Insight on a Taurus Man

  • Hello, I am dating this Taurus man, I am gemini- cancer cusp. Everything has been perfect, we never fight. He says he loves me, and we both feel and share a deep connection. He recently broke it off with me and said he has to focus on his goals and he cant do it with me, he thinks about me too much and wants to be with me all the time, and so he cant focus on anything else. He says he still loves me and was planning on proposing on christmas, but he isnt strong enough to handle the feelings he has for me or a relationship of this magnitude. He is breaking it off, but then contradicitng his words at the same time I dont know what to think. His birth date is 5-11-78 and mine is 6-19-88

  • What else did he say?? are you free to see other people? he wants you to wait for him?

    continue your life without him?

    I would suggest to try and get a clear answer from him as to "how long would this separation be" and "what do you expect me to do meanwhile"

    because if he's going to keep you waiting for years then it'll be a waste of time... if it's six months and he want's you to wait, fine, wait, follow your dream (which you should do regardless), find your passion either as a hobby or in your workplace and be happy!!

  • 6 month waiting for something that might never happen? Madness.

  • He said I should move on, its not fair to me to wait, and then back tracks and says he loves me, and it kills him to think of me with someone else...I dont know? Has anyone ever had this experience with a Taurus Man? Is he unevolved?

  • I have simmilar problem with my Taurus man. He says that he love me that much, that he is affraid of that. And that he thinks that he will ruin our relationship if we live together? How to explain this? Coward , lair, or something else?

  • I call that RUN. lol

  • You think I shoul RUN or he is running away ?

  • What is going on with these Taurus males???? I'm going through something similar!! I've been seeing mine for a little over 2 months. And my goodness, his words DO NOT match up with his actions AT ALL!!!! He told me a week ago that we should just be friends and keep our options open. But ever since then he's told me numerous times that he loves me (and he's never really said love to me and has admitted that he's only kind of loved one of his previous girlfriends, called me his girlfriend a few times accidentally, extremely affectionate with me (holding my hand, kissing me, kissing my hand, kissing my cheek and forehead, caresses my skin), has even told me that he doesn't want me talking or seeing anyone else, continues to call me nicknames like baby and cutie, and even continues to ask me to hang out and go places with him. But when I call him out on his behaviors, he retracts by saying "You're right, we are just friends" to just turn around 10 minutes later to doing the above listed stuff. WTH????

  • You should run Mhsb.

    Scorp your Taurus has it made. He can do what he wants because you two are only "friends", this gives him an open realm of opportunities. Very selfish of him don't you think?

    Wake up ladies. This has nothing to with their star sign it never does, they are just manipulative and deceptive.

  • He says that he doesn't like labels on relationships. I told him that it's not about labels, its about having the mentality of responsibility, respect for someone else, etc. I understand what you mean about him having it made. We have only being seeing each other a little over 2 months. I'm already backing off from him and letting him come to me. I've got a "i don't care" attitude. If he asks me to do something or hang out and i'm up for it and available then fine and if I'm not, then fine. I told him the other night that he had crossed the line because we had made plans and he was 2 hrs late. I explained to him that if it happened again that I was walking!!! Ever since that night, he's been sweet as sugar! I know exactly what he's doing and that's why I've got my walls back up in full force!!! And, no, I'm not giving him anymore sex until he can prove himself worthy of it by being consistent and making a commitment to me.

  • Ive been with a taurus man for nearly 6 months now and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, at first he was all over me always texting me and telling me how i am his miss right but now he is slower in the way he shows affection as we have both been hurt before.

    I think this is just the taurus way, he is a very patient man and i try not to push him too much as i know he finds it hard to talk about his feelings. I know i have to be patient and wait for him as he is too good to let go, patience and perserverance is the way to go with Taurean men xx

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