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  • Can someone please tell me a little about Scorpio men? This is the one sign that I have had NO dealings with whatsoever. I am a Gem and am very attracted to Scorpio man that I have now met twice. How do you know if they are interested and what are their personalities like?

  • I'm a Scorpio female and I'm pretty true to my astro sign. I'm very up front with my interests. I will be bold with them. Contacting them, looking for them in a place I know that they are usually at, etc. People think that we are complicated but I tell them that we are just complex! LOL But when we're interested in someone, we will pursue you like no other!! LOL

    So tell us what has happened so far.

  • Met him at a Labor Day picnic, actually the last 2 years, 1st year I was dating someone else. This year we were introduced again, good conversation, laughter, in a group but definately good chemistry, asked me and my daughter to sit with him at the fire. The friend's whose home we were at on Labor Day asked both of us out this past weekend, the husband said, "he got us to the same place at the same time, the rest was up to us", very understandable. Again, great conversation among all of us, lots of laughter, small amount of flirting, more on my side, but still some contact. He paid for my dinner, that I did not expect. When we all left, it was very hurried we all went our separate ways to our cars, no mention of exchanging phone numbers, see each other again, but it was all done so quickly amongst the four of us, I'm not sure of what any of us were thinking at the time. MY THOUGHT though is, would you by dinner for someone you weren't interested in considering this was NOT a true date???

  • Hmmm, I don't spend money on anyone unless they mean something to me on some level. We can be chivolrous. I will say this, DO NOT pursue this man!!! Let him chase YOU!!! We love the thrill of the chase!!! It's the excitement, some people call it drama but I beg to differ!! Seems to me like he's intrigued by you but is still sizing you up. Maybe you should call your mutual friend and tell them that you had a wonderful time with them and getting to know Scorpio man, that way I'm sure they will tell him and he will know that you're interested and he will pursue you by getting your contact info from mutual friend.

  • Thank you so much for your insight. I will definately take this to heart. Do you know anything about Gem/Scorp compatibility? I have read conflicting information.

  • His moon sign would be great to know. I'm not sure. I will say this: we don't like games, wishy washyness and we like to have control over our relationships. We're borderline neurotic about things we believe in, whether it be other people or our convictions. You either embrace that quality about us or you don't. If you can't begin to understand why we are the way we are, then the road to "loverville' is doomed for both parties.

  • I'd just second Scorp72's advice to keep him on the hunt; but when he reaches you - keep signs of interest out there. Just dated a Scorpio who I was incredibly charmed by, and the more interest I have in someone, the more time I want to spend with them...which, ironically, has to do with my fear of commitment.

    Logically, he could have paid for your meal simply because he's a chivalrous man - or it could be more. Strange he didn't ask for your number...but my experience has taught me that these guys like to put up some smoke and mirrors. It's like a veil of pretense that weeds out those who aren't trustworthy. And as far as constant contact goes; they can definitely appreciate your needs if you put them out there - but will still maintain their need for space. If you push it - you will send him running.

    I threw mine for a loop when I figured out that our combo had the potential to make me completely bat-s**t crazy; and suggested we slow down to a place of friendship. I think he felt really burned because he was more interested in being with me then he'd let on. Also, I enjoy my friends and contact with them as much as potential lovers. He pulled far far away. We finally had an honest discussion about it - and now he's dating (seriously) someone else. Hopefully he's happy with her and it's all for the best.

    Sounds like we're meant to be friends after all...but when I told him how I really felt about him (deeply) ~ I picked up an energy of disappointment with the whole state of affairs. C'est L'a Vie.

  • PS - I just met another Scorp man on Saturday whom I was incredibly attracted to; but once I found out he was a Scorpio, I reminded myself to take a step back from the pursuit. I was my free, fun-loving Aquarian self; and let him pursue me, follow me, and watch other men drool on themselves as I danced the night away while he stood back and watched. This angle definitely worked - as I regularly checked in with him and let him know they could watch, but while I was free as a bird, I was charmed by his quiet, Scorp charisma. Would've ended the night with him, had he not been in character so well: The Dude from "The Big Lebowski".

    Ended up walking away from his crowd of friends at the final end of the night as he stumbled down drunk...sure to see him around our tiny town. Who knows what happens then. He was one sexy Dude until that point.


  • I will say this as well...we rarely completely trust someone! We are constantly analyzing what you do and say with a fine tooth comb as to your motives behind words and actions. You have to be extremely clear with us. Don't ever say one thing and do another, BIG MISTAKE (Juiia Roberts in Pretty Woman on Rodeo Drive tone of voice)!!! lol We love consistency!!! The more consistant you are with us, the less we have to question your motives...leads to us trusting you. And by trusting you, I mean trusting you with our TRUE selves and us letting you know how we truly feel about you. But trust this, if we are slightly interested, you will definately know! 🙂

  • Wildplaces---lmao!!! Us Scorpios are very intriguing and mysterious, aren't we?? 😜 I LOVE being a Scorpio!!! It's so much fun keeping people on their toes sometimes with our mysterious, magical ways! Hehehehehe

  • Unfortunately, we are not with our friends together at the same time very often. I feel bad because I don't think I even had the chance to thank him for dinner/drinks. I thought about just sending a "card" yes and actual card because I can get his address since I don't have phone or email. Just thanking him for Saturday, had a nice time, yada yada, yada, if he would want to get together at some other point, here is my number...Thoghts???

  • NO!!!!!!!! He would view that as CHASING him!!! Make HIM be the HUNTER!!! Just tell your mutual friends that you enjoyed the meeting and let them tell him.

  • Just read the latest posts - Scorp72 - you are all divine creatures. I completely am in love with Scorpios! Particularly for the challenge you all engage within me to recognize my own limitations when I find myself frustrated. It's an opportunity to truly love someone so completely - and acknowledge with such honesty my own flaws, fears, and graces!

    And AMWL (Sorry, your handle is really long!) I completely concur...being a hopeless romantic, I thought to charm and do the same kind of sappy stuff with the Scorp I mentioned earlier. I instantly was (I do this a lot) talking to you (to myself) "no, no, no, no, no"...with some mild finger-wagging as well. This will be a turn-off to him, and send him running.

    Let him pursue, and if you're up for it - follow his lead. Don't be afraid to be authentic, just don't come on too strong - share that s**t with your girls - or here when you're going outta your mind.

    ; )

  • Thank you so much! I hate having all "these people" in my head (Gemini). I can't figure out which direct I am to follow. I am the utmost of the romantics and know there is SOMEONE out there, Only when and where is the question.

  • AMWL - I'm laughing out loud right now to your post...I'm Aquarian, with no Gemini in my chart; but I've got loads of tracks/"people" in my head too! It's a gift and a burden to be an Air sign. It can be hard to connect with our emotions and our intuition. I thank the stars everyday for my Moon in Cancer - and force myself to let my emotions run to the wild places (hence, the handle).

    Just let it lie, and meanwhile, occupy yourself with a new study, hobby, or friends. He and the situation will remain on your mind, as well as countless possible solutions. But fortunately, you haven't anyway to get in touch with him and screw things up. The Universe is actually gracing you in this way. You have no option but to let it lie, or become that crazy stalker chick ; ).

    When you see him again, openly talk with him about getting together the two of you mano-e-mano, and you'll know where he stands.

    Best ~ and if you ever need an extra voice in your head - find me on the forums!

    Wild Places

  • I can interject a bit here about sending your scorpio friend a thank you note. If you send him a note at all - just say "Things broke up so quickly the other night , I just wanted to thank you for dinner as I did not have the chance at the time." Nothing more. This way you are just saying thank you but not giving him any more information. Not implying that you are interested in him. Nothing.

    I have a Scorpio friend I am fond of and he complimented me on a couple of letter that I wrote to him but everytime I do write him a letter or a note, I expect there to be silence for a while. I can be quite verbose and, even though he is very well read and also writes, I think he tends to read "too much" between the lines. (Ah the Scorpio tendency to try to figure out the puzzle).

    If you only write 1 line, he may get even more curious.

  • Hi, I was wondering if you couldhelp me, please give me insight on what this scorpio of mine is thinking and doing please tell me.

    Well here it goes.... i have know this scorpio guy for many years but he was married and has two little boys but knew him through family and hi hello and that and we know all his family, well lest year his wife died which was very upsetting... this year end of August we were at two weddings we were both attending he was being very friendly with me and started to get close but i didnt think anything of it i didnt realise what he was doing to be honest and then he started texing me and after that we got involved how it happened i dont know we also see each other every week at this congregation we go to, well he was on text to me 24/7 on my case asking everything where im going, who with, why and all that and even asking me if i ve ad breakfast lunch and dinner every day and said he wanted to get to know me i said fine as i started to like him..... he then asked me if down the line we wanted to get married would it bother me as he has two kids I said NO and then he said what about my parents (by the way i am an indian and our parents have to agree to marriage aswell) I told him they would never accept. Even after that we still continued as i couldnt back off and he was still on my case and when he wouldnt see me he would be missing me and saying this on his texts he would also say to me " you will end up falling in love with so be carefull lol" also what was strange when he was swimming lessons with his kids for few hours and i wouldn text he would say "did you not miss me"and things like that then he wanted to meet up and we decided a day, day before we were going to meet up he cancelled it saying that " i dont think we should meet as if down that line we want to get married we cant coz of my parents and we would both end up hurt" so he broke it off I said fine, he didnt text me and i didnt text him after a week we saw each other at the congregation that we go to and he then sent me a text afterwards saying " it was nice to see me today and that he didnt realise how much he missed me" we started off again with texting and that and getting close we then finally met up and were trying to find the solution of what to do with my parents and the situation but werent able to solve it after that on the 31st october it was his wife's first death anniversary and i saw him that congration i was feeling abit embarrased because day before i went out with my friends and drink and that i texted him sayin " I love him" but he was responding very well on that day as i wasnt to sure how he would react as he hasnt told me he loves me. The next day he didnt text and i didnt as he was grieving coz of his wife and taht i though not good to text plus i dont think he wanted to either .... eveentually taht nite i texted himto ask if he was ok, he started to ask me if i was drunk when i sent him that text of i love you and i told him i wasnt he said okay, i then changed the subject after that for few days we werent in touch he wasnt in the mood to text then he texted it was baiscally on and off last week aswell, he had told me he was going away on holiday for 4 weeks so he said would be nice ot meet up before going he were suppose to meet me this monday as he was flying on wednesday this week, well just before that on text he started asking me that he wants a mother to his kids who treat them as there own and someone he can relate to as i asked what he wants......... to which i told him i will and he can judge for himself he then said " he knows i will" I then said to him as what situation hes goign thorugh my dad went through the same I also lost my mum and he knows that, i can understand very well what the kids are going through and him. well just for my reassurance and said to him end of the day i need to have a place in his heart he said " YES I DO" which i was very happy about, but i had to ask him he then just said that " I have to get your parents to agree and thats it". In his texts it always seems as he is aksing me qusetions to see how i feel and think about him WHY? cant he see it in my actions?. he als came around my house on saturday for tea with his cousins, generally as my family and his family know each other, but the reason he came over was just to start getting close to them if you know what i mean coz its my parents that will have the issue, which was very nice of him...... next day on sunday he cancelled the meet up for monday sayin hes busy and has alot of things on his mind, i was upset as you can imagine. I didnt text him on monday and tuesday, late on tuesday nite i texted him as he was going away next morning saying wish him safe journey and all that he responded to that, the next morning i didnt text at all and he texted me saying " Hey u okay, we about to take off, will see you when im back, you take care" and then another texted message saying " be good lol, bye " what did he mean by be good lol?????????. he has gone away now for 4 weeks.

    Could you please tell me what his going on thorugh his mind, what his feelings are and what he is doing exactly? i cant understand???

    I know it is bad phase at mo as its his wifes first death anniversay and probably having flash backs and that but still woudl be good to know what his going throught this Scorpion males mind and heart, as I have fallen in love with him.

    Oh also my parents and his family basically no one knows we seeing each other but if we wanted to get married his family would have no issues just my parents that is the problem.


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  • Wildplaces Im an Aquarian too and I am infatuated with a Scorpion too!!! Its funny how many posts Ive read in relation to Aquarians/Scorpions. They are sooo attractive to me..although above ye talk about letting him be the hunter...that frustrates me as I like to be the hunter...maybe thats where I am going wrong as havent caught him yet hehe!!

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