Hi Blmoon :)

  • I hate to just drop in on you on the forum like this but I just need your advice on this guy at my job I am interested in at my job. He asked me to hangout with him tonight but I didnt and decided to go elsewhere. I am little nervous and ready to try something new but I am terrified of getting things blown up in my face. Im going to take it slow but a little weary lol. He is a Sag (I know he loves his freedom) my rising sign is Sag if that helps (Sun Taurus Rising Sag Mars Aries Moon Cancer). He seems really cool but I hope he isnt just trying to play with my head. He seems to like me but I dont know if he is just being friendly but I feel he really does like me the way I like him.

    I just wanted to know your feel on him just to get a balanced opinion?

  • Hi Asia,

    I realise you've asked for Blmoon's input here, but I saw it and decided to answer. Hope that's okay!

    You are letting your fears get in the way of diving into something new and making it WORK. You feel that you are hopeless in relationships and that they are all going to end in you being hurt, disappointed and having your head "mucked with".

    Yes, Sag's love their freedom. But so do you. You need to learn to value yourself and your own feelings and needs.

    He is being friendly! He wants to hang out with you, but I don't feel he wants anything serious just yet. Like you, he wants to have a bit of fun with someone, laugh a lot and see where it goes from there. I think your refusal to "hang out" with him hurt him a little, but he went off and did his own thing anyway. I can see him shaking his head and asking himself "what's her problem?"

    If he asks again, why not say yes and go and have a good time. Try to stop worrying about a serious relationship for now. The relationship that has hurt you has left a scar on you, and if allowed, will run deep, causing you to always feel that relationships are about pain and heartache.

    So, in a nutshell, my main message to you is: Go with the flow, have another go, and try to change your expectations from "this is going to disappoint me" to "this is going to be fun".

    I hope this helps!



  • Thank you Moon50 and you are right I need to stop being such a worry toad and just go with the flow. I told him I would need to hang out with him a little bit more before going our late with him only because I didn't really know him. He said he respected that and said we can go somewhere else, I said movies and he said cool. He gave me his number and went out.

    The next day (yesterday to be exact) he talked to me but not really flirting with at all, we were kind of busy today but when he had some down time we really barely talked, even though I really wanted to.

    Is he still interested?

    When is the best time to call him and ask to hangout (I dont want to seem clingy-I am relatively new to dating)?

  • I feel he has something on his mind at the moment.

    As to the "best time" to call or whatever, allow your own intuition to guide you there. You will know when the time is right 🙂

  • Thank yoiu Moon 50. I think I will just do that especially since I can't find the paper with his number on it-I was going to log it in my phone this morning-but it is nowhere to be found so I might just have to ask him for the number again.

  • Well then ... there's your "in" :))

  • Thanks Moon 50 Your AWESOME :)))))

  • Hey Moon50-Back again :)))

    I believe I work with my crush this Saturday or Sunday. I will ask for his number again and possibly ask him out-since I turned his invite down (at first I said yes but then I decided not to because it was late and I didnt know him to well, I said maybe elsewhere).

    I wondering-

    How would I seem if I asked him out-will he be up for it?

    Will he ask me out or will it be mutual?

  • Asia,

    I can't see the answer to those questions, sorry! Sometimes, you need to approach a situation without knowing the outcome, otherwise you wouldn't bother in the first place.

    By all means though, ask for his number again 🙂

    Good luck!



  • Your right Moon50-I feel like that might be better-sometimes being anxious is a great thing. I really excited to see what unfolds.

    Thanks a lot, Moon50 and as I said earlier YOU ROCK :)))

    Love,light and many blessings.....

  • Thank you, and to you :))

  • Hey Moon50, Im going to ask day after tomorrow (if he is there-I feel he more than likely will be). Getting more and more anxious by the day. I feel like it'll go great just a little nervous. Any advice?

  • Go with it. Nerves are normal, particularly when you are the one making the first move, so to speak 🙂

    Good luck

  • Thanks, I really appreciate it.

  • Hey Moon! So I tried it and feel so rejected to be honest with you. I think I going to just worry about not dating and be comfortable being by myself. Sometimes I think I was just born to be alone and cruise by......

    I dont mean to be negative just venting.

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