• Dear Sheelagh,

    I hope that you dont mind that i started this new thread i just dont feel that its better for us as

    its not fair to Ms Sunny I picked up that he had heart failure as well i was wondering can you describe him to me ? and my Mum has asked if you could let him know that she has no bad feelings towards him.I dont know about the fountain but its possible there could have been

    one near where he lived and he would have been right near the water for sure we are going

    to dig out some old photos so il let you know when i find the one that you are talking about

    and you are spot on he wanted to go his own way he from what we hear he moved from

    place to place quite alot .Thankyou so much Sheelagh my mum had tears in her eyes it

    means alot to her .We are ever so grateful to you

    . Love Magsx 🙂

  • Oh Sheelagh im sorry about my post how uneven my sentences are i dont know what happend

  • I'm fine with a new thread Mags. I am glad you could make something of it all, the person I saw, well I didn't really see him properly, just that he was quite large with a big chest that was heaving like he was having trouble breathing, maybe a smoker, and that he was maybe early 60's which is not elderly for me, maybe late 50's, not old and grey but still a lot of life in there if you know what I mean. I did not see his face. Hs sadness was very potent. I will pass on your Mum's message but I reckon he has already heard it from you. I hope you manage to lay him to rest soon.

    Let me know if you get any photos or if there is anything else you need to know.


  • Sheelagh,

    He was a big man not over weight just tall and solid if you know what i mean and he was 45 you probably picked him up as being an older energy because he most likely felt that way before he died and he was a smoker . Thanks again for everything ♥ Mags

  • hey, hey, I found you guys. I am a bit lost... what do you mean not fair to me? and yes, I understood it was your Mum's brother, your uncle. what is the point? you want to know how he died, you could have his body go for an autopsy . otherwise it's lots of guessing.

    I am picking up lung infection. his lungs were bad... like cystic fibrosis.. something like that. did he work in a heavy industrial area with lots of smoke billowing from the chimney stacks?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes he definitely had a lot of pressure on his lung area.

  • Dear Ms Sunny,

    Im sorry i wasnt sure if you still wanted to help me with this anymore and i didnt think it was fair to continue posting on my thread to you as i didnt want to put you out in any way im sorry if i caused you any offence as this was never my intention.

    He did live in an old area im pretty sure that there would have been chimneys there as far as we know he was washing bricks for a living

  • Sheelagh / Ms Sunny

    I was tring to mediate last night and i started to find it hard to breathe like my chest was heaving the breaths were very heavy and i didnt feel unwell or anything it just came upon me do you think that i was picking up his energy ?

  • That is what I was feeling too so it probably was.


  • hey no problem, I am always glad to help if needed. I am not stopping by here much, just once a week I check the boards. You k now I am doing work at the new board?

    I have been sick the past few days with a cold... so I need to take a break for a few..

    I do think you were picking up on your Uncle's energy. he was most likely trying to tell you how he died. some type of lung infection.

    take care xo sunny

  • Dear Ms Sunny

    Im sorry to hear that your not feeling well yes you must rest up and recharge your batteries i hope that you are feeling better soon thanks again for all your help i really appreaciate it

    Take care love Magsx

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