When will this be happening Shuabby ???

  • I know I'm supposed to be meeting a new guy of whom will be having a relationship with me very soon, but was wondering will this be in the next few days? Specifically which day? There's this sense of anticipation in me. Will I just know on the day to be at a specific place at a specific time? Bc I heard this guy is supposed to be another soulmate of mine, or so I've been told (by a few psychics =/). Really curious lol. Thanks

  • Dear mintgirl123,

    I'm ubable to meet your request of pinpointing a day in which your soulmate will arrive in your life. No psychic really has such an ability to do so, none that I have met. You should intutitively know by what your senses tell you when you have met your soulmate.

    Have a good day.

  • There is no such thing as a "soul mate" not in the way you think mitgirl. No man will come in your life and make things "better again" YOU have make things better for you. Look within not out to find happiness and joy THEN you will meet a love not THE love.. as THE love is within YOU.

    I sense you are still going through a break up or lingering feelings for someone who is no longer there.

  • If you are interested I can tell you when you will meet A love but it will be honest and straight forward.

  • I didn't say this was THE love. We encounter soulmates, all kinds all throughout our lives. This is how we learn lessons. I'm not expecting him to be the one o_O just asking bc this was what I was told, by legit psychics.

    And yes, I did go through a breakup. And yes, I do still have feelings for him. But I have now let him go and I'm basically over it. I was told I was going to meet someone very special in November thus my questions =). But yes, please do share what you might know. Thanks hun.

  • Just so you know... My ex was a soulmate so I have longgg stopped thinking of soulmates as ppl of whom you have perfect cloud nine relationships with. I know soulmates involve conflict and alot of pain, and there are alot of huge lessons to be learnt. I'm not expecting this new guy to make all my problems go away, I just wanted to know when I would be meeting him that's all lol =).

  • ok miss minty. I will tell you what I see.

    I see you meeting a " soul mate" in 6 months. By soul mate I mean someone who will be an important part of your life and path in in this life. Just as you have explained to me what a soul mate is to you. so will this man, however I don't see pain or turmoil with him.. I also see you having his baby.

    This is all I can see right now. 🙂

  • By the way this does not mean you wont meet someone in November, but I feel the one you will have a bond and relationship with will come in about 6 months.

  • omfg. So you mean I will have the baby of the man I will meet in 6 months time?

    Not the one in November? Wow, I'm getting conflicting information, but this is so intriguing!

    Thank you hun, ooh kinda interesting how I'm having all these connections so soon after one another.

  • Bc I've been told I'll meet someone in November, then there will be some other guy a couple months later that might catch my eye in a sense, but that I should stay on track and stick with the November guy? Then I've been told I will meet this other guy in 7 or so months. I've also been told 6 or so months ago that I will be meeting my twin flame in the not too distant future (within a year).

    These were really good psychics that weren't charlatans o_O. So I'm getting really confused =(

    BUT I will see when it happens I guess. Won't force fate or stop it.

  • Miss Minty, follow your intuition. Always remember that we have free will and that readings are just information past on to us by our guides based on the energies surrounding the quarrent at the time of the reading, things can change depending on what course of action you take.

    It is my belief that when a reading is given if that person does not change their course of action then the reading does become accurate. It all depends. I will say one thing, psychics shouldn't tell you who to choose, they should only tell you the energies surrounding the person ( good or bad) and let you decide for yourself.

  • Yeah they didn't tell me who to choose, guess it was one tarot reading that suggested in the reading itself that I should stay on track with one guy and not get side tracked. But, thank you Dangala 😃 this insight is really helping. Been going through a tough period so anything helpful is greatly appreciated.

  • Oh and I'm thinking of contacting my ex. I haven't talked to him in over three months, and I think I'm at a point where I'm fine with communication. Or do you think that would be a stupid thing to do? I don't want to be with him, I just want to talk with him that's all. I know he doesn't deserve anything from me, but I dunno, I really want to talk to him. I keep on wavering back and forth and was originally planning to never speak to him again, but now it's like, why not talk to him?

  • If you feel you need to contact him do it. It may help you get closure.

  • I am a big believer in doing what my heart tells me to do.. I find I learn quicker and faster this way. Sometimes pain comes with decisions but this can also set you free.

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