• Hey Jen,

    I am always glad to hear from you, light and abundant blessings to you and yours.

    From last night at I am having the most amazing experience - this most beautiful white butterfly with delicate gold designs has been seating on my bedroom window, its still here as I write to you! I spoke to the butterfly about everything that is happening in my life and I am so hopeful that my life is going to take a positive turn - I feel so Blessed and so loved. Wow Jen can you please explore this further for me through a reading...thanks my dear! Really appreciate.

    Love and light


  • Hi Faitheee, So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words and blessings.

    I have done your reading. In addition, I spent some time meditating today and had you in mind. For some reason, the name Roger or Robert came to me. Not sure if that is meant for you or not, but wondered if it has some significance to you?

    As for your reading, there is a very strong powerful male presence in the reading. Interestingly, there are 3 white/grey butterflies on the throne of the King of Swords. 🙂 So your butterfly came into this reading. With the male energy, I just get a strong sense of power, judgment and some conflict. Not sure what this means for you or whether this is something you have recently endured or encountered, or something to come. My sense is this has passed? I say this because the 9 of Pentacles was also pulled and conveys the great sense of peace you feel. She is in a vineyard enjoying the fruits of her labor, and holds a bird in her left hand. There is a great sense of peace, satisfaction and abundance from this.

    Also pulled was The Magician which conveys that all you have all the tools you need to manifest what you desire. You hold the power to all you wish for, and the strength to make it happen. You may need to get creative.

    The only other thing that stands out in the cards is the figure eight. Obviously, this symbolizes infinity, but also the number 8 reiterates the power and strength I spoke of earlier. And the number 9 symbolizes completion, both themes that seem prevalent in this reading.

    From my oracle deck, I pulled for you Light, Foundation & Achievements and Triumphant Success. These cards only further support the cards I pulled for you from the Traditional Tarot. I also pulled the Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra) card so perhaps this is an area you need to spend some time focusing on. This is located between the naval area just below the rib cage, and represents power, vitality, willpower, self-esteem and confidence. Again, very much in line with the whole reading.

    I decided to pull a few from my angel deck for you also. I pulled Twin Flame, Cancel, Clear Delete, and Archangel Raphael. The twin flame card suggests that your twin flame is intricately involved in the answer to your question. Cancel, Clear, Delete is a reminder to "use only positive words and thoughts, as they're rapidly manifesting into form. Ask the angels to cancel the effects of past negative thinking." And finally, Archangel Raphael, "The healing angel is with you, supporting your healing work."

    I hope this was helpful insight. Please let me know what you think, and especially if you have a connection to Robert or Roger as this is only the second time I've gotten a strong sense of something from meditating and am curious if this is for you, or if I need to continue to find where that belongs. 🙂

    Love and light to you dear,


  • Jen,

    Thank you for this full reading - I am really grateful!

    First off I would like to talk about the Robert, the only Robert I know is married to my ex's sister and I have met him only a few times. He is a well know business personality and extremely wealthy. But the crazy thing is even though we are not close he has appreared in my dreams on a few occassions mostly about something that had to do with money which suprised me a lot because as I said we are not even close and dreaming of him seemed so far fetched.

    On Wednesday I went for a healing session with a local healer because she had picked up that I had lot of emotional pain, hurt and disappointment stored within me and said these were causing blockages in my system and life in general. The purpose of the healing session was to remove the negative energy, balance and align me..she also spoke a lot about how I should practice and the importance of using positive utterances and thoughts to help me manifest my hopes and dreams.

    Hence Archangel Raphael appears in your reading....Archangel Raphael, "The healing angel is with you, supporting your healing work." this is goosebumpy stuff I tell you and I am in awe of God's love and guidance.

    What is also interesting is that she also saw two strong male angels surrounding me - one was my grandfather and the other one was my boyfriend who passed away many years ago - both were sending messages of love and said they were always with me. She advised me to speak to them often. My first instict when I saw the white butterfly was to think of my boyfriend as I felt strongly that it was him and I felt this incredible sense of peace and love.

    Jen you are spot on again, helpful as always and you never cease to amaze me, I thank God and the angels for your awesome gift and for connecting me with you. I also appreaciate the time you take to do my readings.

    Jen overall I feel extremely positive about your reading, I am going to continue with my healing sessions and work on the Cancel, Clear, Delete. I will also meditate more and focus Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Chakra) in order to helpm me unlease my greatest potential.

    Love, light and blessing to you!


  • Faitheee,

    Thank you so much for this feedback! You made me smile. It is truly a pleasure to read for you. I'm so very new at this and still very much feel a bit silly putting myself out there and trying this. You are so kind, patient and positive and make practicing such a joy. I'm happy to try whenever you need as I really enjoy your energy and that your inquiries are so deep and spiritual. I too am thankful we have connected and am most appreciative of your willingness to allow me to practice and build my confidence as I move toward trying to develop myself further. I think I enjoy hearing your feedback as much as you look forward to the reading! Such a wonderful exchange of energy between us!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Many blessings of love and light to you too!


  • Hey Jen,

    You are so incredible that sometimes I forget that you just starting out, but believe me dear you are truly gifted and you are on the right path. I wish you all the very best as you develop your gift further. I just LOVE our connection too especially at this time when I could use a 'friend' who is kind, warm, welcoming and generous as you.

    I have a few interviews lined up next week and I will keep you posted with the outcomes.

    Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

    Gratitude, blessings and love to you!


  • Hi Jen,

    I hope you are having a good weekend!

    Just wanted to let you know that yesterday I went for an interview with an agency that is recruiting for an investment bank. The interview went very well and the lady told me that I had the best resume for the job and remarked that I was such a breath of fresh air. Nice hey? I have always wanted to work for an investment bank so I am really crossing my fingers on this one.

    Also some interesting developments in the love department...I promise you Jen I have received no less that 5 calls from different men including my ex boyfriend from 15 years ago, all were checking how I am doing and or just saying that was big news for me because no man has called me in a long while.

    My recent ex also called to ask me what went wrong between us... But most interestingly the father of my kids who I parted with 3 years ago has been behaving weird- he is much more friendlier, smiles at me lot, more co operative and very helpful.

    I really feel like I am finally in a good space and I am relaxed, confident and really positive about the future.

    Thanks for all your support my dear!

    Love, light and blessings to you!

  • Faitheee,

    Great news on the interview! I do so hope you get the job should that be what is meant for your path to higher good! Let me know what happens!

    Very exciting developments with the love life! I think something is in the air there as I have heard a lot about such developments where past flames are concerned, as well as experiencing some of that myself. Very interesting indeed.

    Tides are turning, I think. Thanks for updating me on the great news! So happy things are going well! Keep doing what you're doing!

    Hugz to you,


  • Dearest Jen,

    You've been on my mind a lot lately, I trust that everything is good on your side. I send you lots of love, blessings, abundance and everything that you hope for.

    Me I am good, working hard at staying positive and meditating a lot. Still waiting for feedback from the bank, the lady did warm that they do take a while to will keep watching this space!

    On the love side things are moving.....slowly...I know you did say I need to be patient in your earlier reading three months ago. Is this still the case?

    Need your kind advise regarding two men in particular:

    The 1st one I will call him VM he asked me out for about a year and half, but I couldnt go out with him because I was still getting over my 7 year relationship with the father of my kids. I finally said yes in July this year, but things have been an up hill from then.... He is a pisces and is single but its been so difficult for us to be together - sometimes I feel there is some force that is keeping us from being together. I really do care about do I deal with this? is there hope for us or should I move on?

    Second man the father of my mention in my previous post he has been behaving rather weird lately- suddenly he is warm, kind, cooperative and there still something here or not?

    Please kindly advise my dear...

    Thanking you in advance and looking forward to your advise and insight

    Warmest regards and hugs


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