LibrasLair or anyone - Dreams???What do you think?

  • Hey LibrasLair - just wondering what you would make of this. You know the whole story about me and my Cancer...well most of it anyways - LOL! I had this strange real-life, real-time dream about this and I'm not quite sure what to make of it. My sister and i have always been "intuitive" when it comes to our dreams and we have listened to what people say in our dreams (when we actually have them) but this one - I'm questioning whether it's my own subconscience telling me what I want to hear.

    Bottom line is - Last night I had this dream that my ex's SISTER (whom I NEVER talk to) came over to my house. She was driving his truck - said her hubby was paying the payments on it for a couple of months so they could use it to move. Then told me that she wanted to pick up Pat's stuff. Then we started talking and she wanted to show me her new house. I told her I'd grab my stuff and she said - no - just ride with me. So I did and we talked the whole way. She asked me what happened between us and I told her that I got insecure, I accused him of flirting with other women and I was afraid of losing him, I chased after him and I eventually pushed him away (short story). I then told her that it's ok - I'm ok and I'm moving on; he moved on from me along time ago. She tells me - yea - he did move on but what do you think happened. I told her I thought he probably was keeping me on the back burner until something worked out better with someone else - I figure he's probably with someone else already. She says - yes - again he's moved on - but not in the way you think. she then says - it isn't what you think it is. I think you need to call him. How long has it been? You really need to call him. i asked her well if he didn't find someone else, then what happened. she started telling me something about him, his best friend and his former roommate Lisa, but instead of it being crystal clear - it was like a cell phone cutting in and out. All I got (after asking her twice and the same info was cut each time), was something about he and Steve, Lisa something, paying the mortgage, can't afford to and so that's why you need to call.

    Before I forced myself to wake up, I was just looking at her while she kept repeating You need to call him, just call him.

    WTF?? I haven't really thought about him for a few days - things have been going great. Even when we were together or even weren't talking - I never had dreams about him or anyone related to or with him in it period. i have always trusted my intuition, but for some reason this one just struck me as weird - especially since my fine tunings are so off right now. I don't know whether to trust it or not.....either way - I told her I wasn't going to call him.

  • Paulaj I am not one who gets messages in dreams. I hear the urgency that you were getting in this dream. I can tell you when I get messages and I am awake and they are pushing me hard to make a call its because time is of the essence. That if I don't make that call quick they won't be home. So you may have to make this decission on your own. But if it were me I think I would talk to your sister and she may be able to give you some help. Me I think I might make the call and tell him you only did it because of a dream sounding like he needed to hear from you for some reason that your not sure about. If he already knows you get messages in dreams then he may or may not talk to you. I really don't know. What do you loose as long as your strong right now and can hold it together for the call. Surround yourself with the white light and ask that this doesn't bother you to talk to him. You will have to keep doing it so you can hold the light. I wish I was more help.

  • It's interesting. I had a dream about my Cancer about a month ago. I had the dream on a Saturday night and hadn't seen or talked to him in a couple weeks. He sorta just 'popped' in there when I was dreaming about other things. He was sitting in a chair while I walked around him, he turned his head and gave me a warm smile. He then said, "I'll see you in two weeks". I awoke REALLY wierded out, because I don't think I'd ever had a dream that gave me a time frame of when something would happen. So I went along with my life, thinking "see you in 2 weeks? what is that?? whatever".Sure enough that second week I went out with a friend after work on a Thursday night. I wasn't really that confident to be social, I looked cute, but work cute lol. My friend was being super out going and confident and was at the bar socializing, while I was in the seating area eating. While I was looking for her, I spot my Cancer's best friend- I litterally STARED for a minute. Then I see my Cancer walk in! It was the most RANDOM encounter. "Of all the bars in the city, he walked into mine...". So my dream wasn't too far off. I think dreams most of the time are your subconsious working through things, but when something REALLY affects you when you wake up- there's some truth to it.

    It's weird, but I've been extremely intuitive with my Cancer. One day before planning on going out later that night, I was shopping at BeBe 'cause it was the last day I could use my bonus points to save. I see this dress in a gorgeous pink color that flattered my skin tone and the last one- I had to try it on! As soon as I put in on and saw myself in the mirror I suddenly thought, "He's going to see you in this". Now it had been about a week and a half after we decided not to see eachother for the time being. And it was a Friday and he works Friday nights. I couldn't afford the dress but something told me to. I thought it was wierd that I had thought that he'd see me in that dress... perhaps sometime in the future... but it nagged me all day. So I got dressed up for the night and decided to stop over at his work (a nice restaurant in a mall) before I go out, cause I figured he works Friday night and he's going to see me in this dress?". Bold move, but that thought had been nagging me. I stopped by with a friend, but it turned out he took the night off. I thought, "what the ----? Why would I think he'd see me in this??". So my friend and I headed out to my usual spot. Sure enough that night, he stops by my usual lounge spot with his best friend and cousin (he was taking his cousin from out of town, bar hopping)! Strangest day of my life.

  • Hi, The impression I got from your first couple of posts is that the break-up was somewhat sudden and you thought you'd hear from him. I don't think that you've had closure. Also, he wasn't doing too well financially. There is a sense of urgency about the dream. What frightens me is the sound going inaudible. He might be headed towards danger. Or the direction that he is headed, may not be the right one. If this is right, I would only call to tell him about the dream. How did you feel while having the dream. Were you in disbelief, shocked, calm.

  • Dalia - when I had the dream I was calm and She was calm in talking to me - it was like an everyday conversation. But towards the end I was yelling at her that I couldn't understand what she said and to tell me one more time. Her response was that she had already told me everything, she wasn't going to tell me again and that he really needs to hear from me. It was so bizarre - she started getting angry with me because I didn't understand what she was saying and started yelling at me to call. She just kept saying over and over he needs to hear from you - you have to call him. It was at that point that I forced myself to wake up.

    I never got the impression that he's in danger, but I know that something happened. Whether he and his friend got in a fight that's unrepairable, he lost his house, something happened to his former roommate - I don't know, but it wasn't like he himself was in danger.

    I have had a bad feeling about him before - not a dream though. When we were first dating (w/o a dream) I woke up one morning and had this horrible feeling som,ething bad was going to happen. I called him when I woke up and asked him what he was doing that weekend and he said he and Steve were going to tahoe. I told him I was just feeling uneasy and they just need to be really careful and BE SAFE. He laughed at me, but he told me later that he didn't get in a car with anyone who had been drinking - so I know he listened.

    I still haven't called and I haven't had anymore dreams so maybe the urgency has passed - maybe missed opportunity, but if I have another one - i will definitely call him.

  • Libraslair, Karmacutie and Dalia - thanks for your insight. I talked to my sister about it and she just laughed at me and said well then - call!!! I'm actually kind of scared to........I didnm't have any closure with this, but guys don't think like that, in fact in the dream she told me he had moved on, so I know now that I'm not even on the radar anymore..........

  • Lake Tahoe huh. Oh just thinking about where your Its your call but you could be right it maybe a missed opportunity. That's exactly what I meant about time being of the essence. I was hounded to call a friend and talk to her and I kept telling her mom she works today. Wrong she was home but getting ready to go out the door to bingo. Well you know yourself best and its your call. Good luck. I'm behind you, you are stronger and looking to your future. Way to go.

  • Thanks again Libras Lair - yea - i'm a Caligirl. Not much of a state to live in right now though - we are the highest taxed state and have the highest unemployment - last time I checked. Not a Golden State after all..........

  • The way I see it, you don't have anything to lose by calling him. Maybe some embarrassment? Psh, you can get over that. But regret is hard to get over.

  • I grew up in Torrance and moved to San Diego in 79'. Lived there over 20 years. Tell me about it, thats why I lived. It got too crowded and too expensive. Don't like the fast pace anymore. Best wishes its very hard to live there anymore. My son is still in San D. He lost his house and still can't find full time work. He is lucky to get part time under the table right now. My family moved there from Ok. when I was 4. Love the weather don't like the rest of it. Take care.

  • Yea - I lived in Socal for 8 yrs. Probably THE WORST years of my life. too many people and most of them were RUDE and I had to deal with the Santa Ana winds. The last year I lived there, I almost had a semi fall on top of my car while driving home from work - 120 mph winds. Decided to take the back roads home and passed 13 semis that thought the same thing - only they had all toppled on their sides. I moved shortly after that - LOL - and it's been about 9 yrs. I'm now looking to move to Idaho, but I need to pay off some bills before I do that - I make decent money here and it isn't comparable over take care too!

  • Paulaj your going to pay high heating bills when you make that move. When you live in Ca. and you didn't have to use air conditioning and you only need heat a couple of mornings its a shock when you move where you get a $275 utility bill and that may be one of your lower ones. I wasn't ready for that. And like you said the wages aren't high to compensate for that. Well you will also have to learn to get around in really deep snow. Hope you have 4X. But have fun making snowmen. At least they don't give you any trouble. lol

  • LIbraslair! - You are so funny! Well at least I can say that I'm used to high bills - my town owns their own utility plant so they jack up the prcies whenever they sneeze - my last bill was $356 for one month!

    Snowmen sound great! I can mold them into whatever I want them to be without ever having to worry about them trating me like crap - and THEN I can tear them down and rebuild them!!!

  • I don't have anything on you! Your pretty funny yourself. Yes I really like the building them up and melting their hearts. LOL Well then you won't have to call for a paramedic when its time to read your utilitys, wait I may have something there! Think about it. LOL

  • I'm on it right now......hello 911??? yea - my um....yea - bill........(thud)..........

  • No Paulaj I was talking about the melting hearts. LOL Not the bill. LOL

  • Oh - darn - I was thinking about hunkyparamedics coming to my rescue.......but melting hearts will work - i've done it before....LOL!!!!!!

  • Oh are you sneaky?

  • Go read my last post on AllThings Libra

  • Got it - and I sent you something from mine.....I read some of what you wrote in all things libra - My Gosh have you had a wild ride with your health! You are definitely a special person and I am very grateful youre here with us!!!!! you have such a positive attitude - it's amazing. I wish you many more years of being cancer free!!!!

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