Hi watergirl 18... dont know if you still do reading

  • Hi watergirl18,

    I had a reading from you about this cancer guy maybe a month ago and was wondering if you could help me out again? So after asking him about what relationship we are in, we finally met up just few days ago and was just wondering will we be able to just meantain the relationship that we have at this moment or this can be the end of it?

    if you can help out that will be really great

    my dob is sep 12 1985

    his is jul 12 1979

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • thanks watergirl18. I am just confuse a little lately becuase he has open up to me lately telling me his thought about me and his life. But im getting mix answer everytime. He contradict his thoughts and words a lot when talking about me, him and what he wants for life. So i guess just like you say I need to live my life for myself now and not think about him too much and see how things take me to.

    may i ask you one more question do you see him getting marry soon? he has been talking about it a lot lately. ( i know this girl might not be me but just would like to know )

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