Can I change what I do not control?

  • Okay so, I am totally aware that I don't get everything going on in the universe. I have been upset angry that things went poorly only to find that a year or 2 later it was exactly what I needed to get what I wanted and so then elated! (not always super patient over here) I finally am in a good place emotionally and metally, everything really has fallen into place personally for me. However, my husband is gone till at least next May and even into March 2011. Is there anything that I can do? We have grown closer through our seperation, but I truly miss him. I wish there was something I could do to reunite us sooner... any suggestions welcome

  • If he is in the service I think that's out of your control. So keep yourself busy and planning for his return. If he is some place else, visit him when ever you can. Why do I feel like if you don't go to him then you will just have to wait to see him when he gets out?

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