Captain, woke up feeling terrified at 4.40am

  • Hi Captain, can you please help me look into this?

    This morning at around 4.41am I got rudely awakened when one of the four framed pictures on my wall fell and hit me on my leg. I woke up with a start and found it hard to go back to sleep. I felt terrified for some reason. I kept praying as I really felt uneasy, which I think is more from just the picture falling down and hitting me.

    The pictures, if they do fall from the wall, always do so in the middle of the night. I feel as there something spiritual is trying to get my attention. Am I right or not?

    The room I'm sleeping in used to be my now passed-on grandmother's whom I've never really gotten along with. Is she the one who's trying to 'tease' me?

    Please, really appreciate your insight and hope you don't laugh at me. It is really abit scary at times as I feel I can 'sense' things!

    Thank you.

  • Why do you think I would laugh at you? Have many people laughed at you or put you down in your life?

    You yourself are moving the pictures and things in your room as your mind and soul grow more uneasy and troubled every day. The better things in your life are going, the more fear you have that it will all be taken away. You really need to work on this fear as it is growing out of proportion to the point where it is affecting your environment.

  • Good morning Captain - thank you for your reply.

    "Have many people laughed at you or put you down in your life?" --> Oh yeah, more times then I can remember, but that's all history now. Why do I think you would laugh at me? Because I thought you might think it's ridiculous what I share about me "sensing" stuff.

    And you said I myself is moving the pictures and things in my room?? Hmm, I don't understand how I could possibly be doing that (telekinesis?). Coz I do not feel that I'm growing more troubled and uneasy every day - been practising positive thinking and counting my blessings lately and it definitely helps...

    So you say it's not my deceased grandmother who's "visiting" - just my own negativity that's causing all these? Nothing remotely spiritual but just my own doing?

    Thank you for helping.

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