Reading please...?

  • Hi there,

    I was wondering if anyone could do a reading for me based on the following birth dates entering a relationship?

    8 april 1985

    18 july 1973

    Thanks in advance

  • This works best as a professional relationship, it is worst for love. Your relationship will be strikingly independent and will chafe against almost any restraint. Together, you two will overturn structure willy-nilly. The relationship's 'devil-may-care' attitude toward the existing order will be very attractive and freeing, especially to you AriesStrength, but can ultimately prove dangerous. Sobriety will eventually set in as you two begin to revolt against each other. This relationship will cause others to want to follow its lead, so care must be taken to wield its power properly.

    Your Cancerian friend is a persuasive person who could sell a salesman back his own product, but he/she may have little luck with you. For one thing, you are so busy striving towards your career goals that you usually have no time to stop and listen to Cancerian sales pitches. For another, your Cancer friend may become so dazzled by you that he/she gets tongue-tied and loses their chance. In any event, you two usually lack both the shared traits and concerns that would hold a relationship together emotionally or the ability to handle the independence required here. A lasting love affair or marriage here is unlikely. The relationship has a much better chance as a friendship - you two can enjoy good times together, as long as your friend can keep his/her judgmental, bossy side under control and you don't get carried away by selfishness or vanity. As professionals working together, you two can achieve more than at any other time alone, and are able to advance your personal aspirations and status.

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