I don't know what do to anymore.

  • I feel as if I should just vanish but I'm the type that likes to know things. I like closure, explanations rather than have ppl simply vanish. What's the reason a libra can be less and less responsive? It pushes my buttons.

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  • What is her full bithdate and yours? (including the year)?

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  • i agree with quenkath.

  • TIA, this can work for marriage or a long-term love relationship if inherent problems are dealt with and resolved satisfactorily. There is a well-spring of energy between you that can either be used constructively or simply left to flood out of control. Thus this matchup may be characterised as a continuous struggle on the part of your girlfriend to harness your irrepressible energies. If you are successful, and the necessary discipline is imposed, you can be highly effective in bringing your Aquarian energy to a wider public; in the best-case scenario, the result is a merger of your girlfriend's technical know-how and your creativity. If you are unsuccessful, battles between you will rage, with neither side prepared to compromise. In a love affair, there is a hint of the kind of idiosyncrasy of which you two are capable. Unusual, even peculiar practices may well emerge here, which you two may accept as normal but which society, if made aware of them, would frown on as kinky or bizarre. No matter how far you two are apt to explore less-travelled roads, however, you rarely cause any serious harm, either to yourselves or others. Your pursuits are not restricted to the physical plane by any means but may well emerge in intellectual or even spiritual practices. You two often flaunt an unsual style, whether it be in looks, clothing, musical tastes or sexual preference. Marriage here is often based squarely on one such field of practice, which may involve an ideology or a social or political group to which this relationship devotes its energies. Ultimately in this relationship, you will want your friend to stop playing a commanding role (as she tends to do) and treat you as an equal. The resulting combination may prove more effective than before.

    Your friend has a fear of domination and is very freedom-loving and rebellious and can lack responsibility towards other people. Issues with authority and a tendency to waste her energies on petty or irrelevant concerns can hold her back from being the trailblazer of her destiny. Until she learns to accept her own capacity to make mistakes, a great deal of gossip and tongue-wagging may accompany her lifestyle. She can also overload her life with an excess of mere 'busyness' and activity. She must learn to laugh at herself. Before she finds her life partner, she will probably go through a series of brief love affairs that will teach her how to be more responsible to another person. People who want to be involved with her must be open and honest and never go back on their given word, since integrity and ethics is so important to her. An easy give-and-take relationship is the one that will suit this difficult, discriminating individual best. There will be times when she needs solitude and to be in nature to calm her often volatile emotions, and she can find her truth in the simplicity and the silence.

    TIA, you can have a big problem with trust and often feel like a victim due to your deeply sensitive nature. You may cover up your soft underbelly with a hard shell of cool objectivity and ostensible rationality, but in this lifetime you are being asked to reveal yourself to others and thereby to become more balanced, mature, and psychologically whole as you learn to integrate your inner and outer realities. Self-protective in the extreme, you may experience the betrayal of your trust many times until you learn to trust yourself and your own judgment and to be a better judge of character. You must guard against cynicism or intolerance that can arise from personal disappointments. Though you can believe yourself to be kind and compassionate in more universal ways, you may nevertheless prefer not to have some of your best qualities put to the test in real life. But the world has need of your sensitivity and caring. You have a fondness for abstraction and a tendency to withdraw into 'principles' when in fact emotions are at issue. Still, if you can indulge your need for affection and understand that a sense of nonattachment need not exist at odds with honesty, integrity and confidence, you will be able to form mature relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust, rather than need or fear.

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  • Just had to chime in here: I just ended a relationship that could have succeeded and our birthdates are SO similar (not in year, but day): me, Feb 7th, he, Sept. 26th. I believe that has us all in the same Decanantes of the same Sun Signs.

    Anyways, one of the biggest issues I brought to the table as an Aqua with Mercury in Aqua and Moon in Cancer, was a constant need to discuss EVERY little thing. As well, Aries Asc., so I could get very pushy about the need to talk NOW. He was the most emotionally available partner I had been with, and a great communicator as well. However, when we encountered incredible stressors back-to-back in our relationship - we didn't learn how to make adaptations to our communication styles. Inevitably, seeking the time and space to come back with a balanced perspective, he appeared to me to detach emotionally - and/or not care about issues. Which, unfortunately, resulted in my pushing my own agenda harder. This had everything to do with a lack of self-esteem at the time. He inevitably stopped caring about the issues, and my fears became a reality; because who can care about someone's feelings/issues who is too selfish to see the other's?

    Things only disintegrated to a point much worse - and sadly, we were never able to resolve conflicts again. This is a lot of personal information - and a cautionary tale. If you are in deep pursuit - you might be falling into the same pitfall I did. Have no idea - only you can know that for sure.

    I can tell you I'm not sure it can get much better than this pairing ~ time just has to be on your side, or else it's abominable.

    Wild Places

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  • I'm afraid your friend needs much more life experience before she will be good at love relationships.

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