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  • It seems my capricorn guy friend has ended our friendship. He said in a text the other day that the past year i have hurt him and so he distanced himself from me. I tried to further discuss any issues and he clammed up. Yesterday i tried joking with him and he became very irritated then just disappeared, stopped all contact, didnt even say goodbye. He had also mentioned that people at his job were wearing on him, being hateful and arrogant towards him. And he stated that i had been getting on his nerves. But i honestly have no idea what i could have done wrong. I always treated him with respect and let him know how much joy he brought into my life. He said that he has been turning to the lord for comfort, returning to his deep rooted faith, which i supported and gave him space to do so. Can someone give me some insight into what may have caused him to end things? I am so heartbroken over this. Will he get back in contact with me, or is this friendship over forever? DOB, if needed: Him-12-27-60. Me-9-8-76.

    I would appreciate any insight from anyone. I adore this guy, he's been a wonderful friend. This is the first time that we've went an entire day and haven't spoken. Did he give up on our friendship for good this time? I'm worried about him, and have nervous energy inside me that i cant explain, like there's something so much deeper going on with him.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  • He is trying to grow and connect to spirit. He seems to be a bit of a fatalist. He dives into an idea and likes to go deep and wont come back up for air until he finds what he is looking for.

    He is fighting with himself. On one hand he wants to be celibate and live the life of a monk/hermit but by you being around you remind him how weak human is.

    He will be back.

  • Dangala thank you so much, that really helps me understand.

    He did say not too long ago that he is a loner and that is the way he wants it, said he doesnt want anyone close to him except his granddaughter. I believe you are right about him fighting with himself, he acts as though he's holding so much of himself back. He's been acting so confused, telling me one day that he really liked me, then the next telling me he didnt care about me at all. I dont know what to believe nor think, i tried so hard to find the right words to help him, to comfort him. Unfortunately every time i opened my mouth i spoke too many emotions which he could not handle. Its like he has his heart locked completely away. Its a shame, he's a wonderful man.

    But i'm so relieved to know he will be back, he has been a source of inspiration and a guiding light to me, theres a part of me that feels deeply lost without his friendship. Will it be a while before he returns? I know i have to carry on with my life but i'm just wondering. Just missing him so much already.

  • I tried calling him earlier to talk but he changed his cell number. I sent him a message over the internet explaining to him that i did not mean to cause him any pain and apologized. I wished him all the happiness in the world. And reassured him that if he ever needed someone that i'll always be here for him.

    He never bothered to respond to my message, and i know he has read it. I guess maybe i need to pull back and give him space to accomplish what he needs to.

    Sometimes i wonder if anything i say matters to him. He shows no emotion, no feeling at all. I hope he knows how much i care about him.

  • "He shows no emotion, no feeling at all. "

    That's the Capricorn in him. He does know you care. Give him time. Capricorns come around when they are good and ready, they are also extremely stubborn.. My sister is Capricorn sighs lol

    I can't see when he will come back now because I did a few readings and I need to relax but when I come back in a few hours I will see what I can pick up.

    Take care.

  • Hi, He's a bit older, might have a difference. Is he a different race than you.

  • My brother is a capricorn as well, lol now i know where his excessive stubbornness comes from.

    No problem on needing to relax, take your time. I really appreciate your time and energy.

  • Hi Dalia

    No we're both the same race. Yes he is a bit older, and extremely set in his ways lol.

  • Hello SherryBlossom,

    I just wanted to tell you what I felt regardless of his astrological sign. He will be having his 50th birthday in just under 2 months, this is HUGE for him. I feel that he is reflecting on his past, good and bad, wondering if he could of/should of done things differently. It's kinda like female menopause, he is going through a midlife crisis.

    You never said how long you've known him but the fact that he has changed his phone number tells me that he is serious about putting up a barrier with EVERYONE. Please, it's very important that you respect his wishes right now, wouldn't you want the same if you asked this of someone? You have to stop e-mailing him or making contact or you will definitely push him away. In the meantime the holidays are coming up and it's important that you get involved with other things so you don't get depressed during this time. I saw this information on Capricorn and wanted to post it for you. The best way to know more about him would be if I knew his time and place of birth, this way we could see what his Ascendant sign is, this is most important when doing an accurate reading.


    Dec. 22nd - Jan. 20th

    Do you need a good bookkeeper? Capricorns are disciplined, hard working and often mature before their time. Life can get too serious at times, just ask a Capricorn. Some general Capricorn characteristics would be someone who is ambitious, aspiring, calculating, careful, cold, respectful, considerate, determined, diligent, objective, dutiful, enduring, exacting, far-sighted, fatalistic, grouchy, industrious, harsh, humorous, loyal, patient, penny pinching, persevering, conservative, pessimistic, practical, reliable, brooding, reserved, rigid, ruthless, selfish, sensible, cautious, serious, strong and traditional.

    Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn.

    Capricorn rules the 10th house in the natural zodiac.

    Capricorn ruled body parts include bones (skeletal structure), joints, knees and teeth.

  • Hello Notshy

    Its so strange that u mentioned the midlife crisis thing, he actually said that once, in a joking fashion but he did say it. I told him that i agreed, a lot of the traits typical with change of life is present. He was constantly talking about the girl he let get away in high school. Talkin about his high school days, etc.

    I've only known him 2 yrs. But from the very first time we chatted we just clicked. In the beginning he contacted me nonstop, almost twenty texts a day, phone calls etc... we grew fairly fond of one another. His father passed away last year. After that things changed between him and i. He once said that he does not know what to do without his dad, that he always went to him for advice, and that he didnt think he'd ever be able to get over his dads death.

    He tells me he has nobody except his daughter, son in law and granddaughter. He seems to have very few friends, and is extremely guarded. I worry about him. Hes alone all the time, does not date, etc. Just says he wants to be a loner. He has really withdrawn the past few months especially. But he said he distanced himself because i hurt him, and also because of work problems. Wish i knew what i did that caused him pain. I must mention that we live a 1000 miles apart, at times he hinted on how he wished i could be with him. He even fibbed to me once hoping i would rush to his side. But due to family obligations and work i couldnt be there with him.

    And you're right, i need to respect his wishes, and i will not be contacting him anymore. I feel the damage is done though, that i've lost his friendship forever. I pray Dangala is correct in saying he will be back.

    I do not know the time he was born. Just that he was born in Vidor TX.

    Thank you for taking the time to post. I agree with and appreciate everything you stated.

  • Any idea when this man may return? Hoping someone can pick up on it. I miss him so so much.

  • I keep getting 1 month. 🙂

  • Oh and Tooshy is absolutely correct in the no contact policy. No emails etch.. Capricorns hate it when people don't respect their wishes, they dig their heels in deeper.

    Good luck

  • Thank you so very much to the ones who took the time to help me. You gave me a lot of hope and comfort. And I learned a few things as well.

    Take care and thanks again

  • Its been awhile but my capricorn guy friend has returned. He texted me abt a week ago and things just flowed from there. Im very happy and thankful to have him back in my life.

    Ive been noticing how quiet he is now though. Its almost like theres something hes thinking feeling or needing to say but is hesitant abt doing so.

    He has made a few comments like he may be attracted to me or something. But is keeping himself at a distance emotionally (more so than before). Talk abt confused..i am.

    We talked abt getting together next yr and spending a couple weeks just hanging out (we have a long distance friendship). He seems excited abt the idea but also sorta unsure and hesitant abt it and has not given a definite answer.

    Dont get me wrong, i'm not complaining in any way, i feel blessed to have his friendship again. But i'm wondering if someone can pick up on whats going on with him and i?

    Dangala, u were correct abt his return...maybe you could offer me some additional enlightenment. Though anyones insight would be so so appreciated. 🙂

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