Help please! What do you see?

  • 2010 has been a year of transformation for me, actually since late 2009. BDay 10/11/1980. I am in the process many changes but I need to know how to handle them and what to expect in the year to come. Is what I am doing now the right path? Will I be successful in this path? When will things change in regard to my personal life? Should I resign to be alone for the rest of my life, because I see no potentials around me at all! Please anyone with any insight please let me know. This is such a critical time for me, and I want to make sure I am doing the right things. Thank you, Stay in the Light!

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  • never, resign, yourself, to, anything less, than, "the best", you can be/have, and seek; potential(s), is always, "around", if we choose, to see it; if you can't, change, your perspective, and always, remember, to look for "the abstracts"; sometimes, the "absence", what we don't, SEE, is, more, important, more valuable; clarity:ask questions; start, with yourself. Good Day!

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  • I see wealth and comfort. You will have a wake up call about your career and make the necessary changes. You will have love in 2011.I see you choosing between two water signs.

  • You came to this lifetime to learn how to stand up for what you believe in or for those you love. You are here to learn how to face any challenge or problem without backing down, to set your resolve, and to make a commitment. You must call up some old-fashioned fire and brimstone to back up your beliefs. A fear of dependency (your own or others - for example, through someone's illness) can lead you to avoid commitment or responsibility like the plague - you fear it will hold you back. The irony is that through a deepening connection of committed relationships, you will grow and learn about the joys of fidelity and loyalty.

    What you really want deep down is to receive love. Your need to experience loving energy from others is nearly insatiable. But to bring this energy into your life, you need to first give love by cheering people up and making them happy. You can sometimes take people for granted. By using your creative gifts to contribute to the happiness of others, you create an 'audience' or a peer group that will support you, accept you, and love you. With your love life, it's all a bit like a highwire act. You're a little flamboyant and exhibitionist about it. You love a crowd gasping as you cross the wire above their heads. It gives you a rush that you get no other way. As long as there's a hint of disaster - or if not disaster, at least danger - you can remain passionate and interested. There has to be an element of the outrageous for you to maintain your excitement. Although you want to be adored forever, whhen you are in obsessive mode, you can easily get hooked on not only love and companionship, but also on the feeling that at any moment you might get whacked. Sometimes you can't tell the difference between getting smacked for no good reason and losing control to a person who comes along and steals your heart. Therein lies the secret to your spotty love life, your ambivalent feelings about being spanked, about having children, and most of all about what love is. And you may not realise it but you can have an obsession about being the geeky friend who isn't taken seriously as a lover. Release your fear of being rejected emotionally if you want to create a satisfying and fulfilling role where you can be proud of yourself without losing your sense of independence in personal relationships. You will do best in life when you elevate your definition of love to include nonattachment, freedom for both parties, and friendship. When you can do that, you will also reduce your addiction to danger and unexpected loss, expand your ideas of what fair treatment and fidelity are all about, and develop your most unique talents best. Your special gifts may belong to humanity - not just one person.

    You are a unique talented individual who will enjoy much in the way of personal fortune and blessings in this lifetime, provided you strike a balance between committing yourself to purely personal needs and learning to value the needs and rights of others. Once you do commit yourself, you tend to give your all, and that quality alone will serve you well. It's just deciding what to commit to that is the problem. You will have to face down the demon of self-absorption or the tendency to collapse into cynicism and a rather cold or calculating attitude in the face of disappointment. Still, you are gifted with the inner strength to rise to almost any challenge that may present itself. If you can meet your opportunities for growth with an awareness of things that really matter, and confront adversity with confidence and grace, you will live life from a core understanding of who you really are that will guarantee success. You will need to find the courage to overcome the insecurity and self-doubt that hinders you and learn to channel your expressive and emotional energies in positive ways. Otherwise you may discharge your energies in negative ways such as through alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. If you suppress your emotional expression, you may experience physical tension or a variety of other symptoms in the body. With persistence, you can earn positive feedback and support from others and your confidence will grow.

    You belong in a profession that rewards individual creative effort such as the entertainment industry or entrepreneurship, or any activities dealing with children, speculation, games, and sports. You have a strong combination of gifts suitable for writing, designing, speaking, debating, advising, promoting, or engaging in any creative field. Although you are extremely versatile, you will be happiest when expressing and creating while supporting and uplifting others. When you put your well-rounded energies to work and let your creative juices flow to produce useful, innovative results, your finances will grow in direct proportion.

  • thank you," librawitch", for "hearing" me, and allowing, the sharing, of thought/experience; one, more thought, "keep it simple"; I once, took, a class, the method, called " The Kiss Method" of teaching; one, of the few things, I remember (and, when "practised", works, extremely, well!), translation(male instructor)"Keep It Simple Stupid"; ' not, very gentile, but, very! effective! stay open! Cat

  • Wow and Thank you TheCaptain! Extremely insightful.

  • Dangala...thank you as well. How soon or far do you see the wealth and comfort because right now the belts about to be tightened once again. As for the career, I work and go to school at night for a totally different field. Do you see the success in what I work at now or in what I am going to school for? These two water signs are people I have not met yet correct?

    Thanks again!

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