problems that already appeared in july/august.

    Anyway ive met this guy about a month ago in a bar and i saw him again about 2 weeks ago, we talked, even danced together.. i really felt that there's a connection but i dont know his name.. he doesnt have fb (all of his other friends have 😞 .. and i didnt have the courage to ask for his cell number.. so I really would like to know if im going to see this guy again.. or if im going to meet anybody else in the near feature.. because I'm craving for love and a new relationship or just a bit of recognition from someone of the opposite sex!!!

    As already mentioned I'm an Aries female born...12/04/1991 (12th april 1991) and btw English is not my first language so please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes!!

    Much love,

    Tatum 😃

  • Tatum, you need to ask yourself why you are craving "just a bit of recognition from someone of the opposite sex!!" There could be a connection with your childhood - maybe you are searching for a father-figure who will give you the care and attention you didn't have when you were young. But it never works to seek a parental substitute for a partner - you need an equal adult relationship. You can't be an eternal child. So work to resolve your issues about recognition first before looking for a partner, or you may draw very dominating people to you who will treat you like a child or make you dependent on them for their own purposes.

    From your atstrological profile, it says that what you really want is an environment where you can feel safe, doted on, cared for and protected - some place where you feel truly accepted and where you fit in. To do this, you must provide it for yourself and not expect someone else to provide it for you. You must take charge of creating what you need because no one else can know exactly what you need better than you. By pursuing a goal that energizes you, or by finding an ideal set of principles that builds your self-respect, you will develop feelings of belonging in whatever circumstances you find yourself. You need to find a focus beyond your scattered emotional needs and those of the people around you. When you bring yourself into alignment with a higher principle or spiritual belief, you will feel protected and nurtured.

    You are blessed with the natural inclination to fire even your most mundane endeavours with passion, dedication, and enthusiasm. You are here to find and study with a mentor, laying claim to an area of expertise and developing a talent or skill to the level of mastery. You have the potential to become a total dynamo - a CEO/leader/boss/governor/chef/landscaper or designer/entertainer/fireman/mum and dad combined, or whatever. But there is a pull in you between the dependable competent professional and the weak or dependent child that must be dealt with for success in both work and relationships. You can never recreate that 'perfect family in your head' in real life because perfection doesn't exist. But you can make a success of yourself as an independent, do-it-yourself achiever. Whatever your calling, you will doubtless approach your time of apprenticeship with openness and a willingness to draw on the wisdom and talents of those who are able to guide you towards greater independence. In fact you would do well not to go overboard in a tendency to make yourself indispensable, thus failing to further your development in order to feel needed. This tendency too comes from your neglected childhood and your fear of abandonment. Put your past behind you and work for your future. Your intensely positive attitude is sure to carry you over any rough spot on your life journey and, if you are careful to exercise good timing and go out on your own when the times comes, all will go brilliantly for you.

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