Has Anyone Tried the Yes or No Tarot Spread on this Site?

  • I tried this spread for the first time with my free karma coins (thanks Candy Hunt!) but I'm having a difficult time trying to put all the cards in perspective. It's not a regular spread where each position has a certain meaning but I can tell all the cards are directly on point with my question (provided I use the Should I or Shouldn't I precursors.)

    I found how to do the spread with real cards on Mary Greer's blog but she didn't create the spread. She just found it in an old tarot magazine and the mag didn't give any guidance on how to read the cards. If you get a No or Maybe No (delay) answer, how would you read the cards that are in the other positions to find out why the answer is no? Supposedly if the answer is Yes, you don't need to look at the other cards. That seems a little off to me since all the cards are telling a story.

    Any suggestions?

  • I never tried it, no. When I do yes and no readings I pick only one or two cards. I try to keep it as simple as possible. After I find out the answer I do another spread for further info.

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