Scorpio dying to get her cancer- ex back..PLEASE HELP

  • Me and this cancer had a 2 year relationship and we loved each other very much. He wanted commitment, he wanted to marry me in the near future, I almost lived in his place we used to spend every single night together.

    I remember sometimes late at night while he was asleep thinkin how much I loved him and if something happened to him and my eyes went to tears. We had a good relationship with his Libra mom she used to say how one day when we marry etc. However we have a 10 year difference in age since I'm 22 now and in many areas I tend to act immature - such as job, studying, wanted to go out a bit more and sometimes ignored him to go out with my friends BUT I also used to go out with him and his friends, I used to cook for him.

    The last few summer months we were apart because I went to visit my relatives but then again we spent a few weekends together when he managed to get a break from work. My point is we argued a bit more in those few months and when I finally got back he told me we were over and he wasn't happy and satisfied because I was too young and had to live on my own and he wanted more and we should stop.

    I was devastated. I thought he's just upset because he was hurt of my behaviour but I was determined to show him how much I loved him and want commitment and marrige when I winish University he seemed a little bit confused for he was hearing this for the first time but he said he made the decision. I cried a lot even begged him it didn't help any.

    Weeks were passing I just couldn't stop thinking about him. Then I start messaging him like crazy only to talk and prove him he wasn't right I wasn't serious about him. It's been almost 3 months since we broke up and now we see each other rarely after me calling. Had sex 2 times since then but as far as commitment is involved he always says no or at least he isn't sure. He also said I had the biggest potential of all girls but I didn't use it. When I say "Is it possible for me to win your trust again?" he says he doesn't know and I had many chances on my way but I missed them and even he let me again in his life there'll always be doubt and he will have to stalk me and he wouldn't like to live like this.

    I'm ready to do everything for this man, because despite all the quarrels I have never felt so loved and protected. Please tell me it's possible for cancers to forget and get back with the person they loved there's got to be some of you cancers who took back such person , There's got to be ;((((((((

    I can't stop loving him and it's killing me, believe me...Thank you for your advices good people xx

  • It's not that you lost his trust, you just didn't measure up to the ideal mother substitute he is looking for. Probably no one will be able to replace his own mother for this guy or be better than her. A Cancer man will protect and nurture you up to a point when he stops because you aren't behaving like the perfect image in his mind. Once Cancers decide this, they rarely come back, and you can't be something you're not. Keep your self-respect and next time don't be so ready to do everything for a guy. Sometimes it just doesn't pay off if you pick the wrong person. Hold back until you are sure.

  • TheCaptain thank you very much for your reply. Now, I believe he's disappointed and maybe he had his reasons. I ask him will we back together and he always says why I'm in such a hurry and I tell him to give me a clear yes or no and he's like "I don't know. I'm more careful now" and such. My point is does patience usually bring back cancers if you continue at the same time showing you're there. Just wondering if there's a 'right' technique.. Then again maybe you're right about that perfect image in his mind...

  • No, patience will not win him back if he has made up his mind that you don't fit his strict 'mummy' criteria.

  • You are looking for a father figure, he is looking for someone who doesn't threaten his emotional stability. He is very insecure and needs reassurance all the time. He is a big baby. You will meet someone in some in a school or university. He will be older but more emotionally stable however watch he doesn't dominate you.

    Your lesson is to be let go of the behaviour patterns you grew up with.

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