Can anyone please help with the readings & compatibility?

  • Can anyone please help with the readings and compatibility? Thanks


    Sun: Cancer

    Rising: Gemini

    Moon: Aquarius

    Mercury: Cancer

    Venus: Leo

    Mars: Aries

    Uranus: Libra

    Saturn: Gemini


    Sun: Gemini

    Rising: Taurus

    Moon: Capricorn

    Mercury: Gemini

    Venus: Gemini

    Mars: Pisces

    Uranus: Libra

    Saturn: Gemini

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • Gemini: May 22 , 1975 (5 am) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Cancer: July 17, 1973 (? am) Hong Kong, China

    Do you see a long-term relationship? We maybe heading for a divorce which I don't want.....

    Thanks TheCaptain for the reading.....

  • Pollux, this is not an easy relationship for love. An affair or marriage will be tumultuous and unstable. Should the male's desires get out of control, they may have to be capped like a burning oil well. Usually however, you two have enough wisdom, self-control and self-knowledge to prevent this from happening. But it can lead to a different problem, resulting in the man's self-protectiveness that will prove a sexual challenge to the Gemini woman who can be more aggressive and will long to break through such barriers. Although rebellious, she more often will back off in fear and wind up depending instead on the man's protective, caring and nurturing qualities. A dark side manifests strongly in many areas of this relationship, raising the possiblity of illicit, destructive and excessive forms of behaviour.

    The relationship's strong energies must be put to a useful purpose or they can be wasted. Thus you two often take on big projects, and the intuitiveness of your assumptions and of the way you implement them, may allow you to overcome problems in business or work and succeed against all odds. So intuitive is your relationship that in fact it may find itself producing prophetic and predictive ideas about whether its endeavours will pan out and how rewarding they will be. Great care must be taken with prophecies however for fate has a strange way of making them true, but not always in the manner expected. Although you two pride yourselves on being realistic, you will often be surprised, both pleasantly and unpleasantly, by events that contradict your predictions, especially in work.

    The longevity of this relationship depends on you two being careful not to be excessive in any way but also to beware of repression as it can produce frustration. You two must find creative and spiritual outlets for that intense energy of yours rather than turning it on each other. This matchup's spiritual, paranormal and intuitive tendencies favour activities ranging from self-actualization workshops which will help you get to know each other and yourselves a lot better, to gambling at roulette or cards etc.

  • Thanks TheCaptain....I'll need some time to digest all that.....

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