Experienced leos opinions needed plz

  • Brief history: the leo man that i like was married for over 10 yrs and sadly he is now divorced...after that about a year later he met a woman and was dating her for about a year 1/2 before i met him. He was having issues with her long before i came into the picture. He use to be very open about his situation and now he's "shut me out" completely. We've had some falling out's not anything too serious since then. He's become emotionally detached, however, he doesnt like when i don't speak with him. still he's a great guy to my eyes and eventhough, he's not intune with me, i adore him completely. I know he is not ready for a relationship and frankly i'd not want to be anyone's rebound chick!. He is respectful and recently he started showing a (caring side) in which i've never seened before. we work together so i broke my left hand and ever since he always tells me to becareful walking and will assist me with either lighting a cigarrette or opening a door. Not long ago he approached me and said that we needed to communicate more and for me not to hold things inside. I feel he is worth me giving him space & time. However, this is my first 'leo' experience...need opinions ...thank you

  • He shut you out because he can sense you like him in that way, the feeling is not mutual. His feelings for you are platonic. I bet you anything if you straight out ask him how he feels about you will will say platonic.

  • Ok, i think i left out some major parts here. we've been intimate since this past may. he did tell me that he liked me but at the time he was w/girlfriend and having issues w/her. our intentions were only friends at the beginning..however, she would leave him alone for weeks at a time to go to her beach house w/friends. i've back off and he pursued me. now, they've broke it off and i know he's is not ready for a relationship ...when i decided to not speak to him anymore, he made a point to come up to me and express how we needed to communicate. he urged me not to let things bottle inside. but i dont want to nag him at all. i know finanacially he's not doing well....so i know he cares maybe not the same way i do atthis time ..but he cares

  • If you feel he is worth waiting for etc. then do it.. I'll tell you once thing though, Leo men like a challenge otherwise they get bored. They like mystery and liked their ego stroked and they hate to be ignored... so my advice is to play it cool, show him you care but don't go overboard. Keep some mystery and aloofness.

    From your first post I got the vibe of a " one night stand" I didn't know if it was in the past or future though, but I didn't want to mention it as I felt it was not appropriate.

    Good luck.

  • thank dangala for your advice...he is worth it ..however, he's going through a lot things right now..so , i think i'll wait it out as much as i can ..but utimately, i dont want to be the re-bound girl and maybe his not ready for a relationship and it seems he wants to have fun. i think i've become 'girlfriend matreial' inwhich he doesnt want that at the moment. to be a challenge to someone that's not ready for anything for me doesnt sound like the way to go. if he was single when i met him then absolutely! but unfortunetly, this is a man who is badly burned from his previous relationships. for one thing, he is not comfortable with his own(member). he would tell me he wasnt well endowed from our first conversations. we went out 8 times before doing any sexual encounter. it was uncomfortable at all 'until' i became very openly freaky with him verbally and physically. after a while however, i caught some feelings more then i ever thought, at this point everytime he'd say or do something that i didnt like i'd tell him and he'll process it a couple of days later and never do it again. I think he's looking for excitment, possibly one night stands or a 'freak' who wont develope feelings...so im in the position that i'd like a little more that he is willing to give right now or to me. maybe he'll find someone else or maybe he has?! noy sure..but he is worth it. my stop my life but i havent found anyone as of yet that has his qualities....he is a great guy!

  • He rushed in to his last relationship. He needs to work through some issues, he knows what they are, he is in tuned with his emotions.

    I see a man arriving in your life, he might be younger in years or maybe in spirit. He is a fighter, has a hard shell around him but will be ready to commit. He is passionate, loving, and likes to help people. Spiritually he has been here before and learnt a few lessons. He understands the whole concept of karma.

  • Hi, I have a Leo boyfriend who shares quite a bit about previous relationships (more than I care because I don't discuss previous relationships.) Anyway, he may be burned-out from the relationships and don't care to get real involved right now. Leo is a very loving sign. If you really want him you'll have to be loving (from the heart.) Hugs, kisses on the cheek, etc. But also, he needs some space. He may come around. Leo is an affectionate sign and I think that'll win him. I'm not saying get intimate. Just show that you care.

  • fashiondiva187, "greetings"! true, "Leos", are fiercely, loyal; the question, especially, as regards, the male, should be, "to whom?" also, remember, sometimes, flattery, and attention, to "them", are, in their mind, a given; what/whom enhances, you, as you are/choose to be, in confidence, without, "mystery questions", coming, to mind; look, for," authentic" men/people, or, you may, be the(accomadation) "rebound chick"; courtesy, is, a lovely trait, but, it would be good, to remember, it is, also, "a learned", public, social manner, generally, overall, extended;still nice, though! Good luck! Cat

  • I agree with Dangala and catinthemoon about the Leo man

    the ones I know have temper and easily jealous if someone approaches me

    and it wasn't even relationship LOL we were just friends

    but the attention, they are good at it yep : )

    what can I say, children of the Sun, being around them is like being showered by Sun's warmth

  • I don't know about Leo men because I'm way too Leo to date someone just like me....but from what I know about the feminine Leo I can give a little insight. He likes that you are 'there for him'....and he knows how to draw more out of you to get what he wants, which is to feel worshiped. He can use the 'but I have a girlfriend.....just got out of a relationship'....or whatever excuse that fits best as a fallback. That way he can still keep you at a distance, but he knows you want him and will give your heart to him so he is batting it around like a mouse.

    In our defense, I think that we don't generally intentionally hurt people, we just want things the way we want them and know how to get it, so we use whatever it takes....and usually when it's too late do we realize where all the chips have fallen. We are good at damage control though.

    This is not an intuitive reading, just a general overview of Leonine behavior from a very strong Leo woman, keep that in mind. But if you want my advice, you should decide what you want out of this.....proceed accordingly, and stick to your guns. We're very stubborn and don't really like people being wishy washy. If you want him in your life, accept nothing but what your vision is of that, and tell him what that vision is. If you want him gone, tell him it's time to scram. And mean it.

    I hope this doesn't sound all over the place, I'm a little scattered today but felt compelled to give input here. I do love my sun sign and two of my three best friends are Leo's too!

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