When to trust Intuition or Ignore?(Poetic,Shaubby Anyone?)

  • I have a problem. I am suppose to go to a psychic fair with my son and a friend today. We have been looking forward to it for almost 2 weeks. Upon awakening this morning I have a strong feeling I shouldn't go but I do not know why. I have had other times where this is happened and I listen to my intuition, nothing happened. I have gone against my intuition and gone somewhere when my mind was saying"don't". Nothing happened negative I was aware of anyway.

    I sincerely WANT to go today and do not want to disappoint my friend or son. They will not go together and leave me at home, they just won't go either.

    Any advice? Does nayone pick up on anything to offer me some insight? I truly am torn here! I just do not know when to listen to myself. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.~Blessings!

  • MorningGlow,

    Any advice? You cannot accept reality.

    Go. You are just afraid you could find someone there, who could lead you on.

    Does nayone pick up on anything to offer me some insight? Be open for any offered correction.

    Observe the leader firsthand there to decide the worthiness of the cause.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated: I repeat, you do not want to see something very important for you. Maybe will someone there help you to open your eyes for that.

    I myself don’t know! I sincerely have no idea what this is and who will help you.

  • MorningGlow:

    Here is the poetry for your situation...


    To certain people there comes a day

    when they must say the great Yes or the great No

    He who has the Yes ready within him

    reveals himself at once, and saying it he crosses over

    to the path of honor and his own conviction.

    He who refuses does not repent. Should he be asked again,

    he would say No again. And yet that No-

    the right No-crushes him for the rest of his life.


  • Hanswolfgang...I believe you are right I was afraid. I have no idea what I was afraid of hearing as I have never been afraid of a reading before. I have always looked forward to it with delighted anticipation. I went to the fair and I did not participate in a reading. There were about thirty different readers there from toe readers, palm readers, card readers as well as all other representations of psychic mediums. As I walked around the arena I became more and more agitated and almost panicked. I could not get out of there fast enough. My friend and son stayed and had their readings and were quite satisfied. Do I regret not getting read? No, as I trust that we all know what we are ready to absorb and what we are not. Will I regret it for the rest of my life as "Independent Girl" suggested in her poem above? I doubt it as you cannot regret what you are not aware of knowing. After much contemplation and the feeling I received while walking around the arena I sense it had something to do with my son's death. My son took his own life and I am still having VERY big issues about that. The sadness I was feeling at the fair was a sadness of great loss. Loss that brings you to your knees. Tears to fill a river and heartache enough to break you. Am I a coward? Perhaps...

  • MorningGlow!

    You just answer the YES to go with your friends... You went and made a choice not to have reading but you went!!! That was Yes! Not No!!!!! In this way you supported your friends as they were with you!!! You have a great courage to go! You do not need reading right now as it was your intuitive feeling...I am so sorry to know that you are in a deep grief of loss... Your soul is in sorrow of lost and you did a right choice, that what your intuition told you. I send you the part of my heart to support you in this extremely difficult time for you.

    Love and Peace.

  • MorningGlow,

    You can remain a witness twenty-four hours,

    doing all kinds of things.

    When death comes to your door for you, go with it in

    full consciousness. Don't go weeping and crying and shouting

    like a child whose toy has been snatched away from him.

    Don't be childish at the time of your death. Die with a

    smile on your face. Say to death, "You are welcome. I

    am ready for you." And when you say this, not even the

    tiniest bit of regret should remain. In actual fact, if

    you have really known life there will be bliss and

    ecstasy in your voice -- and no sorrow whatsoever.

  • Dear MoringGlow,

    You just simply were not ready to hear from a reader in regards to your son or anything else at this time. You have not healed yet from his death. He took his own life as the young sometimes do because it is their choice to do so, leaving behind parents saying if only I had----which is normal and also you may be carrying some feelings of guilt as again would be normal in the healing process. Give yourself some time dear and when you regain your emotional balance you will be able to again receive readings.

    Your son was confused on several levels and it seems the young today can't handle deep responsibiliies as we had to or have to today. Drugs and liquor become the stand-by and than of course leads them into addiction and not knowing how to release themselves from it they get comsume and feel hopeless, which of course is'nt true only to them.

    My heart goes out to you at this time of healing and may I make a suggestion to you. Go get some reiki healing for your emotions.

    God Bless

  • Thank you everyone and I do think Shaubby you are right, I will take your advice. I do apppreciate your support and caring very much. I really feel I have done so much to finsih the greif process and most of the time I am fine. Only once in awhile, it overwhelms me.

    Hanswolfgang...I am not sure if you think I am afraid of death for myself or if I regret my sons death. I, myself, am unafraid and whenever it is my time to go I feel prepared. I do not think it is my time yet as I feel I was put here on earth for a purpose which I sense what that purpose is and I have not finished yet. When and if it comes sooner than later, so be it. I do not fear it as I am confident of the hereafter and what awaits me.

    I think Shaubby is right, I need help with the mourning process more than anything. It was the nature of his death and a mother's anguish of not being able to prevent him taking his own life.

    Although I go about my business as usual and I say, "I am fine". I am not fine and have not finished grieving as much as I would like to think I am, it is apparent I have not.

    Thank you all for your advise, love and support! "Independent Girl", I agree I made a choice that was right for me at the time. Thank you for understanding and for your words of encouragement.

    ~Light, Love and Blessings~

  • MorningGlow,

    it is good that you forget all of them; only the

    purest is remembered -- and you don't have much that is

    pure. So don't just wait for the hereafter; if you want

    to recognize someone, purify your relationship with the

    person. Give him absolute freedom -- and don't be

    dominated by him either. Remain absolutely free. Only

    two freedoms, two alonenesses, two meditators, meeting

    together for no reason but just sheer joy, will be able

    to recognize each other.

  • Hanswolfgang...I am not sure I understand? I sometimes read you in riddles yet there seems an obvious answer but it alludes me . "Only the purest is remembered-and you don't have much that is pure". (What are you referring to?) "Only two freedoms, two alonesses, two mediators, meeting together for no reason but just sheer joy, will be able to recognize each other". (Are you referring to someone passed or present?)

    I value your opinion ans insight "Hanswolfgang" however if I can get more clarification, please?

  • MorningGlow,

    I am not sure I understand? No.

    What are you referring to? You zoom through life.

    Are you referring to someone passed or present? To someone passed and present.

    more clarification, please? Be the emperor of your life. You are showered with precious gifts, and those giving should hear no refusals. Then supreme good fortune.

    You are moving in a vicious circle and there seems to be no way out of it -- except tp drop out. If you think about your life, if you meditate about it -- it will be very obvious.

  • The question is not whether you should trust your intuition or not because you should ALWAYS trust your intuition over your emotions or logic. It's just that you have to decide if it is your intuition or not telling you things. In this case, it was your fears, not your gut instincts that were speaking to you.

  • Thank you "Hanswolfgang" and "Captain"! Clarification was asked for and received. I appreciate it immensely. I will meditate and think about my life. I do not believe I am going in a vicious circle as I feel I have grown proportionatley and immensely just recently. If I have fooled myself, it will become obvious quite quickly I would assume.

    I have much more growing to do and "YES" Hanswolfgang I have precious gifts I have finally recognized and I plan to grow and continue to evolve. I feel much more grounded now, today more so than even last week. I learn quickly and I find my psych much more at peace.

    Thank you kindly and it is due to you and others that prompted me to energize myself to see the light...~God Bless~

  • MorningGlow,

    existence is not against enjoyment. The birds are

    singing, calling their lovers, the peacocks are

    dancing, rainbows appear in the sky, the silent music

    of the night and millions of stars... existence is so

    immensely beautiful. But religions say, "To appreciate

    beauty, to be sensitive to beauty, is a sin. Even to

    enjoy your food is a sin" -- anything that gives you

    pleasure, they are all against it -- "and you will

    regret it, one day. It is better to live the life of a

    desert, not of a garden."

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