Ms Suabby or Ms Dangala - can you confirm something for me

  • I am "told" that a friend of mine may feelings for me other than just as a friend, but he is holding back because of our complicated lives. My divorce is pending due to finances and my husband is liiving in my daughter's old bedroom in the house. He goes out as he pleases and does what he wants, but it doesn't look like this situation (divorce.speration - whatever) will be resolved for some time. My "friend" is in a rather nebulous relationship with a GF he never mentions - as if she is a fixture rather than a significant other. I was "told" that this friend and I are meant to be together and that this will come to pass and that he will start approaching me before the end of this year. I am not looking to jump right into another relationship. But I really would like to spend more time with my friend. I would be delighted if he would play scrabble with me or go have coffee or just go to the zoo with me or something simple like that. We could spend months doing things like that every couple of weeks. That way things are now - his GF is exceptionally insecure and I get the feeling that he does not even go to the store without her accusing him of seeing someone else. (Another reason that I keep my distance - I do not need some nutcase leaving dead cats on my doorstep) I get the feeling that maybe his relationship with her is kind of superficial - like she is just a place holder. Now that it will be November soon - I am just wondering what to expect. Is it possible that I will be playing marathon monopoly over the Christmas break with my friend? Or chess in the park? Or is this totally unrealistic?

    thanks tons TD.

  • I see your friend tied up and he has no idea how to untie himself from this woman. she is overbearing, jealous and controlling. He is not ready to leave her, is he an earth sign? I am picking up stubbornessfrom him. he seems grounded and stable. He does like you but is not ready to leave yet, he has not learnt his lesson with her yet but he will and he will need you for some advice and support and after this I see you two have a chnace. By all means I am not saying for you to wait but I am saying there is a good chance for both of you.

    Oh and Mr dangala LOL

  • Thank you Dangala - well - we shall see. I believe he is a Scorpio. Another reason I don't want to get too near until I know what is going on. His ex wife really did something that caused an issue with his business and he will never forgive her for it. (It was a money thing - close to embezzelment). The GF he has now- I think is not much different - a stronger personality in some ways than his ex-wife perhaps, When he wakes up (and I hope that he will) that stinging tail is going to fly and I don't want to be in range or be anywhere that I might be implicated as part of the cause of the breakup. generally, he is nice to me and kind. Stubborn - yes - too much so. I like him but it doesn't matter too much since I am in this other mess myself. I just want to be able to talk and maybe meet up to do something once in a while without feeling like I am being spied on. Like I said - I don't get a good feeling about her - maybe I have seen too many wacko movies, or because I work in a hospital that treats the terminally confused - like she could hurt me if she thought I was involved. I have been told emphatically that all of this will come about before the end of the year and to look at November.


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