Judgment card and Pregnancy?

  • Ok.. I did a reading for someone. She asked me about love. so I shuffled , cut .. and told her what I saw. The weird thing is, judgment appeared in the environment position, this card has always been a little tricky for me as I am still studying the Tarot.. I concentrated on it and for some reason I became certain that it meant she was pregnant or will be pregnant soon. I felt uneasy saying this to her but I went with my gut and told her what I felt. She was in shock and laughed... 1 week later she calls me and tells she just found out was pregnant, she took a test because she was late..... I didn't know Judgment could mean pregnancy? Or did i just pick up on something unrelated to the Judgement card? I am confused LOL

  • The cards sometimes give a meaning thats out of the book. You trust the given meanings of the cards but do not let them be the only meanings. At times they will speak to you and you will eventually learn to follow your gut more

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  • Hi fluffyuggs, I feel this was your intuition. Because this is a card you are still studying, you were likely focusing in on your intuition while looking at the card and therefore received the message you were supposed to give. I personally do not associate the Judgement card with pregnancy in any way and have even scoured a few old books I have looking for anything that can be associated with it. (I didn't find anything) I feel confident in saying that this message had nothing to do with the card and would not take it as a sign to associate this card with pregnancy in the future.... Unless of course you are really receiving this message clearly every time you look at this card when there is no querent involved.

    I do run into situations occasionally where my intuition is not exactly in line with the cards. In these situations, I usually just state that to the person I am reading for. Although we know that it is really always out own intuition speaking through the cards, I tend to look at these as two separate things which I feel helps me get accurate readings without having to question where it is coming from. I hope that makes sense.

    You seem to have some really great natural intuition and I would suggest working on that almost as if it were a separate thing and finding a meaning for each card that makes sense to you, as well as falls in line with it's overall "pre-determined" message.

  • Judgment means re birth, depending on your beliefs if you believe in reincarnation, I can see this meaning pregnancy.

    Searchingashes is very wise, finding a meaning for each card that makes sense to you is a great idea and I highly recommend it as readings of this nature are more accurate.

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