I don't think he's coming back this time

  • I can't say how many times i've been here before, when i gave my best into a relationship that was a failure from the start, I thought love would of been enough on it's own, my boyfriend split up with me wednesday just before an important exam, which left me in tears, he was moaning about facebook messages from males and how I wasn't repsonding by text straight away, afterall I was at college. He said we didn't feel right anymore and he just want'ed to be friends so I agreed, deleted him from my phone, facebook, everything, he texted me about deleting him I said I needed time to heal, he later texted me that night saying'' asif you cheated, I have lost all love for you'', I don't understand what the hell he''s on abou,t I think he was attention seeking to be fair, we haven't spoke since, its now been 4 days and I don't think I can see a chance of us making up, I just need some kind of answer if hes coming back, or if he isn't, even if he dose I wont be giving in easily, someone please help.

  • I am wondering why - when you admit the relationship was a failure from the start and that he is unreasonable, jealous, attention-seeking, and treats you badly - you want this guy back? It's certainly not love here. And why you keep repeating the same mistake in relationships of making bad choices?

  • I don't know cries i've just found out he's taken an interest in someone else, i just wan't him back that not possible is it?

  • It appears he has moved on and so should you.

  • Is this on spirtual level or common sense.

  • I keep seeing him juggling 2 energies...? He is coming back but this union wont last. I see you being around him until he decides to completely leave this union. He has power over you.

  • Dangala, how do i make it so when he dose come back, i gain controll.

  • You need to be more grounded. More centred, more of the earth not air. show him that you have other important things in life apart from him, this will keep him interested in you. Worshipping him makes him bored and complacent. Worship yourself. treat your body and mind like a scared temple.

    • Sacred

  • Are you really wanting him back so that he can treat you the same as he has been treating you? No, what you want is for this guy to change into some ideal lover and treat you like a princess. But life is not a fairy tale and it will be a long, long time before this guy changes anything at all about himself. Why should he change - he already has you, and others, ready to give him everything? Rewarding his bad behaviour only makes him treat you worse.

  • Is there anyway I can get around this where if i keep my focuse on my own life he will realize, I haven't contacted him since the break, and this person added me on facebok saying he still has feeling for me but I acted like I no longer cared, then tryed to offend me about my looks, I have a feeling he made a fake account and it was him, Can I have him in my life in anyway where I incontroll and he treats me good? I do love him alot and I don't believe just giving up on that.

  • *facebook

  • Ugh, you think that was him who made a fake account and said nasty things about you? What a huge turn off! I would honestly be worried about someone who would resort to making you feel bad to try and see how you would react. Cancers do like to 'test the waters' but making fun of how you look is cruel. Don't put up with that bullcrap.

  • He's a virgo, and I't seems he didn't like what i had to say, im concentrating on myself at the moment, if he comes back and i let him back it will be on my terms, but i wont make him my whole life anymore, i do love him but im figuring out whats best i do want him in my life but i know i have to change myself into being more indepenent.

  • You are not in love with a real person, only a dream of what you hope he could be. Face facts - he is not your dream lover or soulmate. Why aren't people willing to bide their time until the right person comes along? Why do so many settle for 'right now'? Find someone who is more like your dream, because this guy is not going to change. We don't have the right to make other people change, anyway - we can only change ourselves. Lift your standards and your self-esteem. You deserve better than this.

  • A virgo... well he sounds like the bad side of Virgo.. possessive, paranoid, manipulative,selfish and extremely jealous. I also sense some mental disturbances in him.

    You will never have control with this man because he is all about control and domination. If he can't be in control he finds someone else. ( which I suspect he has a while ago?) You do need to gain control though not for him but for you otherwise you will keep attracting these kind of men in your life and you don't need or want that.

  • So basically there's no way to keep him in my life, we get on great when we are together, how do i make this relationship work? hes just texted me actually saying, can't stop thinking about u hope ur ok jess and you can stop using that fake account now and just add me on urs :), oh my god the cheek ofit when it was him.

  • Firstly relationships are based on trust, he has already broken that trust, but this is something you wont knowledge. Second, it takes two to make a relationship work. Why do you feel you have to do all the work? You can keep him by being at his beck and call and by walking on eggshells. Is that the kind of relationship you want? You two will play this game for a while, imfortunately there will be more of where he came from in future.

    Good luck.

  • what do you mean by he has already broken that trust, but this is something you wont knowledge, i wish i could just walk away, but it's not that easy.

  • Won't acknowledge I believe that's what Dangala meant =). Yes it isn't easy to walk away, believe me I KNOW. But you must. I managed to, so can you.

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