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  • My boyfriend wanted me to write to get your insight into this. I have neighbors who have broken into my house before. They also broke into some other neighbor's homes. They are juveniles so they had to go to juvenile detention for a month and have been on probation about a year. When this happened they were 15-16 yrs old. I didn't press charges mostly because I could not prove it. They broke the lock on my front door. My neighbor had them on video. Several months ago, one of them came in again and took something. I have been trying to keep my distance from these people. I had a run-in with the mother a couple of months ago.

    What my boyfriend wanted me to ask you is if you sense that these kids will change. Also, I found out that one of the boys was looking at porno on my computer and doing something that I cannot discuss here. I think he was coming in by himself. Two parents told me that he told their sons that. I wonder if he was the main one coming in all along.

    Also, a local business owner opened up a game room a few years back. They found a dead girl in a vacant house about a block over from me (just recently.) The night they found her, my yard light that never works, started working. I think the game room brought in different types. I don't know if I would feel safe living here if my boyfriend were not here. Right before I met him, I was feeling afraid--especially at night. About a week before they found the girl, I heard a voice calling me at night from outside the house (spirit). I have a few more questions but will leave it here for now.

    Thank you.

  • Yes these juveniles are going to change - they are going to get worse because nobody is stopping them. You and all your neighbours should get together and make a concerted effort to stop this family from running the neighbourhood. All of you should gather evidence and go to the police with it.

    What are your other questions?

  • Hi Captain, What's funny is that after I posted this question, one of these two juveniles came to my house and wanted me to take them up the road to where the mother was. The mother does not have a car. I declined. I'm trying to keep my distance.

    Yes, one mother is in denial about her son. The other parent's have accepted that their son was involved.

    Do you sense anything about my living area in general. That's what I'm wondering about. Also, I have noticed that a lot of people have a vendetta mentality meaning, if they are caught doing something wrong, they want to impose a vendetta. How to avoid besides prayer.

  • Any fearfulness you have will attract more negativity and trouble to you, so work on dealing with what you are afraid of. Your challenge is not to be passive in this situation if action is called for. Running away or trying to hide from a problem never solves it. Nothing in this situation is about other people, except in how you allow them to influence your feelings - it is all about you and your approach to life. Will you continue to live in fear, with only half a life, or will you cast off your fears and walk about free and with a positive attitude?

  • Yes, that is true and a reminder to me.

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