Somebody please tell me something

  • Long story short. Known this man from work for over 4 years. He doesn't really talk unless it's about work. We began speaking to each other and now he calls me every night. Sometimes twice. If he doesn't call, he explain why even though I never ask. I've had many at work (including my boss) tell me how much he cares for me. I guess I never believed them. He's a really good guy. We've both been hurt in our pasts but he doesn't speak much about his. He knows all about mine. We've been a couple of places together but never really dated. If a man doesn't care does he call and care about a girl so much? He's always concerned about me. I'm so confused. The only thing I was told was to listen to the song "I'm not in love" by 10cc. That confused me even more. Does anyone have any kind of explanation for this girl? I really care about him.

    I'm a typical Taurus and he's a typical Sagittarius if that helps. Thanks!

  • Can you tell me both your birthdates?

  • Sure. Mine is May 17 and his is December 1. Hope that helps you tell me something!

  • Sag guy likes you and now has the courage to try and express his feelings. He is seeing things much more clearer in his life these days. He is following his inner truth no matter where it will lead.

  • Dangala - Funny you said that because for someone that has always said he has no "feelings" about anything, he's told me some things that makes me believe it's just a cover up. Again, I've always been so open and honest so this has been very confusing for me. Thank you for what you've said. I hope I've been a good influence on him.

  • Captain - I hope you didn't forget about me. I've been looking forward to your insight. The birthdays are 5-17-72 mine and his is 12-1-70. If that helps.

  • I'll try this again as my answer disappeared somehow. I hope it doesn't happen again.

    You two make splendid friends. You often seem as close as brother and sister, gaining a family-like familiarity that has the added attraction of lacking the friction common between siblings. You do compete, but usually in positive pursuits such as sports and games. The highlight of this relationship is each person's sensitivity to the other's needs. Responsive in nature, the relationship often demonstrates deeply understanding and giving attitudes. Once it really takes off, this relationship is usually more extroverted than introverted as a full slate of physical activities can attest. Your combination encourages exploration and is characterized by a hunger for experience. Both of you are fond of travel, particularly to settings of natural beauty.

    Trying to work together may be difficult due to a lack of objectivity about the job at hand. Your twin spirited and freedom-loving natures make you less than ideal co-workers. You will undoubtedly encourage each other in procrastination and your loafing can prove a drain to business.

    A love relationship here can be physically intense but also affectionate. Indeed, just as friends in this combination resemble siblings, so do lovers resemble devoted friends, and show the kind of understanding customarily reserved for family members. Natural behaviour is valued highly, and all forms of snobbery or pretension are condemned. The danger does exist of forming an isolating mutual-admiration society and, if you two cut your ties with family, friends and co-workers, a bewildering situation can arise if the love affair flounders or fails, then you will have no support group to turn to.

    The relationship sometimes follows a natural evolution from friendship to a love affair, from love affair to a life partnership. The final seal of marriage may be especially fulfilling, not only because the spouse is a known quantity but because the relationship is already so rich. Both of you are very independent however, and you may postpone a final commitment, preferring to keep your freedom rather than risk losing what you have. But giving up some freedom may just be worth it.

    Before all this can happen however, there are some problems to overcome. Your friend is a sensitive soul, often closed and secretive, but he must set aside his freedom-loving ways and caution long enough to open up to someone if he is to find happiness in love and friendship. His need for freedom can become a defense against personal interaction or commitment. He must break down the emotional barriers that keep him from sharing his feelings, ideas, and concerns with others. He must learn to trust. He has a talent for shrouding himself in mystery and can be so adept at hiding his true nature that he himself may not even be sure of who he really is or what he really feels. He is possessed of a formidable intuition that he uses to protect himself from those who would do him wrong. Honor and trust are high on his list of priorities, although this can give him rather a superior moralistic attitude at times that can make him feel misunderstood by others. He will rarely associate with those whose standards are not as elevated as his own. But he has to realise that his feeling of being misunderstood only perpetuates being misunderstood, not resolves it. Still, he is a social person at his core and he is likely to do the soul-searching needed to find and form satisfying rleationships, expecially if he has the extra incentive of being in love with someone.

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